Ebola update: Global vaccination

Last October, during America’s Ebola scare, I wrote an article that questioned the motives behind the Obama administration’s decision to not ban flights traveling out of Ebola-stricken countries. Specifically, I questioned the conflict-of-interest connections between the Council on Foreign Relations, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Bill Gates’ corporate-philanthropic investments. More specifically, I questioned whether the potential outbreak was being mismanaged by the Obama administration in order to justify global health regulations proposed by the CFR and to amass profits in Gates’ pharmaceutical and vaccine sales.

The Ebola hype has since fizzled out. But in the wake of all the media fear mongering, the Gates Foundation’s move to capitalize on global Ebola vaccination is still riding the waves of the crisis.

Last month, James Di Santo of the Gates-funded Institut Pasteur buttressed Gates’ global vaccination mission by advocating for Ebola “vaccination of global populations.” According to Yahoo News, The Institut Pasteur is “working on two [Ebola] vaccines, aiming for human trials by the end of this year.”

The Institut is riding the momentum of the first human trials of an Ebola vaccine created by GlaxoSmithKline, which is bankrolled by the Gates Foundation. The trial research was recently published in a New England Journal of Medicine article, entitled “A Monovalent Chimpanzee Adenovirus Ebola Vaccine—Preliminary Report.” The findings of the report are “[s]upported by . . . the United Kingdom Department for International Development, [which partners with the Gates Foundation,] [and] the Medical Research Councilwhich is financed by the Gates Foundation . . . The ChAd3 [Ebola] vaccine was provided by the Vaccine Research Center of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [which also partners with the Gates Foundation] and GlaxoSmithKline.”

The conclusions of this human trial research were advised by members of other Gates-funded institutions: the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health. At least one author of this New England Journal of Medicine article is affiliated with the Gates-financed Center for Vaccine Development.

Merck, another corporation with ties to the Gates Foundation and Nazi money, has also acquired its own experimental Ebola vaccine, which is currently undergoing human trial testing in Sierra Leone. The CDC, which received a $2,000,000 grant from the Gates Foundation “to provide critical emergency support to populations affected by the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in West Africa,” is leading the coordination of this Merck vaccine trial with help from the WHO.

Cleary, recipients of Gates Foundation money as well as other Gates affiliates have taken the lead in the Ebola vaccine market in the aftermath of America’s Ebola scare. It seems to me, as such, that my October hypotheses were on to something. Whether the October Ebola surprise was a false flag PSYOP, a hoax, or run-of-the-mill media fear tactics, it is obvious that the generated hype has benefited Gates’ corporate-philanthropic investments and his global vaccination agenda.

One last note: the timing of these vaccine trials and reports in tandem with the presstitute media’s recent push for government-mandated vaccination is telling. It’s possible that these calls for forced vaccination are couched in genuine public health concerns, but it’s more likely that this media campaign—like last year’s Ebola coverage—is really only a stunt to justify no-bid government contracts for Gates’ and his associates’ vaccine products. It’s also not unthinkable that—given the dark histories of US governmental inoculations, Gates’ Malthusian-eugenic population control projects, and Merck’s Nazi connections—a more sinister scheme lurks beneath the rhetorical surface of the supposed healthcare objectives of forced vaccination.

There are no doubt potential side-effects, including “death,” from vaccination. Moreover, the United States government has a documented history of using “inoculations” to intentionally infect unwitting patients with sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, Merck has been federally charged with fraud because, according to court documents filed by whistleblowers, it allegedly “failed to disclose that its mumps vaccine was not as effective as Merck represented, (ii) used improper testing techniques, (iii) manipulated testing methodology, (iv) abandoned undesirable test results, (v) falsified test data, (vi) failed to adequately investigate and report the diminished efficacy of its mumps vaccine, (vii) falsely verified that each manufacturing lot of mumps vaccine would be as effective as identified in the labeling, (viii) falsely certified the accuracy of applications filed with the FDA, (ix) falsely certified compliance with the terms of the CDC purchase contract, (x) engaged in the fraud and concealment describe herein for the purpose of illegally monopolizing the U.S. market for mumps vaccine, (xi) mislabeled, misbranded, and falsely certified its mumps vaccine, and (xii) engaged in the other acts described herein to conceal the diminished efficacy of the vaccine the government was purchasing.”

So when neo-eugenicists like Bill Gates and Nazi-linked corporations like Merck are the social engineers commanding the vaccine industry, it’s not crazy to worry that government-mandated vaccination policies might authorize twenty-first-century Tuskegee Experiments on a multinational corporate scale. Certainly, government mandates in lockstep with global initiatives are at least a great way for Gates and company to rake in gross profits.

John Klyczek has an MA in English and is a college English instructor, concentrating on the history of global eugenics and Aldous Huxley’s dystopic novel, “Brave New World.”

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