Clash of civilizations

The Israeli army confirmed Monday that up to 130 Palestinian civilians were slaughtered in Rafah last Friday, following the triggering of the Hannibal protocol—an IDF directive that is designed to thwart the capture of Israeli combatants.

Israel unleashed its full firepower and flattened an entire neighbourhood using tanks, artillery and gunships, murdering 130 Palestinians just to make sure that one Israeli soldier, Lt. Hadar Goldin didn’t fall into Hamas’ hands alive.

The only interpretation of this massacre is that Israel is a homicidal state completely immune to international conventions and without any respect for civilian lives.

In the light of the actions taken by the Jewish State in the last few days and the overwhelming support for Israel from Jews around the world, it is evident that we are witnessing a clash of civilizations. Humanity is faced with a savage tribe that shows a complete absence of empathy yet for some peculiar reason believes itself to be chosen.

For the sake of world peace, humanity has to use whatever resources it has to dismantle the Jewish State and its lobby.

Enough is enough.

Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli jazz musician, author and political activist. His new book, “The Wandering Who,” may be ordered from or

One Response to Clash of civilizations

  1. David Rubinson

    Re: Whatever resources we have:
    Yesterday there was a global “Day of Rage” of demonstrations supporting Palestine and against the Israeli genocide.
    The horror and death must lead to healing, not rage. Rage serves only to perpetuate the rage.
    That’s precisely what must be changed if there is to be any real change.
    Rage is poison.
    We have all tried rage.
    Rage means that we are poisoned and imprisoned by the past.
    Justice means a future for our children–without hate and without rage.
    Justice does not mean vengeance.
    To call for rage is to incite rage.
    And the killing will continue.