A military intervention won’t work, so starve ISIS of all resources

“We are all hypocrites. We cannot see ourselves or judge ourselves the way we see and judge others.”—Jose E. Pacheco

Speaking the uncomfortable truth is often greeted by derision rather than reason.

Not unlike or any lesser than any of you, was I shocked to witness the ghastly and gruesome images of beheadings by militants of the IS (Islamic State). No execution can ever be justified. Only sick in the mind humans would find such ghastly inhumane killings fascinating.

However, I was no lesser equally shocked by the recordings and broadcasting of the brutal killings of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Ghaddafi, and so many others. Aren’t these also ‘extremely violent’ and ‘disturbing’ footage’? And yet videos of these killings are still running on the Internet. I am appalled and disgusted by these acts and have avoided watching the videos which seem to be constantly thrust upon us by the media. I find the idea of ‘torture porn’ repulsive. There was no empathy for any of them. Weren’t they also human? I didn’t seem to recall any public outrage then. On the contrary, haven’t we seen how Hillary Clinton was overjoyed at the news of the killing of Muammar Ghaddafi. Don’t you remember her words: “We came, We saw, He died.” An empty-headed reaction demonstrating an alarming lack of dignity from someone in her position. Rather frightening for the rest of us who look to those who lead to set an example in decency.

On the holy day of Eid, the world watched in horror at the barbaric lynching of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, allegedly for crimes against humanity. This public murder was sanctioned by the war criminals, US President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair. The entire trial process was a mockery of justice, no less a kangaroo court. Defence counsels were brutally murdered, witnesses threatened and judges removed for being impartial and replaced by puppet judges. Yet, we are told that Iraq was invaded to promote democracy, freedom and justice. Are ISIS claiming something similar?

Saddam’s execution was very badly handled, including him been taunted by his executioners, just before he died. I suppose this is a case of what goes around comes around. So why are we having all this fuss about ISIS? Bush, and his lapdog Blair, had thought nothing about the consequences of their actions.

Executing Saddam Hussein and Ghaddafi have to be the biggest mistakes ever made by Western politicians, and I bet that most wish Saddam, and especially we, Ghaddafi, would have been alive and kicking. I have been voicing my concern over the illegal invasion of Iraq and Libya and the ensuing murders of both leaders. I hope we don’t all live to regret what our so-called leaders have done!

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is gaining notoriety for its barbaric methods, after videos showing beheadings and mass killings surfaced online.

The group displays abused prisoners in cages and is accused of beheading more than 100 people since last year, according to a Wikipedia tally. The U.S. occupation, meanwhile, imprisoned more than 100,000 Iraqis, the vast majority believed to be innocent, and held thousands in torture mills like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, besides the massacres caused in Syria and Libya. So, why should this ISIS be news? Perhaps it’s because it’s THEM doing it not US and, in our case, Malta happens to be much closer to their advance in Libya! After all, aren’t these the same militants who were supported by the West in their struggle to topple President Assad and Ghaddafi?

I strongly believe that the hysterical media reports that ISIS would encircle Baghdad, or any other city for that matter, and that the city could fall, were ludicrous. Terrorist attacks within countries, considered as their enemies, are more in their line. However, I’m afraid, very afraid, but from a very different angle.

A growing number of Westerners are joining the Islamist militant group—but why? The spectacle of Westerners leaving their homes to travel to the Middle East to join ISIS has captured media headlines.

When people are not afraid to die, then there is a big problem. When citizens in developed, industrialised and advanced countries, on full benefit, free healthcare, free education and free security go to war, then something isn’t right.

A study finds that up to 90,000 Twitter accounts support extremist groups, while approximately 60 young British women are estimated to have left to become Jihadist brides of extremist fighters.

Some have blamed Islam itself for encouraging what they view as a holy war in defence of the faith. But British comic and activist, Russell Brand, offers a different take on the phenomena, which I share. Noting that at least half of those from Britain and France who have gone to join ISIS come from non-Muslim backgrounds, he suggests that alienation, not Islam, is the culprit driving young people toward the group. “The fuel for this phenomenon—apathy, alienation, isolation—is felt by a lot more people,” Brand concludes. Are we, in any way, responsible for causing the rejection and isolation of these people?

For many people who are lacking a strong sense of identity and purpose, the violent radical global narrative of such groups provides easy answers and solutions; it can be a very powerful message for people who are looking for answers.

Although. ISIS has a very modern and manipulative approach to dominating the news agenda by means of attention-grabbing PR stunts for pulling over adherents from non-Muslim countries, we must consider seriously whether we are failing our younger generation and be the cause of their push over to their new allegiance.

The most idiotic notion for facing this problem that seems to be dominating the Western community, unfortunately apparently also favoured by our own government, is foreign military intervention. Sure, and making them appear as victims while increasing their cry of gaining more ‘martyrs’! Do you not recall how we had suffered it once and now we are laden with a multitude of ‘saints’?!

The only sensible way of facing this threat is not to fight ISIS—no one will ever win; but to starve them, of all resources—human, financial and, most importantly, their design. No direct or indirect frontline involvement. If ever there is to be any coercive intervention it has to come from the peaceful followers of Islam, whose religion they are desecrating.

And now, why is this menace getting dangerously close to us here in Malta? It seems that our leaders are not heeding the writing on the wall, or, in our case, ‘the writing on the bus-stage.’ Why should we continue to keep blaring of giving support to any military intervention against any terrorist groups in Libya? Why get involved and let others use us as a cat’s paw? Why should we continue to suffer the consequences of disasters caused by others? The emergence of the Islamic State was initiated in Iraq and Syria and has now arrived in our neighbouring country, Libya. Let nobody lead or force us to serve and sacrifice ourselves as a vanguard to this threat to Europe! Let the ‘doers’ now be ‘undoers’!!

I myself have the utmost confidence in our politicians to act against our people’s interest, what about you?

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality. . . . I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word”Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Joseph M. Cachia resides in Malta and is a freelance journalist Contact him at jmcachia@maltanet.net.

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