Christopher Shale murder linked to that of Dr. David Kelly

A well-placed UK source has informed WMR that the suspicious death of Prime Minister David Cameron’s friend and political adviser, Christopher Shale, found dead in a portable toilet on June 25 at the Glastonbury Festival, was, in fact, a political assassination designed to silence an emerging critic of Conservative Party policies.

Shale was the chairman of the West Oxfordshire Conservative Association. Shale had written a memo containing a scathing attack on Tory policies under Cameron’s leadership. The memo was due to be published in The Mail on Sunday, the day after Shale’s body was found in the toilet.

Cameron later said he was “shocked” by the death of his friend. Shale’s death was alternately described as a “suicide” and heart attack.

However, WMR has been informed that Shale’s suspected disloyalty to the Tories resulted in worries at Number 10 Downing Street that the longtime friend of and adviser to Cameron might have decided talk about a Tory scandal dating from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Cameron visited South Africa in 1989 on a trip financed by the South African armaments company Armscor. It was the same year that South Africa began dismantling its nuclear weapons program.

As South Africa began to transition from apartheid to majority rule in the early 1990s, Shale, a British Army veteran, visited South Africa as part of a UKaid (Department of International Development) mission. After leaving the army, Shale established two companies, SGL Communications and Oxford Resources Ltd. Shale also visited Rwanda on numerous occasions as part of his work for UKaid. There is some evidence that Shale was involved with MI6 activities in Africa.

However, it was Shale’s work in South Africa, establishing links with the African National Congress and other black political parties in an attempt to undo some of the damage resulting from Margaret Thatcher’s support for the apartheid regime, that put him in contact with the British Ministry of Defense scientist charged with overseeing the transfer of South Africa’s nuclear weapons and other nuclear materials to Western hands from South African nuclear weapons stocks at the Pelindaba nuclear research center, near Pretoria. That scientist was Dr. David Kelly, Britain’s foremost authority on weapons of mass destruction, who was found dead from a reported “suicide” near his Oxfordshire home on July 17, 2003.

Kelly had questioned faulty intelligence on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, intelligence that was used to justify Britain’s involvement in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Kelly was said to have committed suicide with an old pocket knife and pain killers, an allegation rejected by a number of British experts and politicians, including Norman Baker, the Liberal Democratic MP for Lewes.

WMR has been informed that Shale became aware of Cameron’s role in trafficking on the international black market of South African nuclear weapons and technology that was entrusted to Britain and the United States by South Africa’s apartheid government, led by President F. W. DeKlerk.

Shale, we are told, was familiar with Cameron’s role in the re-selling of South Africa’s nuclear materials, with the proceeds going into the political coffers of the Conservative Party. Kelly and Shale were reportedly both aware that some of the South African nuclear weapons technology ended up, via an international arms smuggling network, in the hands of North Korea, which tested a nuclear bomb on May 25, 2009.

In 2010, at a 47-nation nuclear security summit in Washington, President Obama praised South African President Jacob Zuma and South Africa for successfully abandoning the nation’s nuclear arsenal. What Obama did not mention was that part of the arsenal was successfully abandoned to the international arms black market, a fact known by the CIA’s counter-proliferation division, which was also aware that Obama was aware of the temporary storage of the South African weapons in Chicago and the involvement of Argonne National Laboratory in their disposal during the early 1990s, while Obama was working at the Hopkins & Sutter law firm and later as a visiting fellow at the University of Chicago Law School.

Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” in particular his promotion of nuclear non-proliferation. In 2005, then-Senator Obama, along with Senator Richard Lugar, visited a Russian nuclear facility at Perm. There have been reports that Obama was detained briefly by Russian officials on the suspicion that he was engaged in espionage activities at the facility. Obama’s long-time work for the CIA may have extended into his term as a U.S. senator from Illinois and, quite possibly, into the White House. During the 2008 presidential campaign, a CIA source who worked on the agency’s nuclear non-proliferation activities, told WMR: “You have no idea what the fuck you’re getting with this guy [Obama]!

With Shale “going wobbly” on the Conservatives, it was feared that he might reveal the dark past of Tory involvement in nuclear weapons smuggling, something that helped seal his fate. The Tory connection to nuclear weapons smuggling is so sensitive, British intelligence insiders believe that, if revealed, Cameron will be forced to resign and his deputy prime minister, Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg, will move into Number 10.

On February 28, 2008, WMR reported:

“[Dr. David Kelly, the British Defense Ministry scientist] knew of nuclear weapons proliferation involving three South African nuclear bombs assembled with the help of Israeli nuclear scientists at the covert South African nuclear weapons facility at Pelindaba nuclear research facility, near Pretoria. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors who visited Pelindaba and the state-owned Armaments Corporation of South Africa (ARMSCOR) Advena nuclear facility near Pretoria in 1990 and 1991 were tricked into believing that South Africa’s nuclear weapons had all been dismantled by the outgoing apartheid regime. However, three South African nuclear weapons were reportedly sold to ‘private investors’ with the up-front money coming from British government coffers.

Note: In 2007, speaking to a Conservative Friends of Israel meeting, Cameron referred to himself as a “Zionist.”

Reimbursement for the ARMSCOR nuclear weapons was made to Britain only after the three weapons, spirited out of South Africa in three 20’ ISO standard containers, arrived at a private storage facility in Oman for safekeeping. The containers had a special seal on the lock of the rear door of each container along with a temperature gauge in the front of the containers that was connected to the core of the bombs to indicate that the bomb was not overheating inside the containers.

Note: According to more recent information provided to WMR, the three weapons were to be shipped with an additional three nuclear bombs to Chicago for covert storage at a furniture warehouse, a CIA front activity. The fissile material from three South African bombs that made it to Chicago was later extracted at the Argonne National Laboratory, 25 miles southwest of Chicago. However, the three other bombs in Oman ”disappeared” en route to Chicago. The British official who was in charge of the warehousing of the weapons in Oman was David Kelly.

There are indications that one of the bombs was eventually sold to North Korea.

WMR has also learned that the nuclear smuggling operations involved top members of the British Conservative Party, including individuals close to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The Tory party soon received a mystery donation of £17.8 million. The donation was filed with the Tory party’s Fiscal Year 1992 Annual Accounts filed with Companies House. An insider at the Tory party’s Central Office tipped off a Labor Party Member of Parliament, Doug Hoyle, about the mystery donations to Tory MPs. It turned out that one of the Tory MPs in question was Tim Smith. [Smith resigned after he was discovered to have accepted cash payments from Mohamed Al-Fayad, the former owner of Harrod’s and the ex-brother-in-law of international arms trafficker and Iran-contra principal Adnan Khashoggi.] Smith had been an MP for Beaconsfield since 1982 when he defeated a little-known Labor candidate named Tony Blair.”

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  1. welcome to political murder in england, everything is swept under the carpet so quickly, and no one asks questions.