Hollywood, California: In the heart of political correctness, Trump’s effects are changing discourse

Hollywood and its glitterati of actors, writers, and other celebrities has often been known as a bastion for political correctness and progressive politics. However, even in this most anti-Donald Trump of all locales in the United States, the effects of Trump’s insensitive bombast has triggered a wave of sympatico comments from those employed by Hollywood’s entertainment industry.

One studio executive told WMR that the number of “HR [human resources] complaints” from employees about being subjected to racial or sexual verbal abuse have skyrocketed in Los Angeles area movie and television production firms since Trump won the White House. In one of the most liberal environments in the country, production bosses now have to field employee complaints about the increasingly cavalier use of the “N-word,” as well as slurs against Hispanics and women.

The problem does not look like it will go away any time soon. Many of the derogatory comments reportedly originate from technical support personnel who are members of very powerful trade unions that represent electricians, stage handlers, script writers, camera personnel, sound technicians, computer graphics specialists, and others. Union-covered employees accused of impolitic remarks can be assured of varying degrees of union support in the event there are attempts to fire them.

Hollywood has often been criticized by middle America as being an elitist pinnacle of power and wealth. Given the recent HR problems being experienced by Hollywood entertainment firms, “Tinsel Town” may be more like Main Street USA than most people think.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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One Response to Hollywood, California: In the heart of political correctness, Trump’s effects are changing discourse

  1. debra guynn

    Just because it’s called liberal doesn’t make it right or correct and the same goes for being politically correct. What is right is right what is wrong is wrong. If someone is a liberal does that mean anything goes? Hollywood Ca standard of morality is unacceptable. Parents turn off the tv and start parenting don’t leave it to Hollywood. Have a nice day and vote as much as possible.