Learning about TSA Pre-Check the hard way

Another passenger learns about the scam of Pre-Check the hard way.

From a woman who identifies herself as Trish24, comment originally left last month, February 2, 2015:

“I may never fly again and I am serious thank you TSA. I was TSA prechecked but my hands got wanded and supposedly something showed up. My carryons were totally dumped out including my wallet I was taken to a room for full pat down. .breast, groin they reached inside my pants . . . degrading, humiliating and frightening. .I am a 63-year-old woman with high blood pressure, they are lucky I didn’t stroke out! As I tried o repack my carryons and tuck in my shirt I heard the agents state that I was the fifth false positive that morning and they knew the wand was defective. Not going back to RSA Fort Meyers!”

As I told Trish, it has nothing to do with RSA Fort Myers. It’s the same all over the country. But again, we’ve been trying to tell people this for four years.

Lisa Simeone is a writer, editor, political activist, Glamour Girl, and radio host. She publishes ABombazine.

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