The can-do people of America have forfeited thinking to the Corporatocracy who have colonised them

The capitalist iceberg that we know as the Deep State has been operating under the radar and under the waves for many centuries with the privatisation of the polity as its endgame.

As early as the 18th century, dark European money began finding ways to exploit and colonise the pristine kingdoms of the unindustrialised world. Wherever Europeans moored their sea craft, they immediately set about establishing clone states that would ultimately service the banking interests of the institutions that backed their enterprises.

Believing themselves superior, the colonizers adopted ideologies and weapons of the impressionistic kind to intimidate the inhabitants of many places . . . especially in the Americas . . . as it was separated from Europe by only an ocean. With the expansion of capitalism’s dynamic appetite for ever more paddocks to develop, it soon adopted hegemonic delusions of grandeur in imagining that it could endlessly feed the impressionistic masses with life enhancing goodies forever and ever. This business-as-usual culture, dreaming of finding trading opportunities and markets in an organic world where the sun never set was deemed a laudable enterprise. But subtexts suggests it was simply all about rebranding the world for profit.

Starting with the T-model Ford, the electric-toaster and shaver, the American dream got off to a flying start as American businesses were quick to focus on manufacturing innovative creature comforts for the masses and exporting their hefty surpluses abroad. But very soon the rest of the world caught on and began competing for some of the action. But the people who ran the show were running a financial system that regulated everything from control of the Federal Reserve to control of the media, Hollywood, and above all a propaganda system that controlled a narrative put in place to foment pseudo-patriotism based on simple impressions that defined citizenship and American culture as a force equal to none . . . exceptionalism!

The mindset that subsequently evolved suggested that the American way was the only way to do business and anything that challenged this idea would be treated with mistrust, if not vilified. But if you were a whistle-blower expressing truths that challenged the impressionist mask the financial elite hid behind, you had better look out for your hide. As few could understand what was being expressed by the elites, dissent soon became verboten. The downside of corporate capitalism had yet to fully reveal its’ ugly face to the masses.

As the whistle-blower is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed to be illegal, it soon became ever more difficult for anyone critiquing the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire that was taking shape throughout the 20th century to ask too many questions. The average punter had no compunction about selling out to the elites if it meant finding employment. Those who managed the nation’s taxes expected conformity in matters of loyalty to the capitalist system. Participating in the repression of the callow masses who were vulnerable to exploitation via propaganda was considered OK if you were doing it for flag. It was the dollar that would grow the secret services and divide the ‘nation,’ so thinking outside the box came to be risky. In time, the nefarious ‘nation’ builders would stack the judiciary and geld mainstream media and pigeonhole whistle-blowers . . . be it in the Embassy of Ecuador in London or at home in America’s monumental carceral quarters.

As whistle-blowers and honourable journalists were no longer allowed to function as guardians of public trust, the impressions of the bloviators, who traded in pseudo-patriotism, would continue to wash over the impressionable citizens and cleanse them of impurities.

Over time, the people who managed the system came to relate to the public as impersonally as they would the T-model Ford . . . it all became business as usual and that was that. When the speculative juices ran amok and brought about the 2008 financial crash, the lords of the universe resorted to letting out the air in the tyres of the conveyer belt of productivity until the government forked out massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to alleviate their errors of misjudgement. This leads one to the question; who are the actual owners who control the means of production?

So, as it’s all about the art of the deal since the Corporatocracy came to filter-out democracy from the system per medium of regulation, the voice of the people disappears ever more. The political duopoly, charged with the task of interpreting what freedom might mean in relation to Mainstreet America, employs ever more bureaucrats to conduct think tanks that project the official account . . . propaganda . . . upon the public with the purpose of filtering the narrative. Hence the ever-greater sidelining of the average Joe and Jane.

Subsequently, digital impressions of the fake kind came into play to ceaselessly circulate throughout the media and punctuate the political void for the many Americans in, but not of, the system. If this be American exceptionalism then, what then might its’ nemesis look like?

The judiciary became stacked, the media bought as AIPAC continued shuffling the cards from within shadowy vaults to maintain its power in a process that controls the lives of impressionistic citizens trapped in a system it has helped to craft. And what do we discover when we turn on our TV sets? We see Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, like peas in a unilateral pod, exposing us to a bloviated narrative replete with gob-smacking lies that are meant to impress us.

Impressionism in propaganda . . . as in art . . . requires a subject on subject interface. The effectiveness of the exercise is best achieved when the message persuades the viewer to respond unequivocally to a message that purports to act in the interests of public safety. Propaganda is a kind of iceberg that reveals just enough of its covert narrative to suggest that beneath the surface of our consciousness lie untold dangers seeking an opportunity to destroy the harmonies we know. The purpose of propaganda is to activate an agenda that requires acquiescence rather than delivering any real security.

To draw a line between Donald Trump’s recent television appearance where he gave his reasons . . . or Israel’s . . . for wishing to break the international nuclear treaty with Iran were unmistakably Montypythonesque. The whole episode was tailor made for an impressionable audience. The scriptwriters had successfully . . . depends on what you mean by successful of course . . . produced a timeline worthy of Joseph Goebbels.

If you can imagine a doll with an orange toupee sitting on the lap of a smarmy puppet master, whose murderous hands were still stained with the recent blood of innocent Palestinian citizens who were slaughtered with impunity by the snipers commissioned by said puppet master, you might then observe . . . if not realize . . . that powerful people present themselves on TV or at the U.N. as the guardians of their flock (folk) to audiences who are excluded from any form of critique which might promote something other than monologue, suggesting that these forums are essentially extensions of show business . . . a perfect medium for Bibi the colonial clone . . . so proficient in American tech-English and hence, able in his task of wagging the dog!

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu must surely typify what is most smug and formulaic in their cultural personas. Intoxicated by the buzz the armaments industry provides them with and bound in delusion by a conceited narrative that joins them at the hip, they come across as two entities who celebrate the triumph of propaganda over veritas. When Trump appeared on television to give his reasons for breaking the international nuclear treaty with Iran, the fingers of the puppet master (Bibi) were present to adroitly help him navigate a passage toward the endgame. The impression of doom that was created had all the hallmarks of a modern-day timeline serving Anglo-American-Zionist interests per medium of digital-speak formulating impressionable words, the ones defining Americans as gullible and all too willing to swallow their own never-ending righteous palaver.

The infamous speech contained seven references to “terror” in relation to “Iran” “state sponsor of “terror,” “support terrorist proxies,” “reign . . . of terror,” “funds . . . terrorism,” “support for terrorism,” “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.” The infamous speech could only be delivered by a performer of the Ronald Reagan calibre, and Donald was there to fill the role of an American president with a penchant for theatrical performance.

It now seems that the can-do people of America have forfeited thinking to the Corporatocracy who have colonised them . . . the class of people who have expertise in finance and the funding of warfare. Capitalism imposes Janus-like beguile on the masses by providing them with consumer goods. While privatizing the means of production, the lion’s share of the spoils disappeared into Swiss and Cayman-Island banks to find safe havens far from the eyes of public scrutineers.

It now seems the case that the selective manipulation of regulation is leveraging a return to Mammon at the expense of the masses. The digital clock ticks for billionaires . . . and soon for trillionaires . . . while the tick of the proletarian clock . . . and soon the middle class . . . will only be audible to those who possess a hearing aid. If exclusiveness attracted the attention of a Karl Marx, then inclusiveness may attract, in time, the wrath of the dispossessed classes who may need to correct the swing of the pendulum.

In 18th and 19th century Europe, most states were loathe to have their cultural ramparts penetrated by outsiders who might challenge their norms. Identity was hierarchical, homogenous and Christian. Racial principals were adhered to that were essentially prejudicial. Because of prohibitions, outsiders to the system . . . mainly traders . . . graduated to positions of power per means of their ability to acquire expertise and trade their way into what we nowadays understand to be the Deep State where finance is conducted in secrecy in the submerged regions of the ‘iceberg.’

It was in this timeline that experts in finance discovered that loaning money to governments and royalty was more profitable than loaning to individuals, as the loans were bigger and were secured by the nation’s taxes.

By the time the Great American Recession came around in 2008, the realities of life within the Anglo-American-Zionist Global Empire were exposed to the public. The people who held the keys to the kingdom were the stockholders who engaged in speculative madness to the cost of main-street. They were ultimately bailed out by taxpayer dollars when given the status of a protected species. . . . and some of these stockholders didn’t even live in America.

Controlling and regulating the capitalist money supply could be done institutionally and covertly from any number of carriages in the capitalist gravy-train. It was this activity that led to the belief that a select elite of people control the money supply, which is not entirely unrooted in fact.

But truth, like beauty, seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Americans have become so impressed by their own Americanisms and the merits of capitalism that they will probably keep on believing that the homegrown formula that they interpret as democracy will impress the rest of the world too, given time.

But media, even television sometimes captures the inanity of straw men attempting to give the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument while refuting an argument that was not presented by the opponent in the first instance. This was confirmed when Trump and Netanyahu’s came to speak about Iran’s alleged evils. Donald quoting Bibi quoting Donald quoting Bibi in respect of who was a threat to peace in the Middle East, came across as merely another piece of American brokerage mixed with slapstick and arrogance that the Palestinians or the Iraqis, or the rest of the world for that matter, would have recognised as hogshit by its very smell.

Is it any wonder that empires, like much else, contain the seeds of inbuilt obsolescence?

Denis A. Conroy is a freelance writer residing in Australia.

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