Explosions in China are no longer reported as ‘accidents’ but as sabotage

When a series of explosions ripped through a number of Chinese factories in August, including a massive “nuclear-like” explosion in Tianjin that destroyed a large portion of the city’s port area, the media insisted they were merely “accidents.” WMR reported at the time that they were acts of sabotage involving Japanese operatives linked to the fanatic suicide cult once known as the Aum Shinrikyo movement who also had ties to the militarist government of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In the past few days, China has been rocked by a series of man-made explosions and the Chinese government has issued an alert for a single suspect. A total of 17 explosions were carried out in the southern city of Liuzhou in Guangxi province. Targeted in the explosions were a hospital, a food market, prisons, government offices, and a bus station. At least 7 people were killed in the bombing attacks. The bombs were contained in parcels. Guangxi province borders Vietnam and is the home of a number of tribes whose members render the Chinese-Vietnamese border rather porous in nature, just the type of inviting location for Western agents to coordinate terrorist attacks in view of China’s support for Russia’s military action in Syria against ISIL.

The timing of the previous factory explosions coincided with China’s 70th anniversary celebration of its World War II victory over Japan and the dropping by the Americans of two nuclear bombs over Japan. China has just arrested two Japanese nationals for espionage, one in Liaoning province where a massive oil pipeline explosion in July caused a massive explosion. The other alleged Japanese spy was arrested in Zhejiang province near a Chinese military base. It is also noteworthy that China’s only aircraft carrier, currently docked at the Russian naval base of Tartus, Syria, and which is participating in the Russian-led air strikes against ISIL in Syria, is named the Liaoning and was built in the port of Dalian, the site of the July pipeline explosion.

Western media reports would have the masses believe the bombings were carried out by “mentally unstable people.” It was a “mentally unstable” man, Marinus van den Lubbe, whom Nazi Germany chose to execute for carrying out the Reichstag arson attack when, in fact, the fire was set by the Nazis themselves. The Central Intelligence Agency obviously continues to believe that the old Nazi propaganda trick works since the agency has chosen to issue forth the same weak explanation for the Chinese explosions to its co-opted reporters in the U.S. media.

There are reports that some of the 3,500 Chinese Uighurs now fighting in Syria under the umbrella of the Turkestan Islamic Party and claiming Idlib as their home base under Turkish protection are returning to China via the porous southern borders of Guangxi and Yunnan to carry out sabotage against Chinese targets. Similarly, many Chechens and Georgians fighting for ISIL in Syria and Iraq were prepared to return to Russia to carry out sabotage attacks in the largely Muslim Russian autonomous republics in the Caucasus region.

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One Response to Explosions in China are no longer reported as ‘accidents’ but as sabotage

  1. John Roberts of UK

    Intriguing. Most people in the West would never consider Japan to be a state sponsor of terrorism, preferring to see it instead as the quiet mouse of Asia politely yet firmly defending its sovereignty and its historic territorial claims in the South China Sea against an evermore aggressively assertive China. US sponsorship of international terrorism, on the other hand, is completely believable.