A rigged election: Of the billionaires, by the billionaires, and for the billionaires

You might think Donald Trump, a billionaire, would be the primary presidential choice of the billionaires, particularly with his economic plans which favor billionaires, and his championing of the Republican Party. But Trump is just one of the three parties polling highest in the current election favored by billionaires.

In fact, currently 4th place in polling, Jill Stein and the Greens are left out of the billionaire race, contested between Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians.

The Libertarians have a special in to the billionaires because their party platform has always favored billionaires, which is why they are so heavily funded by billionaires. In fact, David Koch of the Koch brothers once ran for Vice President of the Libertarian Party, which pushed that year to get rid of Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, the minimum wage, the environmental protection agency and just about anything else the government does for the people.

The Koch Brothers are funding Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party this year.

Sunday, I watched on CNN as billionaire Mark Cuban acted as a cheerleader for Hillary Clinton in Pittsburgh, his hometown. The next day billionaire Warren Buffett did same for Hillary in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. Last week billionaire Michael Bloomberg threw his support to Hillary.

Hillary’s past has shown massive support for what Daddy Bush (a long time close friend of her husband) called “the investment class,” together with her husband’s policies which deregulated Wall Street banksters, and enabled laissez faire “free trade,” crushing America’s working class. This is why the billionaires are on board—they see Hillary winning the White House with a weak Donald Trump opposing her, and want access to a Hillary Oval Office for tax breaks and access to the treasury.

Corporate media do all they can to support a plutocracy. Their “journalists,” as they call themselves, know which candidates their owners, corporate board members and advertisers, support and do not stray an iota from kissing the butts that count with them.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have had the vast majority of TV time, the thing that most influences voters—far more of it than all other candidates combined.

Gary Johnson is on CNN often. CNN has done a “town meeting” for him, boosting his poll numbers. CNN is doing another one tonight night.

Do not expect to see Jill Stein get a town meeting on CNN. She alone among the four polling at the top represents the public interest. She alone would shut down the wars and bring the troops home, concentrating on the needs of the American people rather than the greed of the billionaires as polling shows is desired by the people. The controlled mainstream press are aware that if her positions were known, she would win the presidency by a landslide.

Jack Balkwill has been published from the little read Rectangle, magazine of the English Honor Society, to the (then) millions of readers USA Today and many progressive publications/web sites such as Z Magazine, In These Times, Counterpunch, This Can’t Be Happening, Intrepid Report, and Dissident Voice. He is author of “An Attack on the National Security State,” about peace activists in prison.

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