Americans happy to fly despite being abused by TSA

As ever, air travel in this country is increasing. I wrote last year about the fact that summer travel was expected to increase, and it did. Now we see that BWI—Baltimore-Washington International Airport—is planning to expand to accommodate the increasing, ahem, load.

Leading the charge is Southwest Airlines:

Southwest president and CEO Gary Kelly told local business leaders in February that his Dallas-based airline is considering routes to as many as 50 additional international markets in coming years, and wants BWI to be a “focal point” of its new network.

A Southwest spokeswoman said airline officials are “aware of the international expansion study at BWI and appreciate Maryland Aviation Administration’s proactive approach and partnership with Southwest to ensure we are prepared for the future.”

Since the airlines are complicit in the TSA’s abuse, it’s fitting that Southwest is so “bullish” on BWI.

People want to fly, no matter the cost, no matter the abuse, no matter the evidence. Don’t believe me? Just ask PsyGuy.

Oh, well. As I’ve also written before, it’s always nice when people get what they ask for. Eventus stultorum magister est.

Lisa Simeone is a writer, editor, political activist, Glamour Girl, and radio host. She publishes ABombazine, where this originally appeared.

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