Corporate profit versus life on earth

The last year has been especially catastrophic for life on Earth, while at the same time, corporate profits have jumped a staggering 36.8%, setting all-time records. Is this a coincidence, or are the long-term implications as sinister as they might seem?

How many disasters like the massive poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico, or gushing of radiation from multiple reactor-core meltdowns in Japan can the biosphere take? Or, perhaps a more apropos question is: How much more profit will the biosphere survive?

Two things the catastrophes in the Gulf and at Fukushima have in common is that both were at the hands of corporations, and both involved extensive disinformation, misinformation, and severe suppression of information. Just like governments, which are virtually all corporate “assets,” corporations themselves shun the light of day.

Dangerous creatures, corporations, obviously one of the deadliest things ever sprouted from hell. Of course they are not creatures in any biological sense, but thanks to corporate chicanery beginning in 1886 especially, they have more rights than you do.

You might be rather dismayed if you challenge a corporation in our for-wealth court system; if the corporation is big enough, and the case goes high enough, it is conceivable that the ultimate verdict will orbit the concept that by eating, breathing, drinking . . . by all the things you must do to stay alive, you are endangering corporate profit. Sound far-fetched? Well, check out exactly how corporations became “artificial people.” [1] Also, please consider last year’s Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling that handed absolute control of elections to corporations. SCOTUS ruled that any restriction on the amount of money corporations may spend to influence elections is a violation of their right to free speech under the First Amendment. Should the Book of Revelation be amended to read: In the beginning of the end, God created corporations?

Some say money is the root of all evil; it could also be said that corporations are the root of the most malignant money; vicious and biocidal entities more powerful with every tick of the (doomsday) clock, and all that matters to them is profit. Corporations represent the perfect means for the wealthy to grow ever wealthier by destroying the biosphere and not being held accountable; isn’t that a decent definition of “malignant money”?

Einstein warned us by saying that unleashing the power of the atom changed everything except our modes of thinking . . . which carry us toward unparalleled catastrophe. And now, unparalleled catastrophe is ours, made in Japan; notice how it has mostly disappeared from the news? Forget Three Mile Island, forget Chernobyl—which has killed a million people, so far, and has touched the entire northern hemisphere . . . Fukushima is worse by far, and still out of control. The multiple meltdowns in Japan have the potential to render much of the northern hemisphere uninhabitable, and mangle the gene pool of countless species, including humans. We’re talking effectively forever. But apparently an even more important reason for severe suppression of information, suppression of truth: vast corporate profits are at stake.

Nuclear energy corporations are wealthy enough to afford extensive political influence. In fact, when Fukushima became a volcano of radioactivity, president Obama was (he still is!) pushing heavily for $36 billion in taxpayer “loans” for the construction of more reactors. Insurance companies and financiers treat nuclear reactors like the red-hot radioactive potatoes they are, so the nuke good ol’ boys need help from the poor to increasingly threaten life on Earth. The last thing they want is people to be aware of, well, reality. Also, imagine the hit to profits of Tokyo Electric Power Company if they didn’t have the Pacific ocean to pour their radionuclide lava into. “Hey,” they might say, “it’s a big ocean.” Well, it’s a small planet in terms of the amount radioactivity gushing from Fukushima.

We can thank energy corporations for irradiating half the planet already (there is no “safe” dose of internal radiation—and radiation is not “good for you” as certain hardright “pundits” trumpet). We can thank energy corporations for poisoning the Gulf with oil and toxic dispersants; but above all, for so diligently suppressing alternative energies all these years. Eight energy giants are among the world’s top eleven corporations on the power of filthy biocidal energies . . . monster fossil-energy corporations with a virtual monopoly on enormous fossil profits. And they like to kill the competition. In terms of life on Earth, their ultimate protection of profits—potentially their all-time greatest crime against humanity—came in 1943, the year they murdered Tesla.

Nikola Tesla’s was among the most brilliant minds every to bless humanity. He once wrote: “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity. . . .”

In 1988, at the International Tesla Symposium in Colorado Springs, astrophysicist Adam Trombly noted that if society had followed up on the inventions Tesla envisioned at the turn of the century, “ . . . we wouldn’t have a fossil fuel economy today. And J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and a number of others wouldn’t have amassed extraordinary fortunes on the basis of the fossil fuel economy.”

The sheer scope of Tesla’s genius seems unfathomable to normal people. Gifted with uncanny memory and powers of visualization, he was able to fully construct, develop and perfect inventions in his mind before committing anything to paper. In his own words: “When I have gone so far as to embody in the invention every possible improvement I can think of and see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form this final product of my brain. Invariably my device works as I conceived that it should, and the experiment comes out exactly as I planned it. In twenty years there has not been a single exception.”

Tesla’s inventions include radio (recognized by the SCOTUS eight months after Tesla died), X-rays (three years before Roentgen), the Tesla coil, fluorescent light, lasers, bladeless turbines, vertical take-off aircraft, wireless transmission of electricity, the particle beam (“death,” or “peace” ray), the whole system of AC that powers the world. . . . At the time of his death he held over 700 patents. And the fields Tesla greatly contributed to, such as computer science, robotics, remote control, radar, ballistics, nuclear physics . . . a comprehensive list would be astonishing.

One invention Tesla was elusive about, sometimes offering teasers but no specifics, had the potential to eclipse all of his and anyone else’s breakthroughs—perhaps even cost him his life, and is behind the perpetual drive to minimize public awareness of Tesla. He had long prophesied that mankind would someday hook their machinery up to the energy of vacuum space—to “the very wheelworks of nature.” The theoretical basis for energy from the vacuum has now been part of “mainstream” physics literature for over fifty years. But as Tesla long intimated, any kind of “free energy” device would never be allowed to reach the market.

In 1943, Tesla had an appointment to discuss with FDR that it was possible for us to get all the energy we need simply by tapping the space we’re in. But he never made it to the meeting with FDR; Tesla was found in his apartment, dead of “natural causes.” Officially, it was a heart attack. But information leaked by investigators indicates that for reasons of “national security” the coroner’s report was to be kept secret because it revealed that Tesla died of arsenic poisoning.

Take that, competition! Take that, life on Earth. Free energy available to everyone would devastate corporate profits—almost to the extent that our global fossil fuel economy has devastated the biosphere. Tesla gave humanity so much, promised so much more, and corporations not only murdered him, they have even all but lifted him clear out of mainstream history . . . tried their best to make him an unperson. They have proven, and always will, that nothing is more dangerous than threatening corporate profits.

How does that bode for life on Earth? The most dangerous of advanced human endeavors are development of alternatives to entrenched modes of energy that are powering the biosphere straight to hell . . . sure sounds like a nightmare. Accelerating destruction of Earth’s ability to sustain life, brought to you by corporations. A living planet dominated by “artificial people” that care only about profit, nothing but, profit.

Imagine waking up to find there never was a fossil fuel economy, that all the war, pollution, climate disruption, murder, cancer, slavery, impoverishment, obscene concentration of wealth—all the lethal threats to life on Earth stayed in the nightmare because half a century ago, thanks to Tesla, we plugged in to “the very wheelworks of nature,” and became an advancing civilization.

Chernobyl and Fukushima never happened. . . .

Imagine life on Earth being more important than corporate profit.

If only we could wake up.


1. Artificial People: End Corporate Personhood. “Corporations are not People”

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