The ruling class, its “Deep State” servants, and us

The present mind management program obsessingly distracting us with impeachment bulletins by the micro second is part of the consciousness controlling dictatorship which has kept the majority of Americans focused on our feet while our heads are filled with propaganda, what some ruling class servants called “tittytainment,” and anything but the most serious problems of a system decomposing faster than ever and threatening to come down on all our heads while we scrupulously study our feet.

The election of Trump was never supposed to happen and is another sign of the ruling powers slowly losing control but desperately trying to maintain it as, at present, depicting the rich and outspoken pinhead as an enemy of all America holds sacred—war, poverty, racism, etc.—by blaming him for all America holds sacrilegious—war, poverty, racism etc. The confusion, over issues like incredible economic inequality and the destruction of the environment given the brand name “climate change,” is greatest at a time when information sources should be most clear but are creating a fog of misinformation, propaganda, disinformation and near idiocy. A people rallied in the recent past to support the slaughter of millions of human beings all over the world in defense of alleged threats to our right to market guns, pets, fossil fuel and children have every right to be confused.

While the inequalities of a system with less and less rich people holding more and more scandalous amounts of wealth while great numbers in the former affluent world sink to middle class status, former middles descend to working class and the overwhelming majority of workers the world over sink faster and faster into poverty, debt and despair become more obvious even to those kept obsessed with celebrity trivia and mindless news reporting. The damage wreaked upon humanity and the nature on which we survive and evolve becomes more deadly and dangerous as the rich, arrogant and seemingly uncontrollable outspoken twit tweeting from Washington, DC, reaches more people than any other president has and in the process of sharing his dullard’s view of the world also speaks blatant truths never before uttered by anyone that high in the staff of our ruler’s highly paid servant class. And we must understand that the tiny group of people whose wealth is beyond that of all past tyrants, royals, dictators and upper-class hooligans put together are still grasping to maintain their control of global capitalism by destroying adversaries whether foreign or local, and doing so by any means necessary. Trump is lucky to only face a ridiculous impeachment circus, while so much of the world, including America, faces bloody wars and threats to survival beyond anything previously experienced or imagined.

While 20th century Americans were conditioned by brain dead conservative reactionaries to look under the bed every night lest evil degenerate Russian communists hid there waiting to steal the family savings and send us all to slave labor camps, the present generation has advanced to being mind molested by brain dead liberal-progressives into fearing sneaky Russian degenerate capitalists hiding under our sacred voting booths and meddling in our most holy democracy in which every single president and most of Congress has been bought and paid for by the minority rich, and never voted for by more than a minority of workers, both mental and manual. Never in our history has any president been elected by a majority of our electorate, and that is part of the ruling power’s control of this fake democracy which relies on a class of relative “house Negros” as in slavery, to keep order and block out reality. Class society was introduced to the slaves when the house Negroes, who lived much better lives than the field Negroes, were used by the masters, time and again, to quell uprisings and basically calm down the cries at injustice by performing as the upper-class of workers does now. Though some in the house occasionally led rebellions against the master, most, overwhelmingly, did what most Americans do, whatever their skin tone, religion, sexual preference or taste in breakfast cereals: They went along to get along and maintained slavery like Republicrats and Demublicans now maintain capitalism, often supporting lesser evils in sincere hopes of making life better for all but without threatening their own membership in the more comfortable upper-servant class in the process.

Our rulers employ what has come to be called a “Deep State” apparatus, commonly labeled an intelligence community though that involves a rape of our language. They were once seen, by the people warned about Russian commies under the bed, as being evil practitioners of all that was un-American, but in the transition from right-wing brain death to what passes for left-wing malignant tumors between the ears, this community is treated heroically as it performs its duty in turning against a president and creating a case for a kangaroo court to find him guilty of something, anything, to get him out of the CEO position before he bankrupts the company. The problem for America is the company, not the CEO, but our mind managers and un-intelligence community are working overtime to misguide, mislead, confuse and scapegoat one or another individual villain, while also dividing and conquering us by placing us into minority identity groups that guarantee no majority democracy possible. Despite great odds against us, we are slowly learning and showing signs of rejecting not only the lies of individual class servants to the rich rulers, but the system that places them into anti-democratic power itself.

Good people are manipulated into believing a small mob of bikers with swastika tattoos, most of them more alienated than hordes able to afford therapy, are somehow a greater menace than a tiny mob in limousines and private jets moving around the world from Wall street to Berlin to London, buying and selling nations, governments and in the process destroying people, cultures and humanity. But many among the people are learning that the alienation experienced by increasing numbers of suffering people is not due to one or another identity group reducible to a skin tone, religion or ethnicity but rather to the confiscation of wealth created by humanity into the banks and financial institutions somehow owned by special inheritors and not the working masses who created that wealth. We may not all come to our senses at the same moment, but that time is drawing near when we must. A good beginning is to look through and past this idiotic vendetta against a rich fool who represents much that is rotten about America, but also quite a bit that is good. That’s why they want him out. It has nothing to do with any constitution, especially the corrupt debased document that they want to use to further a deranged system that makes it legal and constitutional to reduce more than half a million Americans to living in the street, more than 13 million American children to living in poverty, while it recklessly squanders our wealth on war, misery and depravity. Our system and the constitution that rationalizes its social degeneracy are what must be changed, not simply one or another hack sitting in the CEO chair. And if we don’t elect a social democrat like Bernie in 2020 there may be little chance of ending the power of our ruling class, its deep state hirelings and their house servants, and less chance for all of us. At a time when our leadership is making religious fanatics, 911 truthers and area 51 believers seem like cutting edge intellectuals, we need to look beyond what they tell us and trust our own senses before having corporate media completely cloud our capabilities to think, let alone act. The problem is not the capitalist Trump. The problem is capitalism.

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