Freedom Rider: Robert Mueller, Shahed Hussain and the FBI war of terror

The FBI criminal-for-hire that helped entrap the Newburgh Four in an invented terror plot is the owner of a limo that crashed and killed 20 people—but he’s now back in Pakistan.

The news story about a deadly car crash in a small New York town has turned into a reminder about the racist law enforcement corruption which is a constant feature of government. Schoharie, New York, is the place where a limousine crash killed 20 people. But it turns out that the owner of the limousine company is Shahed Hussain, one of the most infamous FBI agent provocateurs in history. He did his dirtiest work when the now sainted Robert Mueller was FBI director.

Hussain was a common criminal. The Pakistani national was on the verge of being sworn in as a U.S. citizen when the FBI ensnared him in their post-September 11 war of terror against Muslims. Hussain was falsifying drivers’ licenses and was on his way to jail until he made a deal to create phony terror plots on behalf of the federal government.

It is important to reiterate that Hussain did not discover any terror plans. He used desperate and marginalized people to create terror plots that would not have existed without his involvement. He also played a role in the arrest of a man who knew he was being set up and planned to inform the public about Hussain.

Under FBI direction, thousands of Muslims and even non-Muslims were targeted as terrorists and some sentenced to decades long prison sentences. The Liberty City Seven and the Newburgh Four are among that group. They were not terrorists of any kind. They were destitute and in some cases homeless people lured by Hussain and his ilk.

The attacks on September 11, 2001, were a pretext to do what the FBI has always done. It is an organization dedicated to preserving the American state, a white supremacist apparatus which punishes black people in particular for the sake of punishing them. Shahed Hussain is being incorrectly described as an informant when he was no such thing. He worked with the FBI to create crimes and find victims who became trophies for the government.

While liberal cultists worship Mueller and the FBI in a desire to see Trump removed from office, the rest of us will do well to remember the criminality inherent in its operations. The FBI is never a friend, always an enemy, and the cause of untold harm to thousands of people. Robert Mueller, the man now seen as the savior who can rid us of the 45th president, is no hero. In an FBI memo he called for “forward leaning preventive prosecutions,” frightening language which yielded awful results.

Shahed Hussain is now back in Pakistan and will escape punishment for all of his crimes. He always had the protection of federal law enforcement and would never have been held responsible in any case. Neither will his FBI handlers, who have legal authority to take actions that would send anyone else to jail. Hussain is a poster child for what goes on every day in this country. Jailhouse snitches, lying police, and lying prosecutors all hold sway over the lives of millions of people.

The media descriptions of Hussain as a “witness” or “informant” must be challenged. He was a major participant in grotesque injustice and the press have an obligation to expose what the FBI has done ever since it was founded. They are also obligated to talk about Mueller’s role in continuing its terrible traditions.

While innocent people sit in jail, white, racist terror groups operate openly. There are no plots to entrap them even after they march with torches and other weapons as they did in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017. They should be obvious targets for real informants to ferret out. But truth is not the issue here. Maintenance of a governmental terror regime against black and brown people is always the issue and the September 11 attacks provided a new means of committing the same crimes.

The Palmer raids begat the Espionage Act which begat COINTELPRO and now the Black Identity Extremist designation is part of the law enforcement lexicon. The name may change but the game of practicing brutal government control does not. There will always be a Robert Mueller ready to create fake crimes and a Shahed Hussain ready to assist. The only question is whether people who claim to love democracy will speak out against them.

Margaret Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

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