Pence is even more dangerous than Trump

It’s time to stop getting your knickers in a twist over Donald Trump. To be sure, he is dangerous, unhinged and his childish, insulting and whiny antics are an embarrassment to the US. Did I mention his mad tweets?

The ones to get your knickers in a twist over are the ones in the deep state, a.k.a the power elite, and Congress.

Trump will last as long as the spotlight is on all the things he is determined to dismantle while Congress takes a wrecking ball to the whole system at the behest of its deep state masters.

In the meantime, Trump, a man who learned little is school, knows nothing of the US Constitution, has a limited vocabulary, and can’t stand any criticism, is meant to serve as a source of humor and angst. Once Congress has passed the legislation its masters want and Trump signs the bills into law, he will be gone, one way or another.

Whether he is impeached and convicted, removed via the 25th Amendment or some other way—any of which would prove another great distraction, opening the way for more nefarious deeds to do away with any liberties that might still be left—the extreme right-wing and religious fanatic Vice President Mike Pence will become president or, under the 25th Amendment, acting president. Think about that for awhile.

Trump is bad but Pence is worse and more dangerous. He is the deep state’s and Christian extremists’ man. Moreover, if Pence’s handlers give him the word, he can invoke the 25th Amendment and you can bank on a majority of the neocons in Trump’s cabinet and the Republican Congress supporting him, thusly making him acting president.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert and SNL get comedy mileage out of Trump’s missteps and lunacy, while aiding the Russia bashers in the bargain. And when the major, independent and alternative media aren’t beating on Russia, they prattle on about democracy. What democracy? We don’t have democracy. We have a plutocracy, a.k.a. the deep state, a.k.a. the power elite.

Be careful what you wish for.

Bev Conover is the editor and publisher of Intrepid Report. Email her at

4 Responses to Pence is even more dangerous than Trump

  1. I agree that VP Mike Pence will be an equally destructive “acting” president, but if Steve Bannon is also tossed along with Der Trump then there is a thin reed of hope that we may survive “the worst of times” this nation has yet endured.

    There is also a weak glimmer of hope that November 2018 will be a “come to Jesus” time for Republicans up for reelection. A clean sweep will save this nation.

  2. Either way we are screwed. We are living in a controlled society. The notion that we are a democracy has long been gone … even the Oscars which as I remember it has long been a place of art and spontaneous expression, political and otherwise, tonight seemed to me to be a place of controlled art and controlled political expressions–with the exception perhaps of Viola Davis’ acceptance/thank-you speech in which she alluding to the cemeteries as the place where real stories of real people who lived real lives were to be found and needed to be told.

    Her words, whether she intended for them to be so, or not, became an allusion to history. That allusion to history was a reminder that there needs to be “freedom” for people to dream in the rags to riches story, or the stand up and do the right thing story which are now being squashed right and left by Trump and the Trumpians; and, also by the always constipated, constipating and always hypocritical Christian Right…

    The other political speeches I heard in this year’s Oscars were mere sound bites, they were one liners, tweeter kinds of thoughts, depth was left somewhere else … it was very bland.

    Perhaps people were constricted by the time frame they were given for their acceptance speeches but that in this controlled environment that we are living in was a crushing of spirits.

    Trump and the Christian Right have waged their war against the Arts.

    The way I saw the Oscars tonight their war on the press, the Arts and anything that goes against them managed to silence and put a damper on many a one creative spirit and vital political commentary which could have flourished there but did not.

    Pence, Trump, Ryan, Sessions, Goodlatte, Chaffetz = screws in a Society’s Creative Spirit and Freedom to Dream.

    Pence, Trump Ryan, Sessions, Goodlatte, Chaffetz, DeVos, Price: Spoilers of splendid sunrises and peaceful sunsets.

  3. I agree, I fear Pence more than Trump. Trump is an idiot who is trying to figure out what he wants to do as he goes along. Pence knows what he wants to do, and scarier, he knows what god wants him to do.

  4. Bev,

    Thank you for getting it right. Trump is a side show. The deep state is running the circus just as they have been all along. I think Trump might have had a decent idea or two but he is weak and naive. He doesn’t have the grit to take on the establishment.