Financial surgery demanded by class fluid majority

Global ruling powers are confronting a new and dangerous identity group which poses a frightening threat; rather than the usual controllable minorities of past groups, this one represents a potential majority.

“We have come together after learning that benefits doled out to us as members of separate groups of humans ultimately amounted to nothing in a steadily degrading minority controlled environment, but working together we can have better lives as the overwhelming majority in a democracy that can hopefully clean up the mess, after we all are able to pay the rent, have decent meals and a clean well-lighted place to live” said group spokesperson and founder, Mike Elizabeth Florentino Jackson Moskowitz. The group was started by Mike Elizabeth and several other gender fluid people who underwent sex change surgery but still had problems procuring food, clothing and shelter, forcing them to remain unhappy, stressed and bewildered by political economic survival problems greater than personal gender problems.

The group proposes to surgically remove dollars from the banks holding fortunes of the tiny minority of billionaires and millionaires and implanting those dollars into the pocketbooks, wallets, and overdrawn bank accounts of the 90% plus working people who currently lack those much-needed material organs of survival and security.

”Many of us have undergone cosmetic surgery to try to make us feel better about ourselves, but nose jobs, boob jobs, and hair transplants haven’t helped. When I underwent sex change operations and had hormone injections, I still found that whatever my genitals were and whether I lusted after men, women or dogs, my need for food clothing and shelter transcended any meditation I might do about my gender. The majority of our group at this point has no problems about their sexual identity but only about surviving and we know that represents a majority of not only Americans but people all over the world. The painless operations we propose will non-violently take billions of dollars from a minority, leaving them thousands enough for survival, and thereby helping hundreds of millions of people to survive as well.”

The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Fort Knox Foundation and other responsible caches of individual global wealth are in crisis meetings to deal with this new problem of people demanding a fairer shake from the system of minority rule, often called democracy in places with elections allowed to the commoners so long as they vote for representatives of that minority rule.

“This is far more serious than the American and French revolutions of the 18thcentury and even worse than the Russian and Chinese Revolutions of the 20th,” said bank president Jesus Moses Allah Garcia Uhuru. The first two were immediately turned into their opposites and while the Russo-China ones took a bit longer, they have cooperated in not rocking the global capitalist system too much. But if this movement catches on, only financial surgeons can see any gain. The rest of us may have to go on welfare.”

Stay tuned to corporate media, mind management, consciousness control and minority anti-social media for further obfuscation, confusion, and divisive manipulations to prove we don’t need unified action but must remain isolated, divided, fighting minorities seeking lives for ourselves that are better while guaranteeing that most of us will suffer the worst.

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  1. Good satire! LOL!