Major Israeli intelligence penetration of Trump campaign and administration discovered

The discovery of an illegal $2.5 million money transfer from the United Arab Emirates via a murky Canadian company and Elliott Broidy, a Jewish Republican fundraiser convicted in 2009 for pension fraud, points to high-level Israeli intelligence penetration of the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign. The UAE financial transfer to Trump campaign coffers also involved the mysterious George Nader, a Lebanese-American lobbyist for the government of the UAE and its crown prince and de facto leader, Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahayan. The revelation of a joint UAE-Israeli intelligence operation to funnel illegal contributions to the Trump campaign also highlights the close relationship between Israeli intelligence and the intelligence service of the UAE, as well as that of the UAE’s close ally, Saudi Arabia.

The current status of Nader, who agreed to become a witness for Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is not known. There are reports that he fled to the UAE a few weeks ago. Nader was convicted in a Czech Republic court in 2003 of 10 counts of sexually abusing minors. In 1985, U.S. authorities charged Nader with importing sexually explicit materials, including magazines and pictures that depicted “nude boys” and other materials showing boys “engaged in a variety of sexual acts.” Nevertheless, Nader was the key conduit between the UAE and Broidy, a key leader of the strongly pro-Israel Republican Jewish Coalition and a backer of the neoconservative Hudson Institute and Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD).

One of the founders of the FDD is former Senator and 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, who also happens to be a law partner of the Kasowitz, Benson, Torres and Friedman law firm, led by one of Trump’s attorneys, Marc Kasowitz. There have been a few reports that Trump will bring Kasowitz back on to his legal team after the firing of Trump’s personal attorney, John Dowd.

Trump may also be seeking Kasowitz’s representation as the Mueller investigation is now targeting illegal foreign—UAE, Saudi, and Israeli—contributions to the Trump campaign. Kasowitz is known as a hard-nosed accusatory attorney, who will not shrink from employing the “anti-Semitism” card as Mueller’s team focuses in on Broidy and the Vancouver, British Columbia-based firm Xiemen Investments Ltd., that laundered $2.5 million from the UAE to Broidy and, ultimately, the Trump campaign. It is noteworthy that an attempt to query the British Columbia corporate registration database about Xiemen Investments Ltd. was met with the following message: “This service will be unavailable due to scheduled system maintenance between 8:00 A.M. until 11:00 A.M (P.S.T) on Sunday, March 25th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.” This message appeared just as the Associated Press released its first report on Mueller’s investigation of Broidy, Xiemen, and the Trump campaign.

The UAE contributions to Trump also reportedly played a major role in Trump taking the side of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in their diplomatic and economic conflict with Qatar. It is known that Israel, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia conspired to have House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and key Trump administration officials brand Qatar as a terrorist-supporting state because of the presence in the Qatari capital of Doha of a large Iranian embassy, as well as diplomatic offices of Hamas, Lebanese Hezbollah, and the Afghan Taliban. In July 2017, After Royce introduced legislation branding Qatar a supporter of terrorism, Broidy funneled $5,400 to Royce’s re-election campaign. Royce has since announced he would not seek re-election, an indication that the FBI told him they were pursuing an investigation that could lead to an indictment for campaign finance fraud.

Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, his brother Joshua Kushner, and their father, Charles Kushner—convicted in 2005 on 18 federal counts of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering—attempted in April 2017 to shake down the Finance Minister of Qatar, Ali Sharif Al Emadi during a meeting in New York. The Kushners insisted that El Emadi invest a half billion dollars in the “financially stressed,” i.e., bankrupt, Kushner building at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Joshua Kushner was also looking for Qatari investment in his and Jared’s high-tech venture capital firm, Thrive Capital.

Broidy, who is married to a former senior executive of 21st Century Fox, which was, before its sale to Disney, a sister company of Fox News, was involved in a major pension fraud case in New York in 2009. Broidy pleaded guilty to a single federal count of attempting to provide “excessive gratuities” to former New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi. These included luxury trips to Israel. In 2011, Hevesi, a Democrat, was convicted on corruption charges and served 20 months in federal prison.

Broidy also served as the Republican National Committee’s Deputy Finance Committee chairman. He worked under casino mogul Steve Wynn, born Stephen Weinberg, who resigned earlier this year after being hit with a number of sexual assault charges. In 2012, Wynn blamed the failure to secure funding for a major Israeli-owned casino-hotel complex in Las Vegas, led by Israeli business tycoons Yitzhak Tshuva and Nochi Dankner, on President Barack Obama’s “anti-business policies.” Tshuva and Danker bought the Vegas land for their proposed complex from Phil Ruffin, a Vegas real estate partner of Donald Trump.

Broidy also arranged for the New York State Retirement Fund to invest $250 million in Markstone Capital Partners, an Israeli investment firm co-founded with Israeli national Ron Lubash, former chief executive officer of Lehman Brothers (Israel) Ltd. As part of his plea deal with the federal government, Broidy was only required to pay restitution of $18 million in management fees paid by the retirement fund to Markstone. Broidy was also involved in a shakedown of the government of Malaysia. Broidy reportedly assured Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak that he could get the U.S. Justice Department to drop a probe of the Malaysian state investment fund 1MDB, which had siphoned off a $1 billion bribe of Saudi investment money to Razak, and helped pave the way for a 2017 visit by Razak to Washington and a meeting with Trump at the White House. Broidy stood to make $75 million from the deal with Malaysia and Razak.

Broidy also arranged for the attendance of two Romanian Social Democratic Party politicians, both embroiled in scandal, to Trump’s January 2017 inaugural in Washington. Liviu Dragnea, head of the Social Democratic Party and speaker of the lower house of the Romanian Parliament, and then-Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, were introduced by Broidy to Trump at a pre-inaugural banquet. In 2012, Dragnea was convicted in Romania for rigging votes in a national referendum to impeach the then-president. When he met Trump in 2017, Dragnea was due to go on trial for skimming $23 million from European Union contracts for the benefit of an organized criminal syndicate. Grindeanu was removed from office after his meeting with Trump. Grindeanu wanted to decriminalize the theft of state funds under $50,000. The Romanian criminal syndicate, which is linked to Israel, ensured that Dragnea backed moving the Romanian embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the same extortion applied by Israeli mafia elements on Trump and the presidents of the Czech Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, and Paraguay.

In 2015, Broidy acquired a Fredericksburg, Virginia-based intelligence contractor, Circinus LLC. Circinus’s active contract with the Army’s Intelligence and National Security Command (INSCOM) that provided Broidy’s Israeli intelligence colleagues an entree into the U.S. intelligence infrastructure that was unmatched until Jared Kushner began demanding Top Secret/Special Compartmented Information (SCI) files on National Security Agency intercepts of key Saudi and Emirati government officials and businessmen. This intercept information was then provided to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed for the arrest of several Saudi princes and Saudi and Emirati officials known to be in favor of withdrawing Gulf forces from Yemen, establishing closer relations with Iran, and freezing relations with Israel. INSCOM provides signals intelligence (SIGINT) feeds from Army ground and mobile stations to NSA intercept databases.

Broidy has ensured that Circinus gained a higher profile in Washington. In July 2017, Circinus began to be represented by the lobbying firm Fidelis Government Relations. Circinus has seen an increase in U.S. intelligence contracts, as well as a $200 million sweetheart contract with Romania’s state defense manufacturer, Romarm. One of Fidelis’s two principals is Bill Smith, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence. This connection represents the discovery of a first major link between Pence and the Israeli-Saudi-Emirati illegal campaign operations surrounding Trump and the Kushners.

Broidy founded, along with film producers, Steven J. Brown and James David Williams, the non-profit Bipartisan Coalition for American Security, which, not surprisingly includes Joe Lieberman and former Senator Scott Brown (R-MA). Scott Brown currently serves as Trump’s ambassador to New Zealand, a post that has already seen Scott Brown enmeshed in a sexual harassment scandal in Samoa, where he is also accredited as ambassador. Williams ran two film distributors, Panda Fund and Panda Media Partners II, while Brown co-owned, along with Richard Gates—the indicted Trump campaign official and business partner of indicted former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort—GB Consulting LLC, incorporated in Delaware in 2013. Gates and Brown are also partners in the firm MAP Global Holdings LLC, which was, in turn, partnered with Brown’s PR News Strategies LLC. Gates and Brown were also investors in Energy Today, Inc. of Manchester, New Hampshire, formerly Yellow7, Inc., which has oil interests in western Ukraine.

The exposure of the Broidy connection to the UAE and previously-reported links of Blackwater mercenary firm founder Erik Prince to UAE influence operations within the Trump campaign have laid bare the close military and intelligence alliance that currently exists between Israel, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. With pro-Israeli neoconservative John Bolton taking over the National Security Council, Israeli intelligence penetration of the White House will be complete.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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