Wishing everyone happy holidays

Intrepid Report will resume publishing Jan. 5

May you find comfort and joy in family and friends this holiday season whatever you celebrate.

While 2016, without a doubt, is an annus horribilis and 2017 isn’t looking better, as I have said before now is the time for all of us who realize this broken system must be replaced to put aside our petty differences and reach out to each other and organize. We all want the same things: fairness, justice, peace and a sustainable planet. We the people have the power if only we would recognize it; the plutocrats do and that’s what scares them.

It scares them so much that they want independent, alternative media, such as Intrepid Report, gone. Hence, the brouhaha about “fake news” when it is the corporate and fringe media that are the biggest purveyors of fake news. They have already gone after us and some 200 other alternative media sites (both left and right), smearing us as either paid or unpaid agents or “useless idiots” of “Russian intelligence services,” claiming we are peddlers of Russian propaganda (see WaPo smears Intrepid Report and 200+ other sites as peddlers of Russian propaganda), which is why Intrepid Report needs your financial support more than ever in 2017 to continue speaking truth to power, to provide you with the information they won’t give you and to encourage you to question everything. Putting Band-Aids on this broken system won’t fix it. Only informed people working together can replace it with one that works for all the people.

I will be doing the Meria Heller Show on Jan. 5.

As usual, I will be checking email daily, so writers may submit articles that aren’t time sensitive.

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  1. I will continue my financial support for IntrepidReport during 2017. This is an important source and we must not lose it.