In ‘blow to American consumers,’ Trump-appointed judge sides with Trump on CFPB

"Who knows what deep damage Mulvaney will do until the D.C. Circuit can right this wrong."

A Trump-appointed federal judge delivered a “blow to American consumers” on Tuesday by denying Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) deputy director Leandra English’s request for a temporary restraining order, which would have prevented Trump budget chief Mick Mulvaney from becoming the CFPB’s acting director.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly’s ruling effectively gives Mulvaney the authority to lead the CFPB, despite arguments from the agency’s architects insisting that the law is “clearly” not on his side. English is reportedly weighing several options in response to Kelly’s ruling, including an immediate appeal.

As Common Dreams reported, English filed suit on Sunday claiming that President Donald Trump’s appointment of Mulvaney was “unlawful” and arguing that she is the “rightful acting director.”

“Dodd-Frank is quite specific: It provides its own succession planning,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) argued shortly following Mulvaney’s appointment. “There is no vacancy for President Trump to fill.”

The judge’s ruling sparked immediate outrage on social media, as consumer advocates and analysts highlighted Mulvaney’s expressed desire to do away with the agency he will (for now, at least) be tasked with running.

BREAKING NEWS: In a blow to American consumers, judge sides with Trump on CFPB, allowing a man who once called the agency a “sick, sad joke” to run the Bureau.
—Public Citizen (@Public_Citizen) November 28, 2017

No surprise—a Trump judge, chosen by the luck of the draw, has ignored the clear language of Dodd-Frank and kept Mick Mulvaney wrongly in charge of CFPB. Who knows what deep damage Mulvaney will do until the DC Circuit can right this wrong
—Norman Ornstein (@NormOrnstein) November 28, 2017

So thanks to Trump & Trump-appointed judge: a CFPB designed to be independent of politics—with a specific mechanism for non-political temporary succession—will be led by an OMB Director answering to this President’s political whims. So, so wrong.
—Gene Sperling (@genebsperling) November 28, 2017

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Jake Johnson is a staff writer for Common Dreams where this was originally published. Follow him on Twitter: @johnsonjakep.

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