How to get rid the bastards before they murder us all

If most Americans knew what was happening in our extremely corrupt government, there would be a bloody riot, and most of the Democrats and Republicans would be slaughtered with as little mercy as they’ve shown the American public.

Through their actions, Democrats and Republicans have caused the deaths of millions from unsafe products, unsafe workplaces, lack of minimal health care, unnecessary wars, and other malfeasance resulting from their serving the vile capitalists who finance their elections.

True, a fourth of the electorate vote Democrat, and another fourth Republican, because they see no other hope. Delusions of “lesser evils” lead them to line up, lambs to the slaughter, hoping that the stinking pile of dung for whom they vote will enable less horror than the other stinking pile of dung.

Half of the electorate routinely do not vote, understanding that, in our system, decent candidates are not allowed air time by the corporate-viewpoint media, nor allowed the mountains of cash given to the Democrats and Republicans with which to purchase additional media exposure for deceitful campaign ads.

If a candidate of the people did find a way to be recognized, he or she would not be allowed into the controlled debates. Ballot access is another way the establishment blocks democracy from breaking out in the Land of the Free. The ruling plutocratic oligarchs have pretty much covered all the bases to snuff out any hope for an iota of democracy.

In many of our elections, far more than half of eligible voters do not cast ballots. Propaganda control by mainstream media tell us this is because those who do not cast votes are satisfied, when anybody with an IQ higher than their shoe size knows it’s a lie. “Let’s see now,” these potential voters ponder, should I vote for the guy who’ll stick a knife in my left hand, or the one who will put an ice pick through my right foot?

I’ve watched for decade after decade as young people voted for “lesser evil” scum, saying they will do better next time. Next time they do the same thing. The system is evil itself, if anything is evil, encouraging the hopeless to vote for scumbags with the hope to stop other scumbags from winning.

It is a part of American capitalism, where everything of importance is controlled and nobody is supposed to notice that it only works for the capitalists—those few who control most of the capital. American capitalism is so badly broken that it requires the world’s largest prison system to make it barely chug along. It requires thousands dying for a lack of health care each year, higher numbers than in any industrialized nation. It requires the highest homelessness and hunger among major industrialized nations.

And the corporate media, fawning lap dogs that they are, never notice any of it. If a corporate-paid journalist did, they would soon find themselves to be among the unemployed. Capitalism loves unemployment because it draws down wages, allowing the capitalists to increase their profits, the only thing that works in capitalism. That is why our submissive government lies about unemployment figures constantly, always giving the numbers as half or less than half of the true misery index.

When people begin to minimally get jobs, the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to increase unemployment and maintain the wealth disparity. As the poor are wiped out by the millions, no billionaire is allowed to lose a penny in the rigged system.

The problem in doing something about it is that the doors have just about all been shut by corrupt laws. There are groups of voters who have more right to be upset than others, but they are locked out of the system to prevent an outbreak of democracy.

For example, in most states convicted felons are not allowed to vote, even though they have officially “paid for their crime.” These people are ripe for voting for a people’s party, and the establishment knows it, so bars them. Unemployed, they may have sold some pot to feed their kids, the only real shot there is for many at the bottom of an economy in which more illegal drugs are sold than in any other nation.

And I’ve tried for decades to change the law in Virginia so that homeless people can vote. Long ago I was feeding homeless people on the street, spooning out grits in freezing cold, watching people with ice around their faces crawl out from doorways where they slept and thinking, “What if I could bring registration forms, get them to sign up and encourage them to vote for the Greens?”

I even found a legislator, a Black woman named Mary Christian, to sponsor me to speak before the Constitution Committee of the House of Delegates, the oldest legislature in North America, and ask that they allow homeless people to vote. To make a long story short, I failed in that attempt.

Didn’t know that homeless people can’t vote? Check your state and you will probably find it’s near impossible there as well. In Virginia, if you are caught with a false address on your registration, you are subject to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. If you are homeless, and you register as living in the building whose doorway you slept in last night, chances are you won’t be there the next night after a cop tells you to move along.

The establishment knows who could be trouble, and has already enacted laws to make democratic participation hell for millions of Americans.

Most Americans live in ignorance of almost anything of importance to them, knowing only the myths given to them by the corporate media. That is what makes it so difficult to organize them—their heads are filled with propaganda. “But if I don’t vote for Hitler, Satan will get in. . . .”

So, in my entire life of trying to find ways to disrupt the system and make it work for the people, I always come back to the one thing that holds promise, and that is to find a way to get information to the masses around the corporate-viewpoint media. It is that mainstream media which keeps the masses ignorant and in thrall.

I hate to agree with Donald Trump, but he’s right that the mainstream media is the enemy of the people. They have been all my 72 years, but it is getting worse.

Once there were big dreamers in our government who came up with National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System, which were a great idea. The idea was to allow opinions around the corporate media, so that the public could get a second opinion.

But good ideas soon hit a meat grinder in our system. The scum who run the country had their bought-and-paid-for politicians cut funding, forcing NPR and PBS to take more and more corporate money, until they became a clone of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, etc.

If we had one TV channel of our own, we could destroy the entire house of cards. Years ago I wrote about it and it appears we need a Social Justice Network more than ever today. The thing the establishment fears most is information and democracy, and a Social Justice Network could bring us both, by opening the eyes of the public to the scam that keeps a boot on their backs. Ignorant people are controlled people.

Jack Balkwill has been published from the little read Rectangle, magazine of the English Honor Society, to the (then) millions of readers USA Today and many progressive publications/web sites such as Z Magazine, In These Times, Counterpunch, This Can’t Be Happening, Intrepid Report, and Dissident Voice. He is author of “An Attack on the National Security State,” about peace activists in prison.

2 Responses to How to get rid the bastards before they murder us all

  1. I write to compliment you on your perception that ordinary people are actually under attack by a ruling elite who are determinedly pursuing a detailed plan to destroy them. However, I will point out what I believe is a misnomer in your identification of culprits and a mistake in your choice of a solution.

    The political/business system in the U. S. is not capitalism; it is mercantilism, essentially the same system by which the elite cabal puts kings and queens on the thrones of Europe and then leverages government power to increase private fortunes of the cabalists. Mercantilism here today selects presidential candidates (except with rare exception, one of which hopefully occurred in 2016), senators, congressmen and governors. The same cabal controls the illegal drug trade and the big pharma, the big international banks and the Federal Reserve, and the biggest corporations, including such names as IBM, Amazon, GE, big media, big defense, big agriculture, big construction, etc. This is mercantilism, which loves rigged markets, not fair competition. You see capitalism on main street, not on Wall Street, and rarely with much sponsorship in Washington, D.C.

    The mercantilists captured PBS and NPR just as easily as the captured and controlled Wall Street and big government. You are much more likely to find fair coverage of your ideas in the alternative media than in a hope that government sponsored (taxpayer funded) media will be anything other than tools of the cabal of ruling elite.

  2. Part of the problem stems from the total ignorance of political/citizenship status. Our Justice system has been hijacked and converted to Admiralty or law of the sea that assumes everyone is a serf/14th Amendment citizen. Most people are exactly that ! Without knowing it they have signed away their Constitutionally protected Rights for Government privileges thereby converting themselves from free people to indentured servants to the government through adhesion contracts that have not been fully disclosed. examples; SSI, IRS, NEA, EPA, FDA Marriage license, Driver license etc.,etc. I am a Virginian also and I have been trying to bring the truth to light for many years with very little success. I live near the Military Fort that was used to bring Germans into this country under operation “Paper clip” and more accurately “P.O. Box 1142″ were the Office of Strategic Services ( OSS ) morphed into the CIA and moved to Langley. The most difficult hurdle is the mindset that rejects the notion that a diabolical plan has been set out to destroy this Nation from the inside years, decades and centuries ago. What everyone fails to see is that our foreign policy has been exactly that for other nations ! Coup’s, revolutions, support of opposition rebels, assassinations,bribes and all forms of corruption. The “People” need to educate themselves or remain victims of ignorance of the law and propaganda for education. We have shifted from a government for the people to a government by the Corporations and power Barrons with no allegiances to this Nation. Is your name JOHN DOE or John Doe ? Which one identifies you ? Do You know the difference ? “Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words” Patriots and Freemen Arise !