Update 3: Intrepid Report really, really needs your help

Update: If Intrepid Report is important to you, we very much need your support.

We are still $1,200 from closing our budget gap. Please help by donating whatever you can, whether it’s a one-time donation of $5 or more or a monthly subscription.

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Update: When you read Eric Zuesse’s two-part series, American Samizdat—Publication Forbidden in the US (http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/18614 and http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/18634), you’ll have another glimpse into how the corporate media and even some of the alternative media that rely on foundations and deep pockets are controlled, which makes your support for totally independent Intrepid Report, which takes no corporate or foundation money, so very important.

Thank you to those who stepped up to help this week, but we’re still $1,500 from closing our budget gap. So, please donate whatever you can. Every dollar helps!

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Update: While donations got off to a good start, they have now slowed. We still need to raise $1,700. If Intrepid Report is important to you, please donate whatever you can. Every dollar helps and we thank those who have donated.

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So far this year, donations from readers have been down, leaving us with a $2,000 budget gap that must be closed if Intrepid Report is to continue publishing.

For nearly 18 years, we have been here (first as Online Journal and now as Intrepid Report) for you as an alternative to the corporate-owned so-called mainstream media. In all those years to maintain our independence, we have never sought a corporate partnership nor taken a dime from any foundation. We have been strictly supported by our readers and we rely on them to keep us going.

And when I say us, I mean an unpaid bevy of writers who graciously contribute their work to bring you the news, commentary and analysis you don’t and won’t get from the corporate media.

For freedom and democracy to flourish, there has to be an informed citizenry.

Asking you for money is not my favorite thing, especially in this economy where the elite keep getting richer and the rest of keep getting poorer. However, the bills must be paid and I am not asking as some “progressive” sites are for $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, just $2,000 to close the gap.

Those of you who can, please make either a one-time or a monthly donation $5, $10, $25 or more by credit card or, if you prefer, email editor@intrepidreport.com for a mailing address.

Bev Conover is the editor and publisher of Intrepid Report. Email her at editor@intrepidreport.com.

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