Be free of your rights, even liberated from life

United Nations Agenda 21—Blueprint to Advance Sustainable Development . . . doesn’t that sound nice? Who could be against sustainable development? Who doesn’t care deeply about mother Earth? Let’s save the world.

There’s a catch. Many catches, actually, at least 22 of them, but one is worst of all: The redundant theme in official documentation that human population must be reduced by 90 percent.

Development of this New World Order (NWO) plan for Dark Ages Redux has slithered along in plain sight (for those who look) since 1987. But in the Obama Show, it’s coiled and hissing.

Indispensable allies of the NWO are distraction, numbing, and dumbing-down of the mass American mind (MAM). For many people the Georgia Guidestones fundamentally convey the Ten Commandments of the NWO. Superficially fuzzy and warm, and smarmy to the core, the “commandments” do a reasonable job of cloaking the venom contained within. [1] And there’s the massive concrete tombs in Arizona and California. [2]

Agenda 21 is swaddled in euphemisms so warm and fuzzy that few Americans seem concerned about its fangs. In the simplest terms, Agenda 21 means total centralized global control over human life. No rights of property ownership . . . no rights at all. And exactly how 90 percent of the population will be liberated from life is rather hazy; the only clear aspect is that it must happen. Caskets stockpiled in growing millions by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are nothing to be ignored . . . though somehow, they almost are being ignored. With the Agenda 21 “blueprint” unfolding so matter-of-factly in broad daylight, that seems unbelievable . . . unless you consider crucial things about what the MAM tends to prefer to see. . . .

In the most general terms at least, it could be said that Large minds think about ideas; Medium minds think about events; Small minds think about people. Or a slightly different angle might suggest that Large minds think about solutions to problems while Medium minds mire in problems themselves, and Small minds watch TV.

Stereotyping can fill with errors, but accurate distinctions are typically there. When it comes to minds, thoughts in the Large variety often orbit the future; in the Medium it’s largely the present; in the Small . . . channel surfing, celebrities, sports, cell phones and other gadgets.

On the basis of these generalities, things are not looking at all sizeable in terms of the MAM. Current mainstream obsession with things congressmen do with their weiners is bad enough. Perhaps even worse is the apparent newsworthiness of the Wasilla loose moose, Alaskan reload mama and her Rolling Blunder East Coast bus tour . . . you know, where Paul Revere is Yosemite Sam in disguise . . . ring-a-ding-ding(bat)—KaPow! KaPow! KaPow! Back off, Redcoats! Hardly good indicators. Damn embarrassing, actually.

The gravity of Agenda 21 makes it hard to write about without sounding alarmist, or eliciting groans and shouts of “conspiracy theory.” But NWO alpha psychopaths are obsessed with power; ultimate power concentration, centralized control over all aspects of human life, mass murder . . . such is the grit behind the silky euphemisms like “Sustainable Development,” and the decoys, “Save the Earth” and “Green”! Agenda 21 warrants about a million times more public scrutiny than it seems to be getting; I hope to encourage more people to become aware of Agenda 21. Of course it’s much easier to hide behind, “Oh, they’d never do that!” or shout “conspiracy theory!” or to simply play dumb . . . or be, dumb. But I think many Americans might be surprised, even shocked to know how far this thing has progressed, and might be glad to read about it in the UN’s own doublespeak. [3]) [4].

Again, specifics regarding how billions of people are going to be liberated from life never surface, but it doesn’t take much looking around to see what profound help the NWO has in achieving its goals. Consider Fukushima.

If you think the official reports even approach the actual severity of the ongoing catastrophe, well, that’s what mainstream corporate media (CorpoMedia) is for, spreading official bullshit. Perhaps the most important thing CorpoMedia teaches us is, as W.C. Fields liked to say, “There comes a time in the affairs of man when we must take the bull by the tail, and face the situation.”

Fukushima is certainly, in the words of Dahr Jamail, the “Biggest industrial catastrophe in history.” It’s estimated that, with the three meltdowns plus exposed “spent” fuel cores, the potential radiation release into the environment could be 20 times that of Chernobyl (Tokyo Electric Power Company officials have finally admitted to more radioactive release than Chernobyl so imagine what has actually been released already). Almost 1,000 square kilometers near Fukushima have been rendered uninhabitable, effectively forever. Some scientists warn that the whole country may become uninhabitable. Mutant rabbits and radioactive whales are already being reported.

It’s been estimated that, following the explosions at Fukushima, the average person in Seattle was inhaling 10 “hot particles” per day. It really only takes one hot particle shooting bullets at the chromosomes of nearby cells to sooner or later cause cancer.

At the same time there’s been a 35 percent spike in infant mortality in such cities as Portland, Boise, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Seattle. As far as being an ally of Agenda 21 population reductions . . . Fukushima is a gift that will just keep on giving, forever. And Fukushima has numerous partners in death.

Professionals who actually study global climate warn us that the dire climate disruption and warming predictions so far are rapidly looking much too optimistic. Meanwhile, from billionaire Koch brothers (primary tea party sugarbozos) to gigantic business lobbies like the American Petroleum Institute and the Chamber of Commerce—they have declared war through a mega media campaign to convince the MAM that anthropocentric climate change is a liberal hoax. For the high-rolling deniers, their war is working like millions of bucks. Unfortunately for the biosphere, the liberal hoax has already set in motion a positive feedback process releasing vast quantities of methane. Please consider the following three paragraphs from an article from December of 2008 titled, Alas, Babble On:

Researchers are finding areas of sea above the Russian continental shelf literally bubbling and foaming with methane. Concentrations in areas covering thousands of square miles are being measured at levels 100 times above normal. Geologic records show that a series of this kind of methane burping around the end of the Permian period killed nearly everything on Earth.

That was 251 million years ago. 70 percent of land species and 95 percent of marine species vanished. Another methane burping episode about 55 million years ago again caused extensive species loss while disrupting the climate for well over 100 centuries. Has it begun again? [5]

Those ancient methane catastrophes were apparently triggered by warming caused by atmospheric carbon dioxide (C02) elevations from surges in volcanic activity. And now, humans seem to be causing C02 emissions of comparable magnitude primarily with massive burning of fossil fuels. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that we are loading the atmosphere with C02 at a rate 150 times that of current volcanism. It would take roughly 17,000 additional volcanoes similar to Kilauea in Hawaii to emit as much C02 as we do with fossil fuels. . . .

Today, those paying the most denial dollars are also among the most zealous of Agenda 21 supporters.

So many major threats to life on Earth now simmer that a comprehensive listing is challenging. Seems any decent list should also mention that Hydra, Monsanto, and threats to global food supply posed by their genetically modified organisms (GMOs). That’s right, Frankenfoods. Most of us eat them every day and don’t even know . . . yet.

Also on the list . . . the next stage of global economic collapse, originally set in motion by such “high-finance” parasites as Goldman Sachs, that “ . . . great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money” (thank you for the realism, Matt Taibbi, and Rolling Stone). And there’s the endless, expanding and accelerating imperial wars for dwindling resources—contained therein the hideously biocidal use of “depleted” uranium munitions (DU). Check out the explosion of birth defects especially around Fallujah since we gave freedom to the Iraqis. [6] Remember “OIL” (Operation Iraqi Liberation)?

Deadly piles of nuclear waste around the country are a mountainous safe disposal problem—but lucky US! “Depleted” uranium not only makes superior armor-penetrating projectiles, but we’ve dented the disposal problem by shooting DU weapons all over areas inhabited by people we aim to liberate, and relieve of their resources. Two birds with one stone.

Clash of religions, staged “revolutions,” vaccines and designer diseases, dumbing-down of populations . . . Agenda 21 is amassing many allies; might we call these death apparatuses “the coalition of the willing”? Or is that term under patent?

A potential new member of the coalition is the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant about 20 minutes from downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Record flooding of the Missouri River caused “catastrophic loss of cooling” to one of the plant’s spent fuel pools on June 7. Apparently a “Level 4” emergency ensued—which would make it one of the worst nuclear accidents in US history. A fire at the plant prompted the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) to declare a “no-fly ban” over the area. Sadly, current information regarding the “event” is sketchy since the Obama Show appears to have ordered a “total and complete” news blackout on the situation. Hardly a peep from CorpoMedia on this one, so far.

Tying the concept of environmentalism to this whole NWO agenda from hell seems preposterous enough, since realistically, Agenda 21 is about as far from true environmentalism as anything could possibly be. So, enriching the very concept of preposterous in classic NWO style would take something as shocking as . . . let’s say, the primary devotees of Agenda 21 being the same psychopaths that annihilate the biosphere for profit more savagely every day—nothing less diabolical would do. Well, they did it, gave the very term preposterous fabulous new scope—YES, the psychopaths routinely profiting their way toward ruining the biosphere are top trumpeters of Agenda 21! Yet, astonishing as it may seem, “Oh, they’d never do that” peals, if not loudly, plenty clearly from the MAM. Rather reminiscent of 9/11. . . .

Indeed, the same power-mad alpha reptiles most responsible for our DEAD END fossil fuel economy are the teeth, scales and claws behind “Save the Planet!” Agenda 21. Their maniacal consumption of resources, especially energy, cannot be maintained with so many people on their (the “elite’s”) planet competing for their resources. Only a liberation from life of 90 percent of the human population can safely preserve elite comfort zones. You know, those sprawling “gated communities” (secured compounds) sprinkled with golf courses and castles that seem the main nests for vulgar amounts of private jet and helicopter traffic. Appetite for actually healthy food, pure water, and elite-only consumables often demands more than cumbersome things like trucking. And, of course, the overclass is bursting with places to go, things to see and exploit.

Takes obscene amounts of starvation, polluted water, disease and liberation from life to support just one billionaire. Disgusting lengths of people misery . . . but on the other hand, how could mere people ever relate to the suffering and despair upper millionaires endure over being less than a billionaire?

Something has to give. Sure looks like it won’t be elite comfort zones. But frankly, the elite are behaving . . . scheming, manipulating, destroying the competition—they’re doing exactly what they always have and always will. No surprise here whatsoever. Psychopaths have no conscience, no “humanity,” only will to power. What is a surprise, though maybe it shouldn’t be, is that us people outnumber them nearly a million to one, but we won’t wake up and smell the tyranny. The ultimate power is ours, yet they are ready to liberate from life nine out of 10 of us primarily to perpetuate their pathetic and regressive comfort zones (humans should evolve, not devolve) . . . and through it all the MAM is sleeping.

The difference between what humans are capable of with visionary leadership, and the feudal, regressive, power-blinded ends hammered home by our entrenched pathocracy seem symbolic of heaven, and hell.

To wake up, how many more alarms do we need?


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Rand Clifford’s novels “Castling, Timing, Priest Lake Cathedral,” and “Voices of Vires” are published by StarChief Press, and will be available soon as e-books.

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