Too true to tell

On March 6, I wrote an article in which I referred to the sinking of the USS Liberty. This attack on an American ship, was conducted by the Israeli military in 1967 during the Six Day War.

Israel apologized, claiming that it was a mistake, their air force did not realize that the USS Liberty was an American vessel. During this attack, which lasted close to 2 hours, 34 US Navy men were killed and 171 wounded.

What is more illuminating regarding Israel’s true intent was their response to the crewmen who were trying to survive. Did they attempt to rescue them? NO, they made every attempt possible to sink the ship and facilitate the death of all those on board. They used rockets, cannon fire, and napalm.

While this attack was in progress, the Israelis jammed US communication frequencies which prevented the men on the Liberty from radioing for help. In order to jam the ship’s communications, the Israelis had to know what frequencies the ship would be using. That means, they had to be aware of the fact that this ship was American.

The men on the ship were prevented from lowering their lifeboats by the Israelis who opened fire on the lifeboats, destroying them. This is an act in violation of international law. The bottom line is that Israel wanted to sink this ship and ensure there would be no survivors.

But, the crew of the Liberty eventually issued a distress signal which was picked up by a US aircraft carrier 500 miles away. Jets were immediately scrambled and when Israel became aware that US jets were on the way, they withdrew.

For those who would still deny Israel’s brutal intent, an audio tape, of conversations between the pilots and their home base controllers in which the identity of the ship was clearly identified as American, has been released by Al Jazeera.

But, people might ask, why would Israel purposely attack a ship of its closest and most powerful ally? Why did they resort to engage in this attack using unmarked aircraft?

One, very strong possibility was that Israel, engaged in a war with Egypt, wanted to provoke a U.S. attack on Egypt by destroying the Liberty and blaming it on them. That is most likely why they used unmarked planes. This operation is referred to as a “false flag” operation, one in which the sponsors of the action make it appear as if another party is the villain. I’m assuming that we can all agree that the nature of the “false flag” indicates the existence of a conspiracy in order to perpetrate it.

Another aspect of this event is that the Liberty was an intelligence or “spy” ship, patrolling the area, intercepting communications. Israel had plans for a land grab, hoping to add Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights to its own land mass. They were afraid that the Liberty would reveal these plans undercutting their agenda.

Now some of you may be shaking your heads saying, “There he goes again, looking for another conspiracy theory.” Well, this is no longer theory, it is conspiracy fact.

The survivors who have been recently interviewed, claim to a man that the Israeli pilots knew they were Americans. Before the attack, several Israeli surveillance planes flew overhead and the pilots and crew members waved to one-another. Also, it was a bright, sunny day with a large American flag waving atop the ship and the markings on the side of the ship clearly identified it as American.

What was the Johnson administration’s response to this attack? Although, President Johnson was enraged and believed Israel’s attack was intentional, political pressure influenced his decision to accept Israel’s explanation. Johnson was considering another run at the presidency and knew that a confrontation with Israel would not win him many friends. Also, Israeli officials warned President Johnson that they would accuse him of anti-Semitism if he chose to confront them.

So, the cover-up began in cooperation with the media and the intelligence community. Surviving crew members were threatened if they chose to talk about the event with anyone connected to the media. During the investigation, testimony by survivors that contradicted the official story was ignored or lost. They were being betrayed by their government to promote a political agenda.

Bobby Ray Inman, an intelligence officer with a glittering track record at the CIA, Naval Intelligence and as a former deputy director of the NSA explained, they, the Israelis, had known exactly what they were doing when they attacked the Liberty and when it came to holding them to account, the US government rolled over for them.

In November 2014, evidence was made available verifying the claim that the Liberty was purposely attacked. That evidence had been withheld for 47 years. Now that we know the truth, there is little that can be done to rectify this crime or hold those responsible accountable.

On August 4, 1964, the USS Maddox was sailing in the Gulf of Tonkin and reported that North Vietnamese torpedo boats had engaged in a sea battle with them.

This proved to be false but became the leverage President Johnson needed to get Congress to pass the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution authorizing the U.S. to assist any Southeastern Asian country that was in danger of being threatened by communist aggression. Upon its passage, Johnson was able to increase U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. Another use of a “false flag” operation that rendered public support for military action in a tiny country across the world.

Let us move to a more recent example of government misdirection, September 11, 2001, what might be the “mother of all conspiracies.” If we pay attention to the sequence of events, we will notice similarities with the attack on the USS Liberty, almost as if it comes from a playbook.

First, we must affix blame for the event on those who are to be seen as the villains.

Second, control the media and the narrative.

Third, demonize the accused.

Fourth, avoid or control any and all investigations of the event. If conducting an investigation, ignore all testimony or data that contradicts the official story.

Fifth, denounce and personally ridicule all who challenge the official narrative and avoid dealing with the facts.

Last, patiently wait several decades before releasing those documents that will reveal the inaccuracy of the official explanation of events. It took 47 years before we saw or heard evidence that proves that Israel purposely attacked the Liberty. As planned, there is no longer anything that can be done to rectify the crime that was committed.

There are over 2,000 architects and engineers who have clearly stated that the World Trade Center Towers could not and did not collapse from the 2 planes flying into them (FYI, Building 7, the third tower to collapse, did so despite no plane hitting it). They are calling for a new, impartial investigation.

This was a well thought out and implemented “false flag” operation. The Bush people needed a reason to get our military into the Middle East and did not have popular support. Conveniently, Osama bin Laden and his merry men decided, using matte knives, to challenge the multi-billion dollar U.S. defense system. AND, THEY WON.

Over thirteen years after the 9-11 attack numerous legitimate questions remain unanswered. Will we have to wait 47 years for the data to be available to the public, a time when those responsible will no longer be here to be held accountable?

In the 13 years since the attack, I have voiced my skepticism regarding what happened that day. People either ignore me or ridicule me as being a “conspiracy nut.” But, rarely, if at all, do I remember anyone sitting down with me to discuss the facts and why I know that the official narrative is a fantasy.

A few nights ago, I watched a video, “Kill The Messenger.” The film is based on a true story about Gary Webb, an investigative reporter for the San Jose Mercury News. Mr. Webb revealed how the CIA was instrumental in facilitating the import and distribution of crack cocaine in communities, predominantly African-American, in California. The monies raised by this adventure were funneled to the Contras in Nicaragua to help them overthrow the Sandinistas. Initially, his newspaper published his articles but quickly had to deal with pressure from the CIA and attacks and criticism from The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times. The Mercury News folded under the pressure and refused to continue publishing Webb’s series. He quickly went from hero to persona non grata.

In a conversation with another reporter, Webb expresses his confusion regarding the paper’s refusal to publish his article. The reporter responds by stating, “There are things too true to tell.”

Too often we just accept what we are told without considering the accuracy and believability of the data. We have to keep in mind that the ruling class has their own agenda and they control the government and the media. They do not hesitate to mislead and manipulate, so we must always be vigilant.

The Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, and 9-11 are but 3 events that were covered up by our government. Rest assured, there are many others.

Dave Alpert has masters degrees in social work, educational administration, and psychology. He spent his career working with troubled inner city adolescents.

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2 Responses to Too true to tell

  1. Yes, like some banks are too big to fail, are some truths, too big to tell. People don’t want to know what it is you’re telling them. It doesn’t sit well. It’s too big. Make it smaller.

  2. Dear People,
    The uniquely American Nazi type is emergent. Joseph Goebbels
    is alive & well in Washington.