On how reality happens

This article is an epiphany stimulated by Michael Adzema’s Funny God Facebook Post, January 14, 2014.

Seems to me humans are different because they have been caused by different causative forces, different chains of cause-effect causes infinitely regressive.

I suppose the process may be said to be participative, as if people choose to participate through virtuous free will, but you can also build the case it’s just a matter of deterministic evolution, inexorably proceeding from cause to effect to cause to effect, etc., in infinite differentiated chains, outside and inside human brains, sometimes with several chains impacting one effect, all chains creating new realities as they progress, probably infinitely forward, implying there are no shortcomings, just inevitable or accidental results, some caused to be defined as wrong, inadequate, etc., even those called disasters and catastrophes.

Naturally specific humans being exposed or subjected to various qualities and quantities of reality-causing chains will appear different, and some will know more about “reality” than others; some like Sigmund Freud generally being venerated or despised and considered wiser and more virtuous or evil than others, being presumed to have somehow caused themselves to be as illustrious or evil as they appear, having been biologically caused in particular cause-effect chains to possess brains with more storage and better neural wiring with faster processing speeds than most humans, enabling them to better store, analyze, compare, abstract and comprehend data.

It’s possible in some cases people like us subjecting, or being caused to subject, ourselves to Facebook and various Internet posts may be considered wiser and more virtuous than others because of changes in us caused by our exposure to these posts, the Internet now being a causative factor in trillions of cause-effect chains around Earth inside the brains of homo sapiens.

I am convinced humans can cause one another to feel better with various therapeutic interventions in certain caused situations, assuming they are caused to use the right therapeutic intervention and technique. In general, however, it seems to me so-called reality, the world, in general, as perceived by human beings, remains an insane wasteland determined by inexorably-progressing blind evolution with no one knowing for sure what is causing what overall, or what the consequences shall be, with lunatic ideas and practices, including religious, political and military doctrines, threats and violence, including wars, caused to be imposed without mercy on billions of humans, which are far from therapeutic, regardless of the psychological release they cause to be felt and experienced as effects in the nervous systems of enslaved and exploited believers.

If everything that happens happens by accident, as Ludwig Wittgenstein said, and/or is deterministic, as Albert Einstein said, then humans are merely along for the ride, however beautiful, interesting, terrifying or horrible their realities might be.

Richard John Stapleto, an emeritus professor of business policy, ethics and entrepreneurship, is the author of Business Voyages: Mental Maps, Scripts, Schemata and Tools for Discovering and Co-Constructing Your Own Business Worlds, and writes on business and politics at www.effectivelearning.net and on Facebook.

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