Obama just as guilty as Netanyahu for this current Nakba

In a recent speech, George Galloway said that he met Barack Obama at a demonstration, and that he spoke to him for awhile. Obama told the British parliamentarian during this conversation that he’d been “well schooled” by Edward Said on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If that is true then the late and great Professor Said, must be rolling over in his grave at the actions of his wayward pupil. The horrors that Obama permits via acts of omission (as well as commission) are truly astounding, indeed.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has already “spilled the beans” on the oath that is forcibly taken by all in the US Congress, but for Obama, a second term president, who, of course, no longer has to stand for reelection again, is truly reprehensible for his approval of this Israeli slaughter. Perhaps some Zionists, such as “the senator from Israel.” Chuck Schumer, though, might accuse Obama of that disreputable canard of anti-Semitism (when it is invoked upon those who only criticize the Zionist terrorist/rogue entity) if he were to finally find his backbone on some issue, and end this barbarian savagery.

But nevertheless these scare tactics and the constant invocation of the “A word” and the Holocaust won’t any longer cut the mustard. The world and particularly the younger generations are wising up to the Zionist schtick. A schtick that I certainly hope that anyone who is not sociopathic—unlike Obama of course, can capably discern the butchery which the Zionist rogue entity readily, willingly and repeatedly rains down on the nearly defenseless Palestinian population. That is to say to actually see through the propaganda that is depicting Hamas as an 800-pound gorilla/bogeyman. And so, that is “very reasonably” why more women and children must die for the Zionist cause.

Proportionality belies the “rationality” of the Zionist terrorist machine, however, much like Hitler’s invasion of Russia, the delusions of power, are starting to be very clearly evidenced by Netanyahu and his lunatic clique of co-religionists. The death drive of Netanyahu and his clique is certainly starting to be readily transparent for all who are willing to observe it. And although it might be truly brilliant for some powerful military to go in, and bomb into submission—once and for all—the Zionist terror menace of Israel back into the Paleozoic era; instead, however we’ll have to hope that enough hearts and minds have been affected by this ongoing Nakba, and that the world will indeed turn most assuredly. And not only turn against the Zionist terrorist machine/mechanism, but the Obama regime/coterie/insider circle as well very much also.

Isolation and derision hopefully can be more powerful, and more forceful than guns and bombs ever could be. Nevertheless, it will of course entail great patience for the ultimate goal (and the ultimate endgame) to come to fruition, which is undoubtedly the one-state solution, a democratic nation, and with equal rights for all of its citizens.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.

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