Kavanaugh and Georgetown Prep: Pedophilia acceptance

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s dubious nominee for the Supreme Court, not only faces questions about his views on a woman’s right to choose her own health decisions and his own questionable past treatment of women, but his elite high school. Georgetown Preparatory High School in North Bethesda, Maryland has been a hotbed for Roman Catholic sex abuse of minors. As a member of the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh would become the court’s fifth Catholic judge. His decisions on cases involving the cover-up of child sex abuse by religious organizations and politically powerful individuals could dictate for decades to come how the nation deals with the issue of sex abuse of minors.

This is the environment from which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has alleged that Kavanaugh attempted rape in 1982. Ford claims that a 17-year old Kavanaugh, who was drunk, attempted to rape her. At the time, Ford was a 15-year old student at the private Holton-Arms School, an independent girls’ school in Bethesda, whose alumnae includes Senator Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) and Reagan Thompson, policy director for First Lady Melania Trump.

Ford alleges that Kavanaugh’s prep school classmate and friend, Mark Judge, was present in the room at the time the incident with Kavanaugh took place. Another Georgetown Prep alum, Erik Ruyak, said that former Georgetown Prep priest, Garrett “Gary” Orr, molested him while he was a student. Judge defended Orr, claiming that Ruyak was lying, adding that Ruyak made up the story about Orr because “liberalism” had converted him into a homosexual. However, Orr later confessed to molesting several children between 1989 and 2002 and Georgetown Prep apologized for his behavior in a letter to students and parents. In 2002, Orr was transferred to Loyola College in Baltimore and in 2008 he left the priesthood.

In a post on Facebook, Ruyak wrote that that the incident involving Kavanaugh and Ford “is one that I know was repeated dozens of times in my 4 years at Prep.” Women who attended Holton-Arms with Ford have lent credence to her allegations about the atmosphere existing at Georgetown Prep at the time.

Kavanaugh, jokingly said in a 2015 speech at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law in 2015, “What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep.” However, what happened at Georgetown Prep is no laughing matter to girls who said incidents like that involving Kavanaugh were all too common when they were students at Holton-Arms.

Even as a member of the powerful U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Kavanaugh reportedly liked his female clerks to “look a certain way.” Moreover, last December, Kavanaugh “reached out” to Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals after the latter was accused of sexual harassment and assault of his female staff members. Kavanaugh once clerked for Kozinski.

Among Kozinski’s transgressions was his sharing sexually explicit images with his law clerks. Kavanaugh told the Senate Judiciary Committee, during testimony on his nomination, that he reached out to Kozinski because he was concerned about his “mental health.” Kozinski retired from the bench last December. However, Kozinski, for years, was dogged by stories about his sexual misconduct. Kozinski’s sexual harassment and assault victims numbered more than fifteen and included judicial assistants, law students, law professors, a former judge, and judicial interns and externs. Kozinski told law clerk Heidi Bond, “I control what you read, what you write, when you eat. You don’t sleep if I say so. You don’t shit unless I say so. Do you understand?”

In 2008, The Los Angeles Times reported that Kozinski maintained a publicly-accessible website that featured sexually explicit photos and videos. In 2009, a judicial review panel examined Kozinski’s alleged misconduct and found him only guilty of not administering his web server in a more diligent manner. The panel decided that Kozinski’s apology and termination of the website “properly concluded” the matter. The panel that cleared Kozinski was led by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died on February 12, 2016 while attending a secretive weekend gathering at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in south Texas of the Roman Catholic International Order of St. Hubertus. No autopsy was conducted on Scalia’s body and we exclusively reported that the weekend gathering, billed as a “hunting getaway,” featured the presence of at least one female prostitute, who had been flown in to the ranch’s private airfield.

In a written response to questions about his relationship with Kozinski posed by the Judiciary Committee, Kavanaugh replied, “I believe that I first became aware of this website [Kozinski's pornographic site] when news of the website broke publicly in news outlets, which led to the 2008-2009 judicial misconduct investigation.” Kavanaugh denied knowing about Kozinski’s sexual harassment of female clerks. However, female clerks for the federal judiciary were known to advise their peers to steer clear of Kozinski and Kavanaugh because of their sordid reputations when it came to women.

Kavanaugh, known to be a strong believer in a strong unitary presidency not subject to the rule of law, would, as a lifetime member of the nation’s highest court, be in a position to rule on cases involving powerful institutions, including the Catholic Church, and individuals—people like Trump, his friend Jeffery Epstein, and others—who have records of sexually harassing minor females. Kavanaugh may believe that what happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep. However, what happens at the Supreme Court does not stay there, but affects the lives of every American man, woman, and child. The latter two are particularly vulnerable to rulings by someone like Kavanaugh.

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3 Responses to Kavanaugh and Georgetown Prep: Pedophilia acceptance

  1. This constant torrent of innuendo, unsupported claims and guilt by association is producing a vile, toxic atmosphere in this country. There are many good reasons why Kavanaugh should not be appointed but going this route will produce more evil than it will prevent. We would have to go to Brazil to find politics as bizarre and corrupted as ours.

  2. There is no solid evidence about Kavanaugh. Even 20 years ago Ms. Ford could have had attention brought to her charges; she is being used by the bitter, sore loser Democrats to destroy our political system as we have known it. She has been bought off and brainwashed into believing her own vague and damning accusations, and if Kavanaugh defends himself, he is accused of being a bully. My political party, albeit filled with old white men, has never had a senator guilty of manslaughter(hey, Ted Kennedy) nor a president who fornicated in the Oval Office and was PROVEN to have had sexual relations with women throughout his political career(good ol’ boy Bill Clinton). i am outraged at the hypocrisy and bias of the Democratic party and can only hope that if you win another election that we can oppose you with every breath of our bodies.

  3. It has been suggested that this article be merged with Catholic Church abuse cases. Proposed since August 2018.