What really happened on September 11—a whistle-blower comes forward

On July 13 Baxter Dmitry claimed that a former CIA agent, Malcom Howard had confessed when he learned that he had only weeks left to live, that the CIA blew up WTC tower 7, the third building that was destroyed on September 11, 2001.

It is of course highly questionable whether this story has a reliable background or not. Baxter Dmitry, as it turns out, does not seem to be a reliable source of information. However, in this case, it is of no importance. What matters is that the entire hoax of 9/11 has now come back into people’s attention. It was front-page news for a few days, even though of course not on the MSM, the mainstream media.

The ominous events of September 11, 2001, were from the very beginning shrouded in a cloud of mystery and secrecy that made it very difficult for any thinking human being to take the official story at its face value. So-called facts that can never be proven because all the victims of the four crashes, that were said to be terrorist attacks engineered by Al Qaeda, are now dead. It will be very hard to prove that the official story was mere lies. Moreover, the official story has quite recently changed from blaming Al Qaeda to blaming the Saudis for being behind the ‘attacks.’ Claims of Saudi Role in 9/11 Appear Headed for Manhattan Court

It did in the meantime become far too obvious to the public that Al Qaeda would never have been able to pull off such a monstrous and gigantic set of events. The truth is more likely that the Saudis and Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Agency, were the ones who carried out the horrendous deeds on that fateful day that was going to change the course of history—most likely on the initiative and the backing of the U.S. government.

It is, however, starkly clear who has benefited from this catastrophe. It opened the way for the neocons to start the wars that have all been in the name of anti-terrorism, in spite of the absence of proof of any terrorism whatsoever. Washington has always been the supporter of terrorism and if they claimed to fight ‘terrorism’ it was always a smokescreen to hide the real fact that they were heading for regime change or utter destruction of a sovereign nation—or just intending to install fear and meekness in their own people. The word ‘terrorism’ became current usage after 9/11 and it has served Washington extremely well.

To an astute observer, it is perfectly clear that no foreign power all by itself could possibly have managed to prepare a scenario of this minute kind without very important assistance from the U.S. government.

Let us see what really happened. Planes took off from Logan Airport, Boston; from Dulles Airport, Washington D.C.; and from Newark International Airport. At some point in the air the planes changed their planned flight route without any air traffic controllers taking notice or warning some central command. That alone is unheard of. As soon as a plane leaves its planned flight course, the air traffic controllers get into action. Unless they have been told under strict orders and heavy threats to do nothing.

Secondly NORAD, North American Aerospace Defense Command, did NOTHING as hijackers all over the eastern coast took over passenger planes and crashed them into WTC towers, the Pentagon and, due to fighting in the cockpit (according to the official story), crashed in Pennsylvania, 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

These two striking facts, that no one did anything to prevent what happened from happening, ought to be quite sufficient proof, under ordinary circumstances, to make people see that this was not a matter of attacks by some Arab terrorists.

Now to the technical aspect of this devastating massacre fraught with a web of lies and crimes against the U.S. people and against the entire world as well.

An important addition to the points I have already made is what Major General Albert Stubblebine III says in the video , (Published on Apr 1, 2017—once again mentioned below) “All of the air defense systems in that part of the country had been turned off that day—ALL of the air defense systems had been turned off. Why? Apparently because the vice president was out in Colorado, and he ordered them turned off.” End of quote.

However, the strongest point in proving that the towers were not brought down by airplanes crashing into them is the fact that it was very visibly, in the case of all three towers, a matter of controlled demolition, which seems to have been proven beyond any doubt by a large number of engineers, architects, demolition experts and specialists in explosives. But, if that is the case, will we ever know how the planting of the explosives in all the three World Trade Center buildings could ever possibly have been carried out? How could it have been engineered without anybody being aware of anything suspicious going on? It could have been done during preceding months or any very long period of time by people who were handsomely paid and obviously threatened if any piece of the truth was made public.

Also, recurrent explosions were clearly heard from as far away as New Jersey, for instance, by a man who caught the entire horror show on video, sound and all. And naturally also heard by numerous eyewitnesses closer by. There was also black smoke to be seen on the various levels as the towers were collapsing, a fact that was also pointed out by Major General Albert Stubblebine III.

There is also, possibly a detail, but very possibly not so, the incident about the ‘five dancing Israelis’ who were seen by a woman from her window in New Jersey while the twin towers were going down in smoke. They were videotaping the towers and they were visibly celebrating. She called the police.

“The New York Times reported Thursday that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards.

“Police received several calls from angry New Jersey residents claiming ‘Middle-Eastern’ men with a white van were videotaping the disaster with shouts of joy and mockery.” The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9–11

Another pretty extraordinary fact is that wealthy Saudis were whisked out of the country in private jets at a time when all air traffic in the U.S. had been shut down. “Just days after 9/11, wealthy Saudi Arabians, including members of the bin Laden family, were whisked out of the U.S. on private jets [at a time when all air traffic, commercial and private, in all of the United States was grounded]. No one will admit to clearing the flights, and the passengers weren’t questioned.” Saving the Saudis

A vast number of experts have proven that there is no other way than through controlled demolition that the towers could cave in the way they did. It is by no means a matter of conspiracy theories when this is said. The towers were constructed to withstand accidents such as airplanes flying into the towers. Fires from airplane fuel could not possibly have melted the steel structures in the towers.

Quote from (Scientific American): “Steel melts at a temperature of 2,777 degrees Fahrenheit, but jet fuel burns at only 1,517 degrees F.”

Scientific American gives these facts but, at the same time, plays the game of the government that must, according to all scientific evidence, have been behind the massacre—the most callous, minutely and hi-tech planned and carried out mass murder in human history. The Scientific American claims that since the steel structure had already been weakened by airplane fuel burning on the upper levels of the buildings, it could have made the entire tower collapse. Well, that kind of circular reasoning could only convince those who are reaching out for a straw to hold on to. The attempt by Scientific American to minimize the importance of scientific facts is deplorable.

Other researchers have proven very convincingly that no planes hitting the WTC towers could possibly have caused any serious damage to more than a couple of levels closest to the point of impact. The damage wrought by the airplanes crashing into the towers could not have brought them down, and certainly not in the way of controlled demolition. And that is what definitely seems to have happened on 9/11—as we have all seen in videos and what people on the ground could clearly see.

It has been claimed that Jews throughout the city were warned to stay home on that fateful day. Well, that may be true, but it may also be a made-up story by Jew haters. Since it seems extremely likely that Mossad—supported by Saudi $—was behind the engineering of the entire callous mass killing project. That would explain why a great number of Israelis were arrested and deported from the country in the aftermath of the disaster.

It is a clear fact that several people were definitely absent from their offices in those towers at the time of the crashes. WTC 7 was evacuated before the demolition occurred—for unclear reasons. It seems perfectly obvious that some select people were forewarned so as not to be in their offices on that day. On the other hand, John P. O’Neill, an FBI special agent who knew too much, was killed when the tower crashed down.

Another very important issue concerns the so-called Boeing 757 that is supposed to have crashed into the Pentagon at 9:38 a.m. It does not seem possible that American Airlines Flight 77, or any other jet plane could possibly have crashed into the Pentagon. French journalist and political activist, Thierry Meyssan, and, yes, what is called a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ one of the most important ones, claims that no Boeing 757 could possibly have crashed into the Pentagon—considering the far too small opening in the wall of the Pentagon. He goes on to speculate that what did hit the Pentagon probably was a satellite-guided missile. That, of course, is speculation, but it fits the kind of damage done to the wall and to the interior; and it is corroborated by the conclusions made by the whistle blower, Major General Albert Stubblebine III.

Also, the site New Video Footage Of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon Appears—9/11 Truth’ tells us the same story. There was never any AA flight 757. There was most likely a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon. Retired U.S. Army Major General Albert Stubblebine III has a lot to say about the breathtaking lies of the official story.

The attempts to contradict the ‘conspiracy theories’ are pitiful. “I held in my hand the tail section of the plane, and I found the black box.” says “blast expert Allyn E. Kilsheimer [who] was the first structural engineer to arrive at the Pentagon after the crash” Debunking the 9/11 Myths: Special Report—The Pentagon

Now, what in the world was this ‘blast expert’ doing holding in his hand pieces of what he claimed was debris from a crash site that was one of the five disaster sites on September 11? The horrors devised and engineered by some foreign countries and, as it definitely seems, in collusion with the U.S. government, were going to change the world and stir up unheard-of arguments for and against the official story. This was, if it ever existed, forensic evidence, and every child knows that the first rule is to leave everything intact at the place of a crime. Also, where is that black box, and what did it have to tell us?

Another point—where is the passenger list for AA flight 77? It seems like a made-up story that can very easily be proven to be bogus. Debunked: 9/11:  Flight 77 “suspicious” Passenger list

President George W. Bush had been transported to Sarasota, Florida, where he was in an elementary school classroom as the second plane crashed into WTC tower 2 at 9:03. George W was holding a children’s book—upside down—as he was supposed to be reading the story about a pet goat to the 7-year-old children, when White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card came into the room and whispered into his ear that the second plane had just hit WTC tower 2. George W. looked lost and frightened. He clearly had not really been informed of what was going on. Vice President Dick Cheney was running the show. After the incident with the pet goat, George W was flown all over the United States, kept safely in the air, seemingly with the purpose of making him unavailable for any comment. Nobody trusted the president, who was of course, during eight years, nothing but a figurehead for the neocons who were running the country.

The ‘New World Order’ was born, and the ‘War on Terror’ could begin. And that was of course the reason for the horror crimes the U.S. government—by all common-sense and scientific evidence—with substantial and essential cooperation by foreign governments, seems to have so meticulously planned and carried out. I don’t see how anyone in possession of all the facts involved in the events on September 11, could possibly believe that the U.S. government was totally innocent. Now, because of the numbing fear that made the people into sheep, the eternal wars could begin—in the Orwellian way initially called ‘Pax Americana’—and the ‘exceptional nation’ could now move on freely in its megalomaniac and decades-long plan to dominate the planet.

This entire fraudulent scheme is so shockingly daring and without the slightest respect for human lives or for truth or reality that it should always be in the center of our judging the neocons and their unlimited chutzpah This tremendous fraud says it all about the way the neocons’ chutzpah has no limits, none.

* * *

World Trade Center Documentary by the Naudet brothers (Jules & Gédéon Naudet) who were in NYC to film a documentary on members of the Engine 7, Ladder 1 firehouse in Lower Manhattan.)

Siv O’Neall was born and raised in Sweden where she graduated from Lund University. She has lived in Paris, France and New Rochelle, N.Y. and traveled extensively throughout the U.S, Europe, and other continents, including several trips to India. Siv retired after many years of teaching French in Westchester, N.Y. and English in the Grandes Ecoles (Institutes of Technology) in France. In addition to her own writing. She has been living in France for 30 years, first in Paris and now Lyon. In addition to her political activism and writing, her life is filled with friends and family, music, animals, reading, traveling and much more.

8 Responses to What really happened on September 11—a whistle-blower comes forward

  1. Tony Vodvarka

    Let us recall Sec. Norman Mineta’s sworn testimony before a congressional committee. He was in the presidential emergency bunker and observed VP Cheney being periodically informed by a messenger on the progress of an aircraft approaching DC, the plane is fifty miles out, the plane is twenty miles out, etc. Finally, the messenger said, the plane is ten miles out, do the orders still stand? Cheney jerked his head around angrily and said, “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?” Mineta was giving the game away but Cheney simply denied having been in the bunker at that time and was never confronted with this testimony by the 9/11 commission. The wing of the Pentagon that was struck had no personnel because of construction except for a group of accountants who were beginning to investigate the missing three trillion Defense Department dollars announce by Rumsfeld the day before. Most of them were killed and the records they were going over were destroyed. There was no wreckage, bodies or luggage that would suggest a large passenger jet. The round hole in the inner third ring of the Pentagon suggests a shaped charge delivered by a drone such as a global hawk.

  2. All of this is true, and is now widely known to be true. What is hard to understand is that, apparently, most people in the U.S. for more than ten years after 9/11 still accepted the official story, or at least did not bother to question it, or did not care to, for fear of having their belief in the essential goodness of their government shattered. All that is said in this very well-written article could have been known by 2005 at latest by anyone who cared to do some casual research. In the years immediately following the 9/11 hoax there were very many websites which provided convincing evidence that the official story could not be true. Here are two pages which provide links to many articles showing that the official story was not credible, most of them already existing prior to 2011:
    Related documents
    Relevant pages
    Future historians (if there are any) will have plenty of evidence to show that 9/11 was an act of terror perpetrated against the citizens of the U.S., not by “Arab terrorists”, but rather by the secret government at the heart of the U.S. in cooperation with the two foreign countries which provided the agents and the financing.

  3. ignasi orobitg gene

    The lie of the century has already passed.
    The Earth is flat again from 9/11

    • Tony Vodvarka

      The “smoking gun” of 9/11 is the symmetrical eight second free-fall collapse of WTC #7. No structural steel building acts like that without the aid of very advanced professional demolition, and that blows the entire conspiracy. This self-incriminating act seems inexplicable but it seems plausible that the WTC #7 charges had to be ignited when the aircraft that was perhaps going to attack it was shot down over Pennsylvania. They had to go forward with the demolition to achieve their objective and erase the evidence. This is all speculation of course, but the fact of demolition by explosives is not.

  4. This is an important story that has been hidden to the public for too long.

  5. The crimes of 9-11 were hatched at Langley and Tel Aviv. This is also true of numerous other major false flag events here and abroad.

    The international criminal elite have recently escalated their NWO plans, part of which include the economic dissolution of US Empire. They’ve cast the US in the role of this century’s Nazi Germany with a similar fate in mind. We’re soon going to see more major armed conflict worldwide and great civil unrest in the US.

    I’m afraid humanity’s in for a very rough and dangerous ride.

  6. 9/11 was an inside job, anyone who would take the time to look with an open mind would see that. The conversation is no longer that it was a false flag but what to do now with that knowledge. How to incorporate that monstrosity into your daily life without it eating away your soul and making you insane. One way is to tell others, to write about it, or make a play or film about it. Ask yourself and others the question: Does it matter if the official story of 9/11 is false? The answer that comes back is usually: Of course.

  7. A play should be made that presents an accumulation of the high quality research found online and elsewhere of what happened – not a dvd or youtube video but an actual play at a theatre. Fund a play with actors going through what happened as the research presents rather than what’s in the official propaganda.