Bolton and Pompeo threaten Iran

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are hardcore neocon extremists. A ruthlessly dangerous duo, they’re hostile to world peace, democratic values, rule of law principles, and independent nations Washington doesn’t control.

They favor endless wars of aggression, wanting sovereign states transformed into subservient vassals.

They’re militantly hostile to Russia and Iran. Both focused on the Islamic Republic in September 25 addresses before the extremist United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) hate group.

Its leadership and advisory board include a rogue’s gallery of militantly hostile/warmongering Iranophobes, including Joe Lieberman, Dennis Ross, Jeb Bush, Roger Noriega, and Otto Reich, among other neocon hardliners.

Longstanding US hostility toward sovereign independent Iran is supported by a mountain of disinformation and Big Lies.

Bolton warned about “hell to pay” coming against its legitimate ruling authorities, adding that its government and supporters “will face significant consequences if they do not change their behavior. Let my message today be clear: We are watching, and we will come after you.”

We will be “aggressive and unwavering” in enforcing sanctions, imposing tough new ones, and other harshness.

“We do not intend for our sanctions to be evaded by Europe or anybody else.”

Reality check

Iran is the region’s leading proponent of peace and stability—deploring war, its geopolitical policies polar opposite America’s. It’s not a “murderous regime,” as Bolton raged, which applies to the US, not the Islamic Republic.

Its ruling authorities forthrightly oppose US-supported terrorism and endless wars of aggression along with its imperial partners.

They support fundamental rights for all people everywhere, including for long-suffering Palestinians.

Washington’s hostility toward the country is all about its sovereign independence, its unwillingness to be a US vassal state, along with standing in the way of US and Israeli regional hegemony.

Governments Republicans and undemocratic Dems want toppled are first demonized by propaganda war.

It’s proliferated by media giants, serving as press agents for wealth, power, privilege, and imperial interests, backing policies demanding condemnation.

Make no mistake. The Trump regime wants pro-Western puppet rule replacing sovereign Iranian independence.

US-led destabilizing activities against the country are ongoing. If current tactics fail, naked aggression may come next, endangering the entire region and world peace, Russia perhaps intervening as it did to combat terrorism in Syria.

US sanctions wars always fail, harming ordinary people in targeted countries, consistently failing to achieve their imperial objectives.

Iran withstood harsh US sanctions for nearly four decades. All the Trump regime huffing, puffing, bullying, and threats to force other countries to observe illegal US sanctions on the Islamic Republic largely failed, especially against its oil industry.

Pompeo matches Bolton’s extremist militancy. Claiming Iran “brazenly defies the vision of the United Nations, the requirements of international and the principles of national sovereignty” is a bald-faced lie—how America under hardline Republicans and undemocratic Dems operate, not the Islamic Republic.

Pompeo: “Has Iran lived together with other nations in peace?

Indeed, for centuries—in contrast to Washington’s permanent war agenda from inception, first against its native people, today against everyone everywhere.

Pompeo: “Has [Iran] been a good neighbor?” Absolutely! It’s the region’s most reliable ally with nations seeking cooperative relations—polar opposite how the US and Israel operate, belligerently seeking hegemony, abhorring mutual cooperation with nations they seek to dominate.

Pompeo: “Has [Iran] contributed to the maintenance of international peace and security by fully abiding by the decisions of the Security Council?”

Unlike the US, NATO, Israel and their imperial partners, Iran scrupulously observes international law, including respect for the sovereign rights of other nations.

Trump regime claims otherwise are manufactured bald-faced lies—including fabricated claims about Iran being the world’s leading sponsor of state terrorism.

Far and away, the dubious distinction applies to Washington above all other nations, also to NATO and Israel as imperial junior partners.

Ruthlessly extremist Trump regime hardliners risk greater wars of aggression than already raging.

Iran is a prime target. If their sanctions war and other toughness fail to topple its government, naked aggression may follow.

Washington is a global menace, more ruthlessly dangerous than any other extremist regime.

Its imperial madness is the greatest threat to world peace, stability and humanity’s survival. Its rage for dominance may kill us all.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

One Response to Bolton and Pompeo threaten Iran

  1. “We” currently seem to be threatening destruction to half a dozen countries. One can only wonder when and how this thuggish, murderous foreign policy will finally come to its bad end. Given our monumental debt bubble and the coming world-wide abandoning of the petrodollar, it may not be far off. It was reported this morning that the number of infants born with syphilis has risen dramatically because of our poor or nonexistent prenatal care systems. This, while two new aircraft carrier groups are being scheduled at the cost of billions. Mr. Lendman once again telling it exactly as it is.