Brazil’s Rousseff impeachment vote: Fascists 61, Democrats 20

President Dilma Rousseff’s ouster was orchestrated in Washington, complicit with corrupted Brazilian fascists—usurping power by removing her.

Her impeachment was certain once the nation’s corruption-ridden Senate suspended her in May on trumped up budget-manipulation charges.

On August 31, it became official. Tyranny replaced Brazilian democracy. Telesur reported 49 senators voting for Rousseff’s impeachment “are themselves targets of criminal inquiries.”

She committed no crimes. Nothing justified her removal. Allegations against her were fabricated.

Wednesday’s vote combined tragedy and farce—annulling 54 million votes electing her, returning the country to fascist rule, a sad moment for millions of Brazilians deserving better.

Links below provide more information on what preceded Wednesday’s political lynching:

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