Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season

Intrepid Report will resume publishing Jan. 1

It’s been another trying year for progressives but whatever you celebrate at this time of year—Chanukah, Christmas, Festivus—you need to take a break from the madness to renew yourselves for what is ahead in 2020.

Refuse to engage in arguments with pro-Trump family members and friends. It’s a lose-lose. So, laugh. It may infuriate them more but, even if it’s gallows humor, laughter will keep you sane.

As usual, I will be checking email daily, so writers may submit articles that aren’t time sensitive.

I will be doing the Meria Heller Show on Jan. 1.

Lastly, we are coming to the end of December Giving NewsDays and, thus far, donations have only been trickling in. Please donate what you can to keep Intrepid Report publishing in the new year.

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One Response to Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season

  1. “Refuse to engage in arguments with pro-Trump family members ”

    I don’t even talk to them anymore .. I can’t stand the hypocrisy of thier “mea culpas, mea culpas, Jesus is” … whatever accommodates them when they can see all the harm, antichristian, anti Jesus damage that trump and his sycophants are doing to people and they keep lauding trump as the next I don’t know what. It sickens me to the point that I can’t even talk to them, or they to me, because they sense my disapproval of them and their stance even though we are miles away.