Trump’s ‘enforcers’ reminiscent of mob actions

The actions of Donald Trump’s “enforcers,” particularly his personal and corporate attorneys, are more in keeping with those of a mafia chieftain than an American president. Those familiar with the Watergate scandal, which all-too-many media pundits are presently comparing to the investigation of Trump, concur that Richard Nixon, who was battling seen and unseen forces to his political right, never went to the lengths of Trump in attacking his accusers.

Trump has used a network of shell companies and dummy corporations to not only hide and launder his sources of revenue for the Trump Organization, but has used such business contrivances and artifices to make payments to women to ensure their silence over sexual trysts. To handle both cash pay-outs and threats to accusers, Trump relies on his team of “hit men.” Trump’s personal lawyer and “fixer,” Michael Cohen, a denizen of Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach-centered Russian-Jewish mob and owner of 15 New York taxi companies, is currently embroiled in a controversy surrounding an affair between Trump, aka “David Dennison,” and porn actress Stephanie Clifford, aka “Stormy Daniels” and “Peggy Peterson.”

The issue surrounds a $130,000 payment by Trump to Daniels, via Cohen’s dummy corporation Essential Consultants LLC of Delaware. The company was created by Cohen in October 2016 just prior to the November election to handle the transfer of money, via First Republic Bank, from Trump to Daniels pursuant to a non-disclosure agreement signed by the aliases for Daniels (Peggy Peterson) and Trump (David Dennison). However, Daniels is suing Trump for what she claims was his failure to sign the agreement.

David Dennison is not the only alias Trump has used. He has also been known as “John Miller,” “John Barron,” and “John Baron.”

Another porn star named Angel Ryan, stage name “Jessica Drake,” is now accusing Trump of unwanted sexual advances in Lake Tahoe in 2006. Ryan is named in the non-disclosure agreement written by Cohen, along with two men, Mike Mosney and Keith Munyan, and another woman, Gina Rodriguez. Mosney is reportedly Mike Moz, Daniels’s former boyfriend. Munyan is a celebrity photographer who produced the 2007 Stormy Daniels pinup calendar, which is during the time of the Trump-Daniels affair.

Daniels and Ryan both worked for the same porn company, Wicked Entertainment, which does business as Wicked Pictures and is based in Canoga Park, California. Another Wicked Pictures porn actress, Jenna Jameson, endorsed Trump for president in 2015, although she supported Hillary Clinton in 2008. Jameson also has an alleged history of opioid and alcohol abuse. Jameson converted to Orthodox Judaism from Catholicism in 2016 in order to marry her Israeli boyfriend. Her conversion was documented on an Israeli reality television show.

In October 2010, Wicked temporarily stopped film production when one of its performers tested positive for AIDS. Two months later, Wicked agreed to have Manwin, now MindGeek, headquartered in Luxembourg, to operate its web sites. MindGeek has offices in Cyprus, a major financial hub for the Russian and Israeli mafiosi. Manwin received a $168 million financial package from Fortress Investment Group of New York, which is currently in talks to acquire the assets of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s Weinstein Company.

After Weinstein was accused by several women of sexual assault, he hired a Tel Aviv-based company, Black Cube, to collect damaging information on his accusers, including actress Rose McGowan. Black Cube consists of a number of former Mossad and Shin Bet agents.

In 2006, the same year that Trump had the sexual encounter with Daniels, Wicked received the first AVN adult film award for a high-definition production, Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre.

The Trump-Daniels non-disclosure agreement covers any of Trump’s “alleged sexual actions or alleged sexual conduct,” in addition to “related matters or paternity information.” It also includes “personal information, private social life, lifestyle, [and] private conduct. Paternity information would include any pregnancy of Daniels resulting from her affair with Trump. Personal, private social life, and lifestyle is a catch-all that would include whether Trump contracted any sexually-transmitted disease from any affair with Wicked Pictures’ actresses, especially considering the fact that one of its performers was found to have contracted AIDS three years after Trump’s reported tryst with Daniels. The non-disclosure agreement with Daniels regarding paternity information indicates that Trump engaged in unprotected sex with Daniels and, quite possibly, others. Taking into account Trump’s sexual history, if he only engages in unprotected sex, the current president may have been the source for the AIDS scare at Wicked Pictures, which maintained a condom-only policy for its own actors and actresses since 2004. Pursuant to the agreement, all photographs, videotapes, DVDs, and audiotapes that included Trump and were in the possession of Daniels were to be turned over to Cohen.

WMR is aware of several women, including those who were sexually assaulted by Trump when they were underage, who have been threatened by Trump’s “fixers” and “enforcers,” many of whom are attorneys. The underage females include teen beauty pageant contestants; aspiring teen models; employees and guests of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida; and at least one girl who was abducted and sexually trafficked. Others include adult beauty pageant contestants, journalists, airline passengers, nightclub customers, contestants on The Apprentice reality television show, and various businesswomen, ranging from executives with Trump Organization business partners to a yoga instructor.

Trump’s “fixers” and “enforcers” have also threatened, with lawsuits, several media organizations that were pursuing Trump’s sexual assault victims, particularly those who were underage at the time of the incidents. Cohen is prone to threatening journalists. In 2015, Cohen responded to one reporter’s question about Trump’s first marriage with, “I’m warning you, tread very fucking lightly, because what I’m going to do to you is going to be fucking disgusting. You understand me?”

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