Round and round it goes, why and how all US voters should and can learn something about Jill Stein, MD

A lot of water has gone under the bridge lately. Great Britain voted to withdraw from the European Union. Bernie Sanders conceded that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary and endorsed her for president. The US stock market has regained most of its losses. The world situation remains largely unchanged, fraught with conflicts and problems, insecurities, and uncertainties.

Round and round she goes, where Earth stops nobody knows. About all we can do is try to enjoy our short lives as best we can, dealing with the physical world in general and our personal psychological, social, and economic lives as best we can.

In general you have to do what you have to do given your personal circumstances, including the particular causes that have caused you to feel, think, do, and be what you have and are.

Some choices are revocable and some are not. In general people have to accept their current perceived realities and deal with them as best they can regardless of the causes.

I have supported Bernie Sanders for president and was disappointed that he endorsed Hillary. I thought he should continue his opposition to Hillary through the final result of the Democratic convention, and then join Jill Stein, MD, on the Green Party ticket with a shot, however slim, to win the presidency in November, if he did not somehow against the odds win the Democratic nomination. I have no idea what brought about his decision to endorse Hillary or what the final outcome will be. Some say he could now become Hillary’s vice president choice because of his decision, or she might have to drop out because of legal troubles, and Sanders might take her place, and his acceptance by Hillary’s supporters will have been enhanced by his decision to endorse her.

As of right now I am supporting Jill Stein, MD, for president. I think she has ideas as good or better than the ideas of Bernie Sanders and she is unencumbered by the troubles, corruption, and inertia of the Democratic Party.

In recent days I have posted several articles, videos, and podcasts about Jill Stein and my reasons for supporting and advocating her on my Facebook page. She is an outstanding human being who expresses her rational and doable ideas in a clear manner. Please check this information out on my Facebook page.

Richard John Stapleton is an emeritus professor of business policy, ethics and entrepreneurship who writes on business and politics at and on Facebook.

One Response to Round and round it goes, why and how all US voters should and can learn something about Jill Stein, MD

  1. Roberta Prada

    Oops! Bernie has not endorsed Hillary, not really. He is keeping his hand in to make changes to the platform.