Tired . . . but not giving up!

We’re tired of politicians who gladly grant corporate lobbyists every taxpayer dollar they request, but indignantly claim that Medicare for everyone is too costly and just won’t work. (Wouldn’t they go stupidly mute if asked, “Can you show me just one Norwegian who went bankrupt from medical expenses?”)

Tired of anti-choice zealots who hypocritically support capital punishment and lied-about, dirty wars in which countless innocents, including pregnant women and already-born children, are routinely blown to bloody pieces.

Tired of pious evangelicals from Topeka who contend that young females in Duluth, Akron or Bakersfield—never seen and completely unknown—are selfish sinners for getting abortions because of compelling personal circumstances that they alone should judge and act upon.

Tired of poverty-pay white workers being duped into believing that “lazy” minorities who “want free stuff” are the problem, and not those veritable suction hoses running from their own slimming wallets into fat fats’ brimming coffers, whose pumps are operated at maximum power by conservatives they self-destructively keep electing into office.

Tired of propagandized souls being wiped so clean of both common sense and solidarity that they’ll endure steadily deteriorating living standards rather than join other marginalized groups to acquire the joint strength needed to win justice for all.

Tired of “skeptics” brainwashed by profiteering Big Energy to deny devastating, man-made climate change, even as their properties are consumed by fire on one coast and flooded by rising seas on another.

Tired of gun-toting NRA pawns, who probably have the 2nd Amendment tattooed on their backsides, going totally ballistic when it’s suggested that inner-city residents should form armed patrols guarding against police abuse. Remember their stupendous double standard when the Black Panther Party for Self Defense arose in the ’60s?

Tired of insufferable “believers” spending each December whining about an entirely imaginary war on Christmas. Their concern for religious rights apply only to their narrow-minded selves. Muslims wishing to build a mosque? No way. Run ‘em out of town!

Tired of Donald Trump pandering to the vile instincts of unabashed racists nostalgic for KKK night rides that terminated in barbaric lynchings.

Tired of Wall Street shamefully transforming Main Street into such a mean street that more and more desperate panhandlers must beg for spare change in the municipal centers of the supposed Land of Plenty.

Tired of children at playgrounds or schoolyards getting into quarrels with one another and hurling the cruel insult that their biased elders uttered within impressionable earshot: “Fag!”

Tired of the ignorance-rooted jingoism that allows some to cheer “USA! We’re Number One!” when we actually trail humiliatingly many other world nations in key quality-of-life indicators pertaining to health, education, daycare, family leave, vacation time, etc.

Tired of being incessantly told that terrorists hate us for our freedom, when voter access for our minorities and the poor is being drastically curtailed, while overseas we have the absolute liberty to fire drone missiles into as many Islamic wedding parties or sheep-herder camps as we hideously please, unwittingly generating new ISIS recruits as a certain consequence.

Tired of the Flint River drinking water fiasco, which is the ultimate, damning indictment of profits-before- people “values” that are a pox on us all.

These outrages have left us sick and tired, and exceedingly angry as well.

But—as the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and Democracy Spring have so inspiringly revealed—remedial change at the populist level is beautifully blossoming.

We’re tired, but thankful for the refreshing possibilities so many good folks are showing each other.

Keep struggling, brothers and sisters. We’ll be the winners who’ll claim tomorrow!

Dennis Rahkonen, from Superior, Wisconsin, has been writing progressive commentary with a Heartland perspective for various outlets since the ’60s.

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