Correctly defining modern Zionism

Part Two: Buying the stairway to heaven?

Pre-modern Zionism: Buying the stairway to heaven?

“New York is the city of privilege. Here is the seat of the Invisible Power represented by the allied forces of finance and industry. This Invisible Government is reactionary, sinister, unscrupulous, mercenary, and sordid. It is wanting in national ideals and devoid of conscience . . . This kind of government must be scourged and destroyed.”—William Jennings Bryant ( three-time DNC presidential candidate)

Before modern Zionism took a hold on America, there once was a religious mandate to willfully provide for the less fortunate. Because of the scriptures, if not an ultimate fear of God, many of society’s super-wealthy of that bygone era did substantially contribute to serving the societies around them. This was shown in the construction of libraries, museums, universities, hospitals, endowments, social services and church social programs paid for by oligarchs such as Carnegie, Roosevelt, Blair, Morgan, Getty, Mellon and Tufts. Some of these men, knowing the capitalist crimes they had perpetrated on the path to their riches, were certainly buying their own “Stairway to Heaven.” Try as they might, none could deny in their minds the unavoidable final decision that would befall them all come “Judgment Day.”

Today, no such religious obligation exists. Any such religious requirements have long since been replaced by the tenets of the Kol Nidrei that allows for, and excuses away, the pure selfishness of Zionism’s influence.

By comparison, as a positive example of these too long-ignored religious requirements of societal ethics in business, take Charles William (C.W.) Post and Will Keith (W.K.) Kellogg. These were the breakfast cereal barons of the late 19th century and became very wealthy men indeed. Post was a Christian, Kellogg a Seventh Day Adventist. Both believed and practised the concept that an employee was an asset to be propagated for the good of the company and the good of the worker.

Both Post and Kellogg headquartered their growing empires in Battle Creek, MI. Here they needed a massive workforce, while thousands in pre-industrial and post-depression America needed jobs. Believing that both owner and worker could benefit from their collective endeavours, Post and Kellogg built thousands of modest houses near the factories for the workers, many of which exist today. These houses were sold to the workers at cost and the owners provided credit terms so favourable that workers could pay them off to full ownership on the 30-hour work week that both Post and Kellogg believed to be part of this mutual bargain. Company stores bought their goods at wholesale prices and passed this discount along to the worker. Retirement benefits were guaranteed to all long-standing employees, the majority of whom stayed that long.

As a result, the community of Battle Creek—until the advent of NAFTA and monopoly—flourished, as did both the companies and their profits. At the onset of the 1929 Great Depression, Battle Creek became a sought after final destination for the many unemployed “two-tankers”—those with just enough money remaining for, not one, but two tanks of gas for their cars—who came up from the southern states seeking work.

With both the owners and the workers prospering, neither Kellogg nor Post had the need to buy their own stairway to heaven, nor prostitute their conscience. They did not know it, but they had not succumbed to the mindset of the Kol Nidrei and did not care to become Zionists, for they chose to honour what their conscience and their religion told them was right and, thus, ignore what they knew to be wrong.

Contrast this socially correct example of religious discipline with a quite different memory from the same time period, one that still wafts in the air across the hills and surrounding green valleys of Merthyr Tydfil in Southern Wales, UK. Here, in what was, for more than a century, iron and coal country, the name and the odour of the infamous steelworks owner, Robert Thompson Crawshay, remains to this day in the minds and on the lips of the local Welsh.

Crawshay typified the many all-powerful industrialist owners of America and Britain in the times when the value of a workhorse far exceeded the value of the human worker. Employees were expendable as was evidenced by the horrible living and working conditions and the massive amount of workplace injuries and fatalities to which the owners, like Crawshay, could not have cared less. Despite being a routine church-goer himself, the list of the societal horrors inflicted on the workers and their families by Crawshay was a long one indeed.

He was born rich, lived that way and died in luxury, and he wanted to let the impoverished community outside his walled estate know it. When Crawshay had a new mansion built in Merthyr he also built a tall four-sided clock tower, but the side facing the workers and the ironworks was left blank. When one year the workers organized a strike, rather than negotiating a settlement with them he closed the entire ironworks and every other business in the town, thus putting everyone, including support trades and other manufacturing in nearby towns, out of work. This fomented dissent in the already starving community and the breaking of the strike. Crawshay also built homes and company stores for his workers, but the homes were on loan at his pleasure and he charged exorbitant rents as he did inflated prices at his stores. This kept the workers forever in debt and indentured to him and his factories.

To further show his personal power over all who lived in his domain, on the eve of a worker’s wedding day Crawshay would often have the driver of his two-horse black carriage deliver him to the doorstep of the groom. He would then provide him with an ultimatum: allow him to be the first to deflower the man’s betrothed that very night, or lose his job and be blackballed from working in all other nearby locations on the very day of his wedding. To cross Crawshay then, or at any time, was to be “sacked,” with the local Crawshay foreman knocking unannounced on one’s door of an evening, holding a single used burlap sack for the victim to carry out everything and what little he and his family owned, forthwith, while two Crawshay goons attended to the sacking.

As a staunch Protestant, Crawshay knew that his actions were not supported by his bible, his God, nor his conscience, yet he carried on, relishing in his unchecked power and the hatred towards him by the whole town. No, Crawshay did not know the correct definition of his crimes, but he, too, was inherently a Zionist within his own mind. So conscious was Crawshay of his demonstrative and deliberate earthly violations that when he died in 1879 he commissioned a massive horizontal gravestone made of one piece of 16-inch thick granite to cover over his entire grave so that no one would dig up his remains and scatter his God-forsaken corpse to winds . . . or to the hogs.

Yes, Crawshay was, in practice, a Zionist. Today, the capitalist malady exhibited by Crawshay has returned to the factories, sweatshops, and service sector jobs that offer no benefits, retirement or future for workers or families worldwide. The return of the mindset of Crawshay has infected the many corporate religious hypocrites of today’s new industrial age, regardless of religion. Humanity has been cast out. Zionism has returned . . . beginning in America.

The state of America today is already deplorably Zionist in its lack of societal or moral concern. While the US government uses the Zionist economic mantra, ”If you torture the numbers long enough, they will say whatever you want,” in order to brandish its touted lies of purported success, the reported 3.8% unemployment rate does not bare scrutiny with real unemployment actually at 21.4%, according to Shadowstats economist John Williams.

The Trump regime and GOP-controlled Congress- like the Federalists on the Supreme Court- want New Deal/Great Society programs eliminated altogether via defunding or privatization, giving Wall Street and other corporate predators new profit centers to pillage at the expense of the grievously harmed working people, particularly the nation’s most vulnerable.

Most US workers are underemployed in futureless part-time or temp jobs because millions of full-time ones that include benefits and retirement no longer exist—lost by offshoring to low-wage countries by corporate Zionists who do not care about their own society that spawned their own business successes. They only care about continued profit. As a further example, on June 19, Republican House members introduced an FY 2019 budget proposal, calling for $5.4 trillion in mandatory social service spending cuts over the next decade, yet they strangely demanded even more defence spending and further tax cuts for the rich and not a penny more for the poor and the indigent. Major cuts to Medicare and Medicaid are prioritized over the next decade—$537 billion and $1.5 trillion respectively—and another $5 billion per year from Social Security and additional cuts from other social programs.

Such is the mind of the corporate and political Zionist in America, today. Robert Thompson Crawshay would have been most supportive of seeing the return to the amoral conscience of the corporate Zionist. For in his mind, as in the minds of today’s corporate Zionists, admission beyond the Pearly Gates is just a matter of buying the Stairway to Heaven.

Are they wrong?

Modernizing Zionism: A Claim to one’s mind and . . . soul.

Like Crawshay, who failed to heed his bible’s teachings in favour of a Zionist-like selfishness and quest for power and more money, seemingly all the major religions today are also similarly affected by a willful ignorance of conscience.

Last month, it was reported that, for the first time ever, at the exclusively pro-Zionist gathering of the Bilderberg Group summit the Secretary of State of the Catholic church, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, will be attending from Rome. It is not likely that he will be tutoring this Zionist coven on any of his own religion’s twelve commandments, but more likely he will tutored by them on the need for reviewing the spirit of the Kol Nidrei for inclusion as Catholicism’s new thirteenth.

By extension, over the last twenty-plus years the advent of the religious duplicity known as the “Christian Zionist” has also manifested itself behind too many American pulpits that spout a deliberately pro-Israel mantra to their parishioners. This hypocrisy was by design of the Israeli Zionists that these supposed Christian ministers now actually serve. Virtually all of them have accepted all-expense-paid junkets to Israel and Jerusalem and thus been indoctrinated with a pro-Zionist/anti- Muslim philosophy that they have been convinced is integral to Judaism and . . . Christianity. This has served Israel well, with the Christian Zionist being blinded into the actual giving of his mind and his religion over to Zionism while parishioners attempt to appease their chosen God in favour of a very different God.

Modern Zionism has even managed to take over a religion that is specifically anti-war, anti-greed, anti-poverty and pro-peace and love. Is it not Zionism further personified when we, the civilized world, behold the daily television spectacle of religious hypocrisy which shows, before our very eyes, the crimson and saffron-colored velvet robes, shaved-heads and be-sandaled Buddhist monks who, incredibly, are now brandishing AK-47 rifles and shooting, when not burning, innocent Rohingha? Yes. They too are not correctly serving their God. They have replaced their true religion with their own bastardized version, one that favours the mantra of the Kol Nidrei over that of non-violence and peace. Thus, they are not Buddhists. They, too, have become. . . . Zionists.

However, what took place in America during the past seventy years since the Kol Nidrei returned is the working model and example of Zionist hegemony as seen across the globe in most countries today. This modern goal is not just a hegemony that attempts to control a new country, it is one that seeks to, and results in, forcing, not merely a change in national allegiance in favour of Israel, but worse, it demands a change within one’s mind, as personified by the Kol Nedrei, that is beyond Judaism, yet penetrates all religions and morals.

War, selfishness, greed, and avarice are now seemingly endemic in the conscience of society worldwide. This is the great crime of the Zionists: creating a world that now subliminally and unknowingly abrogates its conscience to the religiously hypocritical agenda of the Kol Nidrei. For those of proper religious and/or moral virtue, the concept of the Kol Nidrei, whether defined or not, is naturally abhorrent. For those with a pro-Zionist predisposition, justification of their personal crimes of conscience are too easily excused. Personal success at any cost is the modern mantra. Once sprinkled with the cerebral Zionist pixie-dust of the Kol Nidrei’s pervasive influence, any primary concern towards proper humanity becomes tertiary at best.

The crimes of Zionism, via this deliberate cross-societal indoctrination of the Kol Nidrei, go far beyond the bartered religion of Judaism. Many of the required societal elements, such as nationalism, political parties, military defence, education, journalism, medicine, banking, industry, manufacturing and respect for knowledge are similarly degraded by this immoral plague against conscience and society.

The Zionist is wrong in thinking that the whole world beyond America is similarly and completely afflicted with this terminal lapse of conscience. Increased opposition to Israel and Zionism in cities across the globes show that those of true conscience understand their adversary very well. But not necessarily by name.

Zionism’s answer to this growing opposition uses the creation of ignorance and apathy as it weapon in forcing the false accusation of anti-Semitism on all who dare to correctly attack its philosophy, its goals and results. But for those who do rarely stand up and state what is obvious, their resistance, free will and minds have now been made illegal.

Take the recent Israeli efforts to make photographing and reporting on any IDF crime against humanity a mandatory prison sentence of 5-10 years. Aside from attempting to further hide their crimes, the Zionist mind wishes to force a new choice of prison vs. conscience on those who would rise to a normal societal standard.

Floating through the US House is another legal challenge to one’s free will and thoughts that seeks to challenge any opposition on college campuses in America that would criticize, via peaceful protest, the crimes of the Zionist Israelis. This bill, if successful, would require a full administrative investigation—paid for at public expense—of any campus protest against Israel and of those involved in the new crime of free will and conscious thought. Of course, any similar protests by Zionists are not to be investigated, only those that would attempt to blaspheme against their demonstrative examples of moral turpitude.

Further, The House Committee on Foreign Affairs unanimously passed a measure on June 28 that will allow the president to financially and criminally punish any corporation that elects to follow a moral compass and divest of, or not do business, with Israel. Rep. Ed Royce, (R-Calif.), introduced and then modified the text of the bill called the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. The unconstitutionality of such legislation should be obvious, yet considering the coven of Zionist minded Federalists on the Supreme Court, the chance of this becoming binding law would seem likely.

It was also revealed last month that three previous presidents, and now Trump, had signed a letter authored by Israel that promised they would never mention publicly the widely known fact that Israel is indeed the only Mideast nuclear power, nor its reported 200 plus nuclear missiles. Reportedly, Trump was not aware of this requirement of ascension to the presidency, but sign it he did, so the Zionist goal of “ Nuclear Ambiguity” continues as US condoned nuclear hypocrisy.

Faced with this legalized Zionism, the far greater crime is that the once rational minds of the vast majority of the world are now willing to prostitute their own minds into apathy, or worse, accept this societal influenza in exchange for buying into a decidedly personal agenda that ignores the needs of all others. Hence, more than ever before rational humans of all religions, as we see with the Christian Zionists, Industrialists, Buddhists and world leaders across almost all ethnicities, are volunteering to sell their souls merely for the desire a few more shekels. For these rewards, they ignore all else and have, too often, sold their souls.

For Zionism takes . . . it never gives back!

Zionism today: America’s N0.1 export.

As modern Zionism has methodically taken over Palestine and America, so it has done to a vast portion of the world. Today, there are almost no world leaders who put their allegiance to their own countrymen before that of their Zionist masters. The game plan of Zionist hegemony towards political leaders, country, mind and opposition are just as complete in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Britain, Japan, South Korea, etc. For those who have not bitten from their immoral fruit, the Zionist offers only one other choice: financial degradation and internal civil war! This is shown in the few countries that resist a Zionist agenda such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia and others. These countries have been the targets of Zionist propaganda—via American foreign policy—which demands regime change and war.

Take Britain for example and its upstart parliamentary leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Despite being Jewish himself, the unabashed “Friends of Israel” coalition within the UK parliament, knowing which side their own bread is buttered on, have attacked Corbyn as being an anti-Semite. On face value this is claimed to be the result of his public and well-articulated support of Palestine and his condemnation in the press of IDF war crimes. But this is not Corbyn’s true threat to the Zionists who are buried in parliaments around the world and are rarely exposed by the Zionist controlled world press. No. His true crime is that he offers hope to the many Brits who have suffered years of unjustified austerity at the hands of the Zionist European Union that has, like their American brethren, imposed years of increased funding for hypothetical war at the expense of any social obligations.

Corbyn is possibly the only true socialist leader in the world—one with a track record of standing up for his voters and not surrendering his leadership nor his conscience to the influence of the Zionists. Corbyn not only speaks for a growing majority in the UK, he speaks for the much more powerful interests in Britain that would like to see a return to the policies of True Labour, not the New Labour that was bastardized into existence by the Zionist former prime minister, Tony Blair, an indoctrination that seemed almost complete until the rise to power of Corbyn as a true populist champion. What most fail to observe within Corbyn’s rise is that he has successfully weathered not one but two attempts by the Zionist controlled traitors within his own party to oust him as leader. Despite these attempts, Corbyn has emerged unscathed and more popular than ever, and this strongly indicates the power base behind the scenes that wants to see him bring a return to a socialist Britain.

He is also the sole example to a world desperately looking for a leader to follow in their own fight for a return to proper society in their own nations.

This, of course, is anathema to everything the Zionists stand for and for what control they have gained since Maggie Thatcher morphed into John Major, who hatched into Gordon Brown, who then spawned Tony Blair who allowed for the rise of David Cameron and Theresa May, but whose chrysalis has now been crushed under the boot of this rising populism lead by Corbyn.

At the seat of European Zionist control, Brussels, the EU is too busy crushing Zionist opposition in Greece, Italy, Spain/ Catalonia and Brexit to devote their full attention, yet, to Corbyn. Few realize that creation of the EU, from its inception to its current form of unelected economic and social control over 27 once-sovereign nations was, in reality, spawned, propagated, institutionalized and brought to power by the American Zionists looking to further their centralized national control using the pre-existing American model.

The American model of “United” states or nations had, long before 1999, become a tool to prioritize a Zionist agenda over that of the public. Once the Zionist banking interests had succeeded in adding central monetary control to the EU via its emulation of the US Federal Reserve Bank, the interests of the twenty-eight nations were reduced to the interests of the corporation, never more the voter.

Then, there is the IMF. As the foremost tool for turning sovereign nations into Zionist debt slaves, the IMF has used its coercion to force nations across the globe into accepting massive loan packages of US dollars that are more than fully secured by the pledging of national assets that the Zionist business interests covet. The results of this tactical plunder is shown by the fact that the IMF currently holds the third largest gold reserves in the world, all of which was provided as ransom from the countries it afflicted. It has also inflicted massive economic and environmental disasters of staggering proportions on its host nations whose Zionist inspired leadership sought to do a deal with the devil, one that helped their pockets, but not their nation, their people, nor their long term future.

In his book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” John Perkins details the way the IMF forces countries to take on these unpayable loan packages and how the IMF uses this as a wedge to seed its hegemony, austerity, misery and political upheaval—in the name of “progress”—on so much of the unsuspecting world. Greece, is of course, the poster child for these results where a treasonous Alexis Tsipras, as prime minister, has now sold off most of the public assets to private corporate interests, has destroyed the national social obligations to his countrymen, and has made Greece a vassal state of the EU, yet he still has made barely a dent in the massive debt obligations to the Troika: the EU, IMF and World Bank.

Still, they want more.

The societal results today, as predicted by the previous results of the American model, have been almost worldwide in its austerity imposed on the poor, massive increases in military armaments purchases, elimination of democracy and democratic results, restrictions of existing civil rights and social services, an ever growing refugee crisis and the autocratic political control of Europe and most of the world by a selected or unelected coven of Zionists who have already sold their own souls for personal power and riches.

In destroying the nation of Greece, theirs is not just a message to the Greeks from the Zionists who run the EU and the Troika. It was a message to all the other nations and peoples of the world: Resistance is futile!

Or, is it?!

Zionism’s “Final Solution” . . . Are you a Zionist?!

Yes, when considered in its many worldwide manifestations the true definition of Zionism is much broader and seemingly all encompassing. Once its incorrect attachment to Judaism is accurately debunked, Zionism’s degradations of the cornerstones of civilization and its goal towards a subliminal personal adherence to selfishness, greed, and the immoral can be correctly defined in summation by the single all-serving excuse offered by the Kol Nidrei.

But the “Final Solution” of Zionism is much worse. For the final goal of Zionism is to take away your human desire to resist.

Truly, Zionism’s greatest success has been in indoctrinating the opposition conscience of the remaining world into acquiescence, apathy and failure. Zionism would not have achieved its world threatening level of power had the morals of society already risen up en mass against the crimes of Israeli and Zionist expansion. So far, our world has allowed this to be our current societal condition. Hence . . . we are losing!

As clearly shown, the world is awash in the mindset of the Zionist. Virtually all aspects of civilization are now steeped in the subtle manipulative and hypocritical tenets of the Zionist—not Jewish—Kol Nidrei. This infection of the conscience is certainly spreading worldwide and, whether one knows it by name, this infection has become increasingly systemically endemic. As done so many times through history, Zionism and Zionists must be cast out again from world society.

Across the world, as shown, examples of the horrors of Zionism are not at all limited to the barbarism that is ongoing in Palestine. As suggested in a previous article, “The Good Friday Massacre: World, We Are All Palestinians Now,” we, the remaining civilized world, must quickly awaken to the knowledge that we are apathetically existing in an ever-growing cage of Zionist control while to cage door is quickly closing. It is time to understand . . . Zionists are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of what remains of our world.

When the politician ignores his conscience, the will of the voters, his duty to country, and his oath of office in favour of supporting a foreign interest . . . then he is a Zionist.

When the journalist casts aside her moral obligation and wilfully crafts preposterous pro- Israeli articles that distort and belie the truth, while deliberately leaving out the horrors of Israeli war crimes and worldwide influence, thus prostituting the true tenets of objective reporting . . . then, she a Zionist.

When doctors, lawyers and teachers, use understood hypocrisy to justify allowing personal interests and money to come before their obligation to their charges within the society they serve . . . then, they are Zionists.

When the professional athlete knowingly prioritizes continued riches and fame before his obligation to the people whose accolades made him wealthy and fails to use his media power to stand-up against or take a knee in opposition to the injustices he or she sees . . .

then those athletes are Zionists.

When the preacher, rabbi, imam, priest, monk or holy father ignores the scriptures of their particular religion and does not thunder a call from the pulpit for the immoral factions within their religion to be ejected . . . then, that man of God is a Zionist.

But, the most critical manifestations that defines modern Zionism are those within society who know in their own minds and conscience—and their hearts—that their own world, and that of human kind, is being destroyed, yet they wilfully choose to do nothing in opposition. Those of the moral world who do see the social hegemony of Zionism before their very eyes, yet fail to be disgusted to the point of action. Men and women of clear conscience who merely pass quiet comment rather than shaking their fists in proper outrage. People whose temptation to protest is too easily calmed by the next media distraction . . .

. . . when those of the civilized world allow themselves to become too scared and apathetic to disconnect Zionism from Judaism and scream at, throw back and laugh-off the erroneous accusation of anti-Semitism and, then, demand that modern Zionism be removed completely from our world’s society for the good, for the future, for the very existence of mankind . . . then, sadly, they too have been, thus, similarly afflicted. And so, yes . . .

. . . they, too, have become Zionists.

Epitaph For Zionism—The Day of Judgement.

On a warm summer’s day in mid-Wales, while wandering the hills of the old iron town of Merthyr, a hiker might suddenly be almost overcome by the unmistakable stench of human urine.

It is the grave of Robert Thompson Crawshay.

Long since dead, the memory of this scourge, a man who ignored his religion, his society and his conscience, is still, and will forever be, firmly in the minds of the Welsh. The grave is surrounded by a picketed wrought iron fence, made in his iron works and designed to keep the actions of those of outrage and conscience at bay. So sits his massive flat gravestone, a single, one-line epitaph inscribed at the top. His grave, today, remains as an unintended testament to this man, and all men, who hypocritically defiled their own religious obligations. .

Yes, here on this slowly decaying plot, during the many decades past and many more to come, a fence will not be enough to restrict those who respect the true value of mankind and are not so easily put off. Acting on their own continued outrage against what this man once did, and still does, stand for, here they climb that fence. Here, they consciously stand in defiance on his gravestone, a marker that seeks to cover-over the crimes of one man against mankind.

Here. they stare down at the final words of a man so foul that those of conscience, true morals and memory, to this day, have only one possible choice to make.

So, every summer’s day they do not forget, deliberately climbing that spiked fence to stand atop of this oligarch and wilfully emptying their bladders all over this villain of humanity. Thus, they leave their mark, their opinion and their personal statement here to waft through the air as the smell of ongoing resistance . . . all over Crawshay’s one line epitaph.

Far too many in our world today, like Crawshay, assume that they will somehow, despite their crimes, purchase their own stairway to heaven. For all of his money, his mansions and his final one line, desperate epitaph—carved forever at the head of the massive granite slab—these words could not, would not, and forever will not, sanctify or turn all the Wrongs into Right.

Yes, Crawshay was indeed a Zionist. Like all Zionists, he assumed that atonement for his crimes—such as others pray for using the the Kol Nidrei—could be easily absolved by scrawling his own final prayer to God.

On that gravestone, in 12-inch chiselled letters, is a simple one line epitaph . . . his own final prayer, his desperate demand, for ultimate absolution.

“God, Forgive me.” cries out Crawshay, in the finality of his life on hard, unforgiving stone.

For an unconscionable man like Crawshay, it was, then . . . Too . . . Goddamned . . . Late!

(Author’s Note: This concludes Part Two of this expose on “Correctly Defining Modern Zionism.” For details important to this article and not repeated here, please see Part One. B.R-T.)

Brett Redmayne-Titley has published over 170 in-depth articles over the past eight years for news agencies worldwide. Many have been translated. On-scene reporting from important current events has been an emphasis that has led to his many multi-part exposes on such topics as the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, NATO summit, Keystone XL Pipeline, Porter Ranch Methane blow-out, Hizbullah in Lebanon, Erdogan’s Turkey and many more. He can be reached at: live-on-scene((at)) Prior articles can be viewed at his archive:

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