A deeply disturbing letter from Germany

A friend in Frankfurt emailed me the following on July 19.

It is sheer madness what is happening here . . . The noose is tightening and yet—it is still only the beginning . . . What took place in some dull regional express close to Würzburg, a town in Franconia in the middle of Germany, was—in some respect—like a watershed event—just like the mass sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

The mantra from above is still “Islam belongs to Germany” or “We will make it (in regards to the Refugee Crisis)” but there are fewer and fewer people buying it—which does NOT mean that more people are getting it—but I will come to this later.

We now know that in Cologne alone (!) there were about 1,200 women (in one night) sexually harassed, abused and, in some cases, raped.

At the moment there is no weekend when there aren’t news about some refugees sexually harassing women or girls at a festival (it is festival season).

Also, you can find news about refugees harassing women and children (and sometimes raping them) in public swimming pools on a weekly or even daily basis.

Sales of pepper sprays and guns are booming everywhere. If there were only these things, the rage might be controllable, but Würzburg was of a different quality. For the first time, a refugee didn’t kill another refugee (when this happened before, Neo-Nazis were blamed, then—just as was the case with most of the “burning refugee centers”—the police later found that a refugee was responsible).

When children were robbed by refugees, Germans were told to send their children to school by a different route.

Germans were told to stop swimming nude in a lake—because a refugee center was erected nearby.

Last year, Germans were told the refugees would contribute so mightily and extraordinarily to the German economy—so what have been the news recently?

Well—the big German corporations, the 30 members of the DAX (the stock market index), that so proudly announced last year they would hire lots of refugees—they have indeed hired refugees. Fifty-four, to be exact (50 of them went to the Deutsche Post, as mailmen. Ah—if Charles Bukowski only knew . . . ). :-)

Only recently, a branch of the German Arbeitsagentur (the office for the unemployed) in Dortmund had another success story:

This branch was created last year and staffed with 36 employees (all paid with tax money) with the sole purpose of bringing 2,200 refugees in Dortmund, those who were able to work, into the workforce.

And the news was: After nine months of intensive work the Arbeitsagentur has succeeded to get . . . ten (!) refugees working! Hurrah! Well, they had the decency to add that it’s only a start—but an encouraging one.

The list is endless. . . . but to come back to the incident in Würzburg:

A refugee, supposedly from Afghanistan and 17-years-old, decided to start his own jihad and tried to take out a few infidels. Oddly enough, he started with a family from Hong Kong on the train, whom he attacked with the brave shout “Allah akbar” and a knife and an axe. After severely wounding two of them, he jumped off the train.

(I wonder if this will boost tourism from Hong Kong).

Then he met some old ladies who were walking their little dogs and with the shout “I will kill you, sluts!” he also wounded one (perhaps fatally) before being shot by the police.

Now—as I said, THIS is a new quality.

I can almost feel the anger and rage in Germany getting stronger.

The rage in some refugees is also rising, which is logical.

There are no jobs for them.

There are no houses for them.

There are no women for them.

So—jihad is an option, if you are bored and all these kuffar give you nothing but €352 a month, or less, and you have to sleep with six others in a tightly packed room—and there is just nothing to do!

And you wander around and there are all those women in shorts, etc.—but they are not for you.

No wonder, some get frustrated.

Slowly, silently, the German police admit there might be a teensy-weensy bit of a problem here—mind you, we still don’t know the whereabouts of between 150 to 500 thousand refugees who just disappeared . . .

Nobody knows how many jihadists are here. Nobody. Could be a few dozen. Or hundreds. Or thousands.

This young man on the Würzburg train came last July. He was granted asylum this March. The last two months, he lived with a family. He had a job (or was in training, rather) at a bakery. There were no signs of radicalization. Soooo. . . .

The media is busy telling us: Well . . . he radicalized himself only days before the attack. I wonder if they realize this message is not quite reassuring . . .

So the gap is rising ever more. Everybody has some story to tell:

My brother lives in Munich. Last year, his wife was very pro-refugee. In a neighboring suburb a few weeks ago, a woman heard the doorbell at 10PM. Assuming it was a friend (this is Bavarian bourgeoisie, so they’ve always felt safe, at least until recently . . . ), she opened the door—and was greeted (and then raped) by two refugees. That made my brother’s wife rethink (they have two small children).

My sister in Münster has armed herself with pepper spray.

Colleagues don’t let their children go alone to school anymore, because there are refugees nearby.

A guy in East Germany tells me people are secretly arming themselves.

Hate grows, as does mistrust and anxiety. Some weeks ago in Hanover, a young Muslim girl (15-years-old) rammed a knife into the throat of a female policeman (who was just standing there—the attack came out of nowhere).

Then people hear about public swimming pools, about festivals—they hear about the same things in Sweden—then what happened in France—Nice, or the policeman and his wife who were stabbed to death in Magnanville (while their 3-year-old-son was watching).

The latest incident was a woman in France who got stabbed by a guy from Morocco—they had quarreled because the Moroccan guy thought the woman’s daughters were not properly dressed—so he stabbed her and her three daughters, the youngest only eight-years-old. And so on, and so on . . .

Now—of course, there are also Germans doing nasty things—murdering, raping etc. But these things have a new quality to them.

For many years, the statistics of the German police had shown that migrants are waaaay overrepresented in crime—rapes, robberies, burglaries, violence etc. The rates for migrants were everywhere double or triple those for the general population (and the funny thing is, the gap would have been even wider if Germans with a migrant background—Turks who have German passports, etc.—were included. Of course, this was not done (it would be racist, you know).

And the blame was and is still on the Germans—that they didn’t provide enough opportunities for integration towards the poor Muslim migrants (funnily enough, we don’t have these problems with Vietnamese or Hindu migrants . . . but again, these are racist thoughts . . . ).

So the migrants were and are told that it is the Germans’ fault if they don’t get a job. Some of them believe it. Also, some or even many seem to believe that Germans are a bunch of racist swine.

I once met a Greek woman who complained loudly to me that Germans were so racist. I asked her what her experiences were—and she said that a friend of her had been approached by a German on a train and that he (hacked her to death? No, not quite) had said to her: there are too many of you in Germany.

Wasn’t that racism?

I asked if her children were ever harassed by Turkish children in school (Turks and Greeks don’t get along too well)—yes, of course—Turkish children had harassed and even beaten up her boys.

Now, Linh—the really funny thing was, it didn’t occur to her that this was more racist (that her boys were beaten up by Turks just because they were Greeks) than the incident on the train.

Racism was something only Germans showed.

I heard similar things from others.

So all in all—a perfect example of mind manipulation.

AND this also shows now so brilliantly—because—as I said, the mood gets worse (just on the eve of the next financial crisis—perfect timing)—even in the German leftist newspaper Die Zeit (absolutely pro-refugee) you now find commentaries from people who say that they have just had enough of this lousy leftist whining . . .

Because again, we are told from German politicians about the incident in Würzburg that

  1. This had nothing to do with Islam or the refugee crisis
  2. That the police shouldn’t have killed the poor axe-wielding boy (German police officers are rather reluctant to use their guns, but if someone runs towards them with an axe, I think it is understandable that they shoot)
  3. That the young man radicalized himself just recently—and therefore that
  4. It was no sign of a strengthening of ISIS in Germany, etc.

My father remembers the 70s (I don’t—too young) when 40 members of the Rote Armee Fraktion RAF (the left terror group of Baader Meinhof and the likes) were able to hold German society in fear and sometimes in a state close to hysteria. Now—with . . . 100? 1,000? ISIS members—you can imagine how the mood will change when ISIS does its first crucifixion here . . . ).

All the more, since some gruesome details from the Paris attacks are now leaking out—that the terrorists at the Paris discotheque in November 2015 not only killed the young folks there . . . but they tore off limbs, cut off genitals, stuffed them in the mouths of the men, cut out eyes etc . . . Ah—a holy war excuses everything—even becoming a monster, it seems.

But to come to the point: As I said, Germans are getting more and more fed up with the official litany—BUT: They don’t see the real picture. They still believe that the ones who created this situation will be the ones who will deliver the solution! That is the sad part of it.

All these things will be used as an excuse to install the perfect police state (and it will be perfect). We need to protect you from terrorists—so give us your freedom, open your bank account, let us abolish money and install a digital currency, accept new taxes (and ghettos in your cities). Work harder and for less money, consume and be a good citizen—and most importantly: Have fear! Always have fear!

Now—I don’t want to leave with the impression that all refugees are just no-goods—criminals, murderers etc. They are not. The vast majority are normal people who just want to lead a normal life—and not one that is forced upon them while their countries are demolished, raped and plundered by the West (that is, the US of A).

BUT—they are just tools in a game. Pawns. Just as we are.

And this leads to no good if the circumstances here resemble Iraq’s. Or just Kenya. And that is the direction we are headed. People with totally different cultural and ideological roots from ours will cling with force to what they know. If they are encouraged to do so (and they are). Assimilation is a crime against humanity, as a Turkish politician once said (who recently had a tough time because some of his generals wanted to get rid of him). So they stay with their own folks. No integration. No assimilation. But ghettos—their mindset becomes even more rigid—some of them will start to despise the majority, whom they don’t understand and don’t want to understand—and sometimes they will commit violence against the hated or despised kuffar (who have no decency—no respect, etc.).

I mean—it is funny—in all German travel guides—when it comes to Muslim countries, you find things like: If you are a woman, don’t wear a skirt! Under no circumstances be topless on a beach! Don’t look men in the eye—it is an invitation to sex! Etc. Are the ones who wrote this only hardcore racists? And now hundreds of thousands of people from these countries come here—what do we expect? They mistake our hospitality for weakness. And they (some of them at least) will turn to extremism.

A famous German journalist (one of the old school—Peter Scholl-Latour) once said prophetically: If you let Calcutta come here, you change this to Calcutta.

And he was right. A minority of the refugees consists of terrorists, murderers, rapists, etc. They could only come here because the borders were kept open. Just on the eve of the Greater Depression (with all the distrust between the various groups and subgroups), they will make sure that German citizens will fight among themselves in countless battles and skirmishes.

Germans against migrants, Turks against Kurds, Sunni against Shia, Yazidis against Salafists, etc. The rich will have their gated communities, the rest will have to deal with a much tougher life in ghettos and suburbs. And life will still go on . . . I was once in Nigeria. Though you can make money and do business there, life is not too pleasant for the majority of Nigerians . . .

That is where we are headed. German society will be so fragmented and there will be such turmoil and violence, the majority will accept every solution from above . . .

Still—if in the end it all plays out as planned—I don’t know. There still is something called destiny. And this may be—in the end—the stronger factor. Even against those in the shadows.

In the meantime, we have to carry on with our normal life. And try to stay human. That is a tough thing to do, these days—but it is possible.

And will remain possible.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He’s tracking our deteriorating socialscape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America.

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  2. Well, much like in the US the people of Germany and France are coming to their senses. The European people, much like Americans, are becoming more nationalistic. In this case it’s a good thing. A nation without borders, a national language and customs isn’t a nation at all – it’s a joke.

    This will eventually lead to all out war and quite frankly, it’s overdue. Muslim people from the middle east and africa only want you to submit, which is what islam means.

    Perhaps you can find something interesting in the pages of the link below.

  3. POO POO Head

    Oh geez…how shocking… NOT

  4. The problem here is islam itself. The quran stares that ANY non-muslim can be killed or raped, and “allah” thinks that is fine and good.

    The problem is the lie of islam, and the political”puppets” who are allowing and promoting this insanity.

  5. The German people are willing slaves. The German government does not care about its own people. Such ignorant and willfully stupid people deserve what happens to them. Die, German, die! You rejected Jesus now you will get Allah.

    • Sue… I do not know where you are from, but I think you are not quite familiar with german history. The reason germans seem not to react is defenitely not a religious one, but a result of a generation long media and governamental programming of the “Guilt” since WW2, after all it seems that every single german born after the holocaust is guilty by birth for every generation from now to eternity.

      • Marcus Junge

        “ut a result of a generation long media and governamental programming of the “Guilt” since WW2″

        Not “a” Generation, but scince 71 years (1945) this is done to us. The USA started it with there “reeducation”, taking the “German” out of the Germans. It was only done in western Germany, not in the part where the Soviets ruled. And it got worse the longer it was done, after all, Germans are perfectionists even in selfdestruction.

        But as I wrote, not everyone is going along. Former Commie Germany was free of this mindaltering madness till 1990 and it is still not working as good here as it is in western Germany.

    • Marcus Junge

      Hi there from Germany, you can find me right next to Berlin

      The good thing about dumbasses like you is, you understand nothing, while facing the same fateas we do. Muslims infiltrate every western state, including the USA, they all experience a dschihad by migration and birth. If Clinton wins the USA will get millions of new muslims, if she doesn’t you still have millions of them and they reproduce like vermin and convert the idiots. It’s only a question of time, sooner or later the hammer will hit the USA and you do nothing to prevent this from happening. After all, political correctness was invented in the USA, invented to keep from defending yourself.

    • Marcus Junge

      Just one more Thing

      The biggest fans of Islam in Germany, who could that be? The catholic and protestantic chruch. The highest leaders to the (nearly) last preacher. The biggest idiots who welcomed the “regugees” – there dumb sheeps.
      Who are the worst enemies of these churches? The “Nazis” = all Germany who don’t go along with the Islamisation.

      So yes, we need more “Jesus” here. Like cardinal Woelkie from Cologne or board chairman Bedford-Strohm from the Protestan chruch, only Merkel loves muslims more then they do.

      Wenn man mal keine Ahnung hat, einfach mal die Fresse halten. Translation – If you don’t know anything about something, just shut the f. up.

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  7. There are migrants, and there are war refugees. Here’s American volunteer Shellie Corman writing from the Greek island of Kastellorizo on 3/3/16:

    Last night, there were heavy rains and since there is no sleeping area, many refugees were soaked in the morning. The UNHCR had handed out sleeping bags and blankets, but they were all soaking wet. We went to the old fish market where some of them had slept and began a cleanup. Luckily, the sun came out, so we, with the help of a few refugees, hung out all the blankets and sleeping bags to dry. Two of the men were really helpful and we asked them, with the help of a translator, to join us for dinner. There were 2 couples, one of them with a young boy of about 9 always smiling, and another couple with a few-months-old baby. One of the women said something in Arabic about Syria and began crying and we hugged and both cried over the horrible situation they find themselves in.

    After hanging out the wet things, we the volunteers, all embarked on a garbage cleanup. A few of us went to the police station, where all the arrivals must register and from what I have heard, many of them are sleeping there. They are almost all willing to help clean up their area as long as we ask, and provide large garbage bags. The rest of us went to one of the bays and collected life jackets and wet clothes left behind as well as garbage. It seems like a good idea for the locals to see us and the refugees trying to help clean their island.

    Tonight, the families came for dinner and it was a really warm and wonderful evening. They were so appreciative and we laughed a lot and I think they knew that we really could sympathize with their terrible predicament.

    We got the news tonight that all the European borders are all closed. Many of the refugees are arriving here with no knowledge of what is happening in Europe. The group that arrived yesterday had been waiting for 3 days in the woods in Kaş, Turkey, no food or water, and some of them were totally traumatized by the time they arrived. Then, they hear the news from volunteers that they cannot even get to Athens much less Germany, or Sweden or wherever they think they are going to start their new lives. One Palestinian Syrian family said that if they had known how difficult the trip was going to be, they would have stayed in Aleppo. No one seems to know anything about what to do, where to go, or how to go about it. Some of them even think that when they get here, they are already in Athens or Germany. Then there are the Afghanis, Pakistanis, Moroccans, and anyone else that is considered an ‘economic migrant’ who are totally screwed because nobody wants them and many of them are unaware of that until we tell them. It is heartbreaking to see their expressions when they are told that only Syrians and Iraqis are able to get through the borders and that they will be either arrested or sent back home. They have paid a fortune to smugglers and risked drowning at sea to get this far. I wish that somehow there was a way to get this information to them before they set off from home, or at the very least, from Turkey.

    Final notes from today. . . . I exchanged whatsapp messages with one of the men from the group that came for dinner. I sent the photo below of the group to him and the message he sent back, translated by Karam, my lovely Syrian friend who made it to Belgium, was “Thank you so much. People like you made us feel that life is still okay.” This is the reason I came here. Just to show a bit of human kindness and caring. It means a lot for me and I think for them.

  8. The main problem is the West attacking Muslim countries all these years. You solve the refugee problem by not generating refugees.

    Last year, I answered a Palestinian interviewer, “Working in tandem, the US and Israel have collapsed several Muslim governments and generated millions of refugees. The same fate awaits Israel, though its dissolution should be permanent, for only then will peace come.”

    In March, I wrote, “Israel is a horrible concept criminally maintained by a deluge of American tax dollars, plus rivers of blood, much of it Muslim but also American. Defending this most hated state, the U.S. has also become a pariah. Under Israel’s manipulation, the United States hasn’t just systematically destroyed one Muslim country after another, it has wrecked its own honor, reputation, present and future.”

    For decades now, the world has suffered from the US/Israel axis of evil. Until one deals with this, there will always be millions of Muslim refugees.

    American progressives and liberals who support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders do not confront this US/Israel problem. You don’t deal with the Muslim refugee problem by destroying Muslim countries, killing millions of them, then resettle a fraction in the West.

    In other words, resettlement of Muslims in the West is not a solution to this serial destruction of Muslim countries.

    This is not to deny that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also behind the war against Syria. Muslims also attack other Muslims. Without American involvement, however, the war against Syria would be considerably weaker and may not have even started.

  9. What is Asian racism? In Africa Indians brought by the British to Africa to fulfill middle management posts or run small enterprises treated the whites as superiors and the Africans as inferiors. So in Europe and the US some Asians play Uncle Tom and identify with whites against blacks other Asians who have been on the receiving end of white racism side with blacks. I had a Muslim boss from Birmingham who was friends with West Indian blacks at university who told me when he hung out with those guys he always got pulled upby the police. He was a deputy principal of a school and every time he took the kids on trips to Europe he was quizzed on re-entry to the UK although all the white teachers were not. He was born in the UK.

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  11. Umlandt Gerhard

    I´m a German living in Germany and I hate this anti-

    German article. Although the writer pretends to critisize

    the awful circumstances in Germoney concerning “refugees”

    (what they aren´t), this article prooves in fact, that

    the author is heavily brainwashed and thinking

    “politically correct”.
    Quote: “I can almost feel the anger and rage in Germany

    getting stronger.” “The rage in some refugees is also

    rising, which is logical.” “There are no jobs for them.”

    “There are no houses for them.” “There are no women for

    them.” “So—jihad is an option..”

    This is NONSENSE of third degree!

    It ist NOT “logical”, when “rage” is “rising” “in some

    refugees”! They have NO RIGHT to get anything! And

    especially not FOR FREE, as they want! Real refugees in

    former times were thankful, that they could stay here!

    Theese fake-refugees are different! Totally different!
    They are layabouts, vermins, parasites, they won´t work!
    They want everything for free, money, houses, even our

    women, girls and children – because of a lack of donkeys.

    They are criminals and maniacs! ISIS-fighters! (and not

    “hundred”, but hundredthousands at least, as Intelligence

    Services know, may be much more!) Did you know, North

    African States released prisoners and psychos and sent

    them to Germany? And the so called “refugees” from Syria

    are those, who started (supported by US, Israel and

    certain Arabic States) the civil war against Assad! THEY

    ARE THE TERRORISTS! Fleeing from Russians attacks and

    pretending to be “refugees”, with the help of Soros NGO

    booklets, how to betray German officials!
    Theese “refugees” are the biggest SCUM ever!

    It´s a pity, that our author has sympathy for them:
    the refugees are given “nothing but €352 a month, or


    This author has no clue about the real thing!

    Fact is, “€352 a month” (or less), that´s the sum, that

    socially poor Germans are receiving (so called Hartz-IV

    or Grundsicherung). But Germans are third class people
    in their own country, in the meantime. The first class

    people, the refugee Divinity, they get four or fives

    times more cash! About €1280 a month! As a grant, as a

    surplus! Because everything else is for free! Lodging,
    catering, first class(!) health care, public

    transportation and taxicabs, as well! And furthermore for

    raping or sexual mutilating German women, girls and

    children €1280!

    This will lead to a civil war, to be sure!

    But the real problem is the “German” government.

    Quotation marks because it isn´t ethnic German. It is

    Jewish. E.G. Merkel or Steinmeier are Jewish and a lot

    more of this “German” politicians, that want to hide this

    fact, knowing if this would be known in open, they

    wouldn´t get much votes anymore! And the ones, who are

    still German, are prostitutes of USrael, are blackmailed

    or bribed (“peanuts” for Soros).

    This is the greatest high treason government the world

    has ever seen!

    The German people has no more representation in politics

    any more! And this is why, the situation is getting worse

    day by day. Without any political influence, the Germans
    - the everday people – cant´t do anything. The´ve become
    the mere object of Satanic NWO – New World Order –

    politics (google about: Coudenhove-Kalergi, Hooton-plan,

    Barbara Lerner-Spectre – “monolithic” “mulicultural mode”

    “Jews are in the centre”, Kahane).

    Knowing this, it´s clear civil war and true war, world

    war, atomic, chemical and biological war will cleanse

    this rotten world. There are enough clairvoyants and

    prophets like Irlmaier, Nostradamus (and a lot more),

    that tell just the same!

    When does it start?

    Irlmaier: “-alsdann kommt eine grosse Anzahl Fremder ins

    Land.” “- thereupon a large amount of foreigners is

    coming into the country.”

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  13. Marx Karl,

    You display remarkable racism and a very poor understanding of human nature by thinking Asians need whites to condition them on how to think about other races.

    You obviously have no familiarity with any Asian society.

    By thinking that whites are the catalyst to everything, you are in fact a white supremacist.


  14. Rough transcript of argument between Munich shooter and man on balcony:

    Man with gun (in perfect Munich High German accent): “Because of you, I was ganged on for seven years” [Wegen euch wurde ich gemobbt 7 jahre lang]

    Man on balcony (in perfect Munich Bavarian accent): “You jerkoff, you asshole you.” [Du Wichser, du Arschloch du]

    Man with gun: “And now I have to buy a weapon to shoot you” [Und jetzt muss ich hier Waffe kaufen um euch abzuknallen]

    Man on balcony: “You know what? Your head should be cut off, you asshole” [Ja weißt du was? Dir gehört der Kopf abgeschnitten du Arschloch]

    Man with gun: “Yeah, yeah, the idiots are here or what” [Ja Ja , damit die Idioten hier oder]

    Man on balcony: “Hey, jerkoff” [Ey, Wichser]

    Man with gun: “You shitty Turks!” [Ihr scheiss Türken]

    Man on balcony: “Shitty raghead!” [Scheiss Kanaken]

    Second man on balcony: “He has the gun. He has his gun loaded. Get the cops. He’s just walking around, the jerkoff” [Er hat die Schusswaffe. Er hat seine Waffe geladen. Hol die Bullen. Er läuft hier umher, der Wichser der Alte]

    Man with gun: “I am German” [Ich bin Deutscher]

    Man on balcony: “You’re a jerkoff! A jerkoff.” [Wichser bist Du! Ein Wichser]

    Alleged shooter: “You happy now?” [Seid Ihr jetzt zufrieden?]

    Man on balcony: “You jerkoff.” [Wichser du.]

    Man with gun: “I was born here. In a Hartz IV [welfare] area. Here in the Turkish section of Hasenbergl. I was in treatment. How is it my fault? I haven’t done anything.” [Ich bin hier geboren worden. Hier in der Harz 4 Gegend. Hier in der Türken Region hier im Hasenbergl. Ich war in stationärer Behandlung. Wie ist es meine Schuld? Ich habe nix getan.]

    Man on balcony: “Yes, treatment. You belong in an institution, you asshole moron” [Ja Behandlung , du gehörst in die Psychiatrie du Arschloch du blödes]

    Man with gun: “Not another word! Shut your face, sir!” [Kein Wort mehr! Halten Sie die Schnauze!]


  15. Linh the shooter was an 18 year-old “child” refugee who was in Germany for 2 years. Most of the victims were from non Teutonic backgrounds.. It reminds me of stories my Vietnamese mother in law told me about the behaviors of US troops during the Vietnam War. Towards the end of the war Gis divided the city of Saigon into “white” zones and” black” zones.( Based on race) Fights would break out between the two groups. There is a book called Operation Phoenix (that’s what its title is I think) which describes that Vietnam was used as a testing ground to prepare populations to accept tolitarian regimes. This reminds me of that. Just an observation…Peace