Another TSA agent charged with child sex abuse

Today we have news of yet another TSA agent arrested for child sexual abuse.

Well, why not? So many of his colleagues are in the same boat, at least the ones who have been caught.

Samuel Bryant, 40, lives just outside Baltimore and worked—until now—at BWI—Baltimore-Washington International—Airport. He was arrested on charges of sexual abuse of a minor, second-degree assault, and a fourth-degree sex offense.

From the Baltimore Sun:

Bryant is accused of inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl on three occasions at his Brooklyn Park home on Jan. 5. The girl told a sibling about the alleged abuse on Feb. 4,and the sibling told their mother, according to charging documents.

He had been working for the TSA since 2004.

Like Thomas Harkin, like Vernon Lythcott, like Michael Scott Wilson, like Andrew Smeal, like Jose E. Salgado like Harold Glen Rodman, like their colleagues, like so many others, these are the people groping you and your children and rummaging through your private belongings. These are the people keeping you “safe.”

Bon voyage!

Lisa Simeone is a writer, editor, political activist, Glamour Girl, and radio host. She publishes ABombazine, where this originally appeared.

2 Responses to Another TSA agent charged with child sex abuse

  1. And, all of this started (not his behavior but all this TSA crap which allowed a child pervert to be hired to a position of touch-and -search) with all this Bush crap about the homeland, the motherland and you are with us or you are with them, and all of the lies he ever told: they just opened up the porthole to all sorts of cockroaches to come out of their twisted infested places … all of this was also supported by an i don’t know what congress .. but one he surely knew how to get their goat. I remember that the only person during those congressional hearings meant to create this new Homeland Security Agency and its TSA and all the rest, the only person with the courage enough to say that was not the way to go was Janet Reno. She believed that all this 911 perpetrators needed to be punished. But pursued and punished in the way you punish a criminal. Not in the way you incarcerate a nation. I guess the Bush Cucaracha King knew better. Perhaps he felt that if the country went with the way you pursued and punish a criminal he might find himself looking at himself as they guy they were looking for. So, of course, it was best to stir up all sorts of emotional catch phrases that would allow him to forever escape any kind of justice and heaven given a darn about all of the other criminals who would nourish and fructify his kingdom.

    I noticed this past Sunday during the homily that in his turned patriotic homily on the eve of President’s Day, the priest referred to the nation as the FATHERLAND rather than the MOTHERLAND. In my mind, the word motherland carries with it all this Bush crap and it is code for all the emotional/political/ and yes military instability created by said bush crap. Fatherland, on the other hand, seems to carry a centering, or a balancing measure threaded into it that the word Motherland does not.

    • It’s not just Bush, E.T. And it’s not just Republicans. It’s Obama, too, and Democrats. They’re all in the same terror-hyping boat. In fact, Obama’s worse. He’s eviscerating our civil liberties more than Bush did.

      The TSA — and the entire national security state — is a bipartisan creation and a bipartisan abomination.

      And frankly, I have little sympathy anymore for my fellow citizens. Because most of them don’t give a sh1t. Their attitude is the abuse is okay — as long as it happens to someone else.