The consciousness of hate

While current polls show waning support for the Mueller Russiagate investigation among a majority of American voters, that has not slowed the Democrats and their MSM/Intel cohorts from escalating their ‘resistance’ campaign to unbelievable levels of exaggerated histrionics.

Speaking with one voice since the 2016 election, those well-coordinated foaming-at-the-mouth attacks are not without impact on millions of Americans who long ago forgot the weapons of mass destruction lesson to think for themselves. Many Americans continue to give away their power as engaged citizens, willing to mindlessly accept every accusation, every iota of insinuation, that everything is black or white without confirming the facts for themselves.

As one-dimensional thinkers with few sharp insights or intuitive awareness and blinded from the recognition that all is not as it appears to be, too many Americans, with a radically different view of reality, are easily egged on by the powerful MSM/DNC/Intel alliance. As the establishment elites dominate the headlines, there are behind-the-scenes influential political entities at work here; those who benefit from a fragmented country and an alienated citizenry.

Many of those disaffected Americans, whether at home or in street demonstrations, have exhibited a wide range of symptoms from a manic outrage, deep seated anger, uncontrollable hostility, clinical depression and despair followed by a hopelessness and bleak outlook for the future which has led them to embrace an abiding, unhealthy hatred. It is the kind of hatred that fuels a deep-seated racism and has now targeted President Donald Trump with some of those Americans exhibiting severe symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)

What follows is a true story regarding one average American’s response to the 2016 election. I personally know “Mary” who is a lifelong registered Democrat. Immediately after the election, Mary’s Facebook postings were filled with irrational rants of the hair-on-fire variety. After the initial shock of the Trump election, the MSM/DNC turned their efforts to stopping Trump from taking office which included intimidation of some Electoral College electors, lobbying for a decertification of the vote by Congress and generating a last-gasp challenge to the constitutionally mandated Electoral College. And Mary’s Facebook postings followed their lead.

At that point, an impartial observer might have supposed that the Democrats would surrender with good grace and as much equanimity as could be mustered and invest some real energy into developing a solid legislative strategy to thwart Trump’s policies—but that’s where it all went wrong.

It is curious to consider why the MSM/DNC/Intel elites appear to be more threatened by Trump’s anti-globalist, anti-interventionist campaign rhetoric than by the 2000 GW Bush ‘election’ which was clearly stolen from a docile Al Gore and yet stirred considerably less antagonism. The Bush coup generated a stunning lack of the 2016 vitriol with an absence of widespread street protests, virtually no reaction from American campuses and no march on the Supreme Court. Americans continued to go about their business with a blasé attitude. By 2000, did anyone seriously expect the GW/Cheney team to represent a benign foreign policy?

Dissolution of the modern Democratic Party can be traced to its acquiescence during the Reagan years; followed by dodging its responsibility to its rank and file as Clinton ‘reformed’ welfare, approved NAFTA’s job-destroying legacy, abandoned Federal oversight of the financial markets and opposed open borders. None of this sparked public outrage. While Obama’s rock star status did nothing to improve the economic lives of the country’s middle class or minority communities, he can be credited with initiating war in four countries living in peace when he was elected in 2008: Ukraine, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Where were the socially-conscious, anti-war Democrats during the years leading up to 2016?

Back to Mary’s story: As it became clear that Trump would be inaugurated, Mary’s FB postings shifted to a deeply-embedded loathing that appeared to fuel something more rabid than just a healthy venting in opposition to Trump policies. Her emotional state deteriorated into a deep depression even as pursuit of healthful lifestyle changes did little to improve her condition. Whenever a Russiagate TV news item triggered an uncontrollable rage, Mary’s husband would turn off the TV.

In desperation, Mary sought professional psychiatric help but was unable to get an appointment within a month’s time after which she voluntarily checked herself into an overnight psychiatric clinic. That clinic recommended electro-shock therapy; after which Mary lost her short term memory. Her future is uncertain.

Initially thinking Mary’s story was a bizarre but unique aberration of TDS driven by a hate that was destroying her sanity, good judgment and mental health, I related her experience to a friend who, in turn, knew a woman with a similar yet less extreme story. The condition of my friend’s friend, who was driven to incoherent fits of unrestrained animosity and who has been in psychotherapy, was having a detrimental effect on her husband’s health in response to the wife’s emotional roller coaster.

With many of his personality flaws on public display, President Trump is not the most articulate public speaker and with a penchant for intemperate tweets lacking a filter for his verbal excesses, Trump is far from the ideal image of a US President.

As the MSM and Democrats continue their irrational hypocrisy and irresponsible war-mongering, the distinction needs to be made that any citizen does not need to have concern for Trump but it is essential that all Americans have an unwavering concern for the First Amendment and the rule of law.

While Mary and my friend’s friend may not see themselves as purveyors of hate, it makes no difference who the haters hate or why. Hating for a “good cause” is still hating, with no justification regardless of skin color, ethnicity, political beliefs or how someone wears their hair. Burdened by a low vibration heart, all haters are disconnected from the universal intelligence that some call God and live in a world that does not exist.

Those who have generated the 2016 hate campaign have contributed nothing to raise the spiritual vibration of the planet and only disgraced themselves by encouraging an amoral response from those too weak and servile to see truth.

Ultimately, universal law will find justice from those accountable for the deterioration of civil discourse that now threatens the democratic foundation of our government and all that we once cherished as a country.

Renee Parsons served on the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and as president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist for Friends of the Earth and a staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She can be found on Twitter @reneedove31.

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