Now repeat after me, impeach Trump, impeach Trump, impeach Trump!!

The world has stopped. The revolutions in Chile and Lebanon are not happening; the destruction of Yemen and the killing of tens of thousands of its citizens are a figment of my imagination; Israel’s continuing program of genocide of the Palestinian people; racism and violence in the US; the lack of a decent, comprehensive health care program; the lack of affordable housing for millions of Americans, etc. are all issues that are not worthy of our attention. The only worthwhile news is the impeachment of Mr. (not my president) Trump. The mainstream media have made certain that we do not hear any news other than Trump and the congressional Democrats who are pursuing impeachment proceedings. That might be why millions of Americans don’t bother to vote… they know no one gives a damn.

Despite, or because of, the fact that he is a hateful, despicable being, I will not use the word human, he is a magnet for continuous attention and free publicity. Donald Trump always takes up all the oxygen in the room and distracts us from the more important issues we should address such as climate change and the role of the US, continuous wars in the Middle East and the US co-opting the oil fields in Syria and refusing to allow the Syrian government access to its own resources.

While we watch Congress jerk each other off around Donald Trump and his impeachment, the agenda of the ruling class, the capitalist class, moves forward. It is no surprise that we are constantly at war; war is profitable. The Pentagon and the “Intelligence” community continue to get their hundreds of billions of dollars, weapons manufacturers continue to profit, etc. While this is going on, it is the sons and daughters of the working class that are sent to foreign countries to kill or be killed… not for freedom or democracy, but to increase the profit margin of the people who run this country.

Trump is the perfect foil for them. While he continues to gather everyone’s attention, they go on with business as usual and we the people passively accept this.

Donald Trump does not deserve to be impeached, he has earned the right to be imprisoned. He is a liar and a crook who has used his office for personal gain, fostered an increase in acts of violence and racism, and has been the perfect model of the ugly American. He is a very real danger to millions of Americans who do not support White Supremacy and his Make America Great Again which is nothing more than Make America White Again.

America was never great. It sponsored the genocide of Native Americans, slavery and Jim Crow, the unnecessary dropping of two nuclear bombs on Japan, the slaughter of Vietnam and Korea, etc. Need I say more?

Dave Alpert has master’s degrees in social work, educational administration, and psychology. He spent his career working with troubled inner-city adolescents.

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