The world’s most dangerous document hits the front pages . .

The mainstream media are totally irresponsible in their priorities. At the moment of writing, five hours after the world’s most dangerous document was presented, no major Western media has featured it prominently. This means it won’t be. No chance it would go viral. The increasing risk of nuclear war isn’t important.

While people talk about fake, a much larger issue is omission:

What is hidden to you? What world order issues are deliberately down-graded?

What threats to humanity end up at the bottom of page 38 after 10 pages of sports, entertainment and celebrity stories.

Another technique is cover-up, talking about something else such as the ever convenient North Korean “threat” or Russia’s latest evil plot.

It’s not only ignorance. There are media and other power elites who know exactly what to hand out to you and how. And what to fake, omit and cover up instead of covering.

Time to wake up: The dominant Western media are rapidly becoming the largest single obstacles to understanding our world. One proof is this story.

* * *

The Transnational has already posted a few articles about this scary, absurd and anti-ethical document, the Nuclear Posture Review, NPR:

• Huffington Post’s first article based on a leak from January 14, 2018.

• Pentagon advocates nukes against a cyber attack, in the New York Times, January 16, 2018.

• Paul Rogers, Sliding towards nuclear war?

• And in a larger perspective, a world expert on it all—Daniel Ellsberg and his new book, The Doomsday Machine. Confessions of a Nuclear Planner.

* * *

And then tonight happened the Pentagon “rollout” of this formal document on which the U.S. is going to base its nuclear policies in the future.

Watch the whole event here on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist.

Watch and listen carefully to how the Pentagon experts explain and rationalize it all, from within their box: So natural as if talking about pleasant everyday affairs.

And take note of the lame, cliquish questions asked by what must be highly selective media people who, it seems, have never read a book about nuclear policies. Dont challenge a single underlying assumption or point to dangers.

The central words are ‘the safety of the American people,’ the capabilities and it’s all held within the weapons technological framework and blurred security environment and deterrence. Not a single, intellectually defensible argument given.

No questioning of the framework—legal, political, ethical, psychological, civilisational . . .

* * *

This is not only what the leading US psychiatrist of war, Nazi doctors and sect psychology, Robert Jay Liftoncalls ‘psychic numbing.’

Or what Yale psychologist Irving Janis in his classical study called ‘groupthink.’

No, seldom has the Theatre of the Absurd of the MIMAC—the Military-industrial MEDIA-Academic Complex—been performed so well.

In a calm and rational manner, we learn how natural it is to perceive, to talk about—and never question—what is in reality directly and fundamentally related to the unthinkable omnicide—destruction of humanity and the world as we know it.

All in the name, of course, of maintaining the US-based, military-dominated post-1945 world order against America’s beloved enemies. What would it do without them? How would it develop new nukes at trillions of dollars if it did not invent enemies all around. Imagine it had a policy of co-operation with the world instead of dominating it?

It’s well known that one of the defining characteristics of terrorism is the targeting, wounding or killing of innocent people, of people who are in no way fighters or otherwise related to the conflict—like children on a school bus, patients at a hospital.

The Nuclear Poster Review is a plädoyer for mega-terrorism, dwarfing ISIS and everybody else.

It’s about the use of nuclear weapons—NUTs meaning Nuclear Use Theory—not for the deterrence business as usual, or MAD—Mutually Assured Destruction.

It is a document that argues in favour of nuclear weapons being use-able, for the theory that the US can start, fight and survive a nuclear exchange. In other words, for making the unthinkable not only thinkable but acceptable.

You can’t use nuclear weapons without killing and wounding millions and making life uninhabitable for billions. Every thought about nuclear use is based on a terror philosophy—and practised today only by the United States of America.

The NPR 2018 lowers the psychological threshold and increases the likelihood vastly that nuclear weapons will be used in the future.

This kind of thinking brings huge dangers to the world. There are lots of vested interests that don’t want you to know.

This document should be condemned—as it would have been throughout the homogenised Western mainstream media had it been Russia or China or some other nuclear weapons state that had presented a similarly perversely dangerous and exceptionalist nuclear-use policy.

There is a simple solution to this nuclear madness: Nuclear abolition. That’s what the world’s huge majority wants and has voted for at the UN.

And if you don’t believe that, let’s try a little experiment in democracy—after all that’s what the US is, isn’t it? Get all the nuclear weapons states to hold free and fair referendums asking their citizens whether they want their own countries defended by nuclear weapons.

For the first time in human history. Then we take the struggle for nuclear abolition from there . . .

This article appeared in Strategic Culture Foundation on-line journal.

Jan Oberg and his wife, Dr. Christina Spännar, are founders of The Transnational Foundation, TFF. Born in 1951, he is a Danish citizens living in Lund, Sweden, since 1971 and he is an internationally respected peace researcher, mediator and peace commentator as well as an art photographer.

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