Nancy Pelosi’s scripted impeachment failure

Or… leading the Dems from blue… to yellow!

For the voter, the Democratic Party no longer has any interest in performing its function as an opposition party. The charade of purported constitutional jurisprudence seen in the US House impeachment hearings should forever confirm this. This degradation of political will far too nicely coincides with the long-term duality of current and long-term Speaker Nancy Pelosi who, while dressed in the blue ensemble of a Democrat, somehow sports the accoutrements of a Republican.

Many questions remain as to Pelosi’s long-term resistance to impeachment until recently forced into action by her party members uprising. The two resultant Articles of Impeachment, Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress now head to the Senate after the long-expected party-line vote and equally expected defeat. The only defections from this plot were just two Democrats… and the 2020 voter.

Yes, the Dems and their congressional minions have indeed continued their next chapter in the ongoing DNC coup against Donald Trump, however, the televised version in the House is a public distraction from the real coup: Opposition leader Pelosi’s increasing backdoor willingness to allow the Republicans to lighten their load within in her private chambers. Pelosi and her impeachment show trial have far too nicely played into the hands of the Republicans and aided her opposition’s November victory.

Is this merely stupidity?

With this political treason, Pelosi has again made a declaration to the upcoming voter that the DNC has abandoned any pretext whatsoever that it is an opposition party and/or interested in winning in 2020. Or that Pelosi is functionally a Democrat.

After Texas Congressman Al Green from the House rostrum called for Trump’s impeachment two years ago Pelosi, as House Speaker refused repeatedly. The speaker’s intransigence came despite the “sea change” mid-term elections of 2018 where these many new House members took their seats with a mandate for one change—Trump—and a change in the old guard in the corrupt to its core DNC machine. Joining Green were the growing howls from many incoming freshmen congresspersons that lead to a strongly worded op-ed by seven of them that finally spurred Pelosi to action.

Julian Assange likely sits in stir due to releasing the proof in the weeks before 2016 election which proved forever—with hard evidence—that the DNC, like its sponsored candidates—has a singular interest in offering only a status quo presidential candidate who will functionally mirror the interests of the Republicans. Not the voters.

Naturally, many wanted Pelosi out. More than thirty. So started a behind the scenes battle royale for enough votes to maintain Pelosi’s speaker’s representation of said status quo. Predictably, after enough newbies proved their true congressional worth by rolling over on their voters and their integrity, Pelosi got their votes and so weathered this storm in a teacup, thus prevailing as speaker. Next, she resumed her previous role of remaining as the ongoing voice of opposition—to her party—again and again. Talk tough she did, but opposition actions against the president, his cabinet, court nominees and the many unilateral executive decisions that affected all Americans was tepid at best or none existent as usual.

Pelosi has a track record of being an opposition leader wrapped in cotton wool. Her voting record and unwillingness to spawn populist legislation or effective house opposition to Republican de-legislation along with her wholesale disregard as to effective action against the rise in power of the neo-conservative right-wing zealots in Congress should have led to her demise years ago. As to impeachments past, even the proven lies of Bush II and Dick Cheney that directly caused the deaths of more than 6,800 US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and spawned the military’s subsequent pillaging of the US economy, neither was enough for her to support that call for impeachment either. Viewing the proceedings of the past two weeks, Pelosi, despite her daily publicly stated disdain for all things Trump, is merely crying crocodile tears to the American voter.

One would have thought that for Pelosi, after the 2016 collapse of the DNC, the choice of impeachment proceedings was the perfect opportunity to right her ship, educate the voter on the reality of Trump and his corporatist entourage in the White House while utilizing the public hearings as the media bully pulpit to sway public opinion towards the Dems?


Behind the scenes reportedly Pelosi was going it alone in her efforts to frustrate her colleague’s impeachment efforts. Despite Trump’s ever-growing rap sheet of presidential constitutional violations and internationally embarrassing third-grade level paranoid outbursts, Pelosi was always verbally outraged, but in using her power as speaker she was as effective as a Nevada boxing commissioner. Hence, when Pelosi did succumb to the majority in her party and allow for impeachment hearings, she remained the sole opposition force working from the top against her party to minimize this majority opinion.

Of all the accrued list of impeachable offences committed by Trump, Pelosi, over demonstrative objection from senior Dems, chose instead the small subset of the Ukraine saga: the one allegation most difficult to ultimately present to the Senate. Or to the public. Worse, her restriction made the day by day black comedy of the hearings a public example of DNC ineptitude, duplicity, and obvious partisan folly of the worst kind: A coup. Or, an utterly biblical election year PR disaster!

Reportedly, Pelosi’s party leader Steny Hoyer along with senior Democratic Caucus members Eliot Engel and Maxine Waters along with Al Green and the majority of the Judiciary Committee insisted that the speaker go Full Monty with any impeachment effort. Pelosi, showing her true opposition leadership, refused. This being an election year, Ms Pelosi should have been interested in swaying public opinion in her party’s favour by exposing many of the other of Trump’s far more easily proven high crimes and misdemeanors. Au contraire.

Instead, the actions of Ms Pelosi, in the eyes of the voter, only further destroyed any remaining reason for DNC loyalty—since it has no loyalty to them—while in turn emboldening dramatically the man Pelosi is supposed to be in opposition to on their behalf before November.

The singular Ukraine allegations against Trump too conveniently offered the president plausible denial of the charges that would allow the Senate to acquit. With polls showing that during the 2014 Ukraine coup only one-in-six Americans can so much as finding Ukraine on a globe, this singular avenue of attack by Pelosi did not bode well. Regardless of this coup being forecast to certain failure, Pelosi still eliminated all the other more easily proven and, for the public, easily understood offences. In this decision, Pelosi destroyed all the other political ammunition available for a public examination of Trump’s true track record of venal if not criminal administration—mere months before 2020.

Of course, Trump supporters will be reluctant to admit to Trump’s many other impeachable offences whatsoever, but on the other side of the aisle, there was certainly a strong flavour developing to include all the many other reasons for impeachment. Starting with the Robert Mueller Q&A before Congress on July 24, 2019, it seemed clear that further examples of Obstruction of Congress (Justice)  were clear-cut and undeniable. Yet, Pelosi remained disinterested except for Mueller’s deflective and specious connections to “the Russians.” These Mueller Report obstruction examples might have been added to the singular Ukraine linked charges along with further examples from the Stormy Daniels cover-up. However, Pelosi by herself kept the charge to the one harder to prove example of Ukraine.

The Emoluments Clause violations by Trump are staggering and Trump has not denied them. As was the offence with his attempt to bring the June 2020 G-7 Summit and millions in profit to his bank’s Trump National Doral Miami golf resort in Florida, or the many examples of nepotism that has enabled family members direct access to foreign contract opportunities, these violations were more easily proven than the disjointed Ukraine connection. Trump has reveled in these many brazen violations, quid pro-quos and cabinet member criminalities that would have otherwise made Warren Harding drop dead.

Trump’s many unilateral executive orders that have eliminated congressionally ratified international treaties, national regulatory agencies and regulations and outlawed science have been similarly unopposed by the Dems. His endless delusional and paranoid tweets delivered in the language of a five-year-old child put to bed without supper have been an international embarrassment to American diplomacy and decorum thus making him a buffoon in the eyes of world leaders. This was highlighted as revealed in the recent “hot mic” incident with Canada’s Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Princess Anne, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the NATO summit in London. Their backhanded sincerity led to Trump and his easily bruised ego running off to sulk, scream and tweet from the sanctity of Air Force One.

This is only a passing list of the allegations that could have been brought to bear by impeachment.  One might go on and on to include the president’s adulterous if not criminal indiscretions with enough “ladies” to make Harvey Weinstein a competitor, or Trump robbing $3.7 billion from the military’s bloated military budget without congressional authority for his wall or his refusal to honour or enforce established environmental regulations and his pathological disinterest in the truth on any subject, or his certification of hatred, bigotry, and first-degree military murder for fun with impunity when Trump granted full pardons to barbarians, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance and Major Mathew Golsteyn, and Special Ops Chief, Edward Gallagher who should have all been put up against a wall and shot instead.

But this misses the greater point: the list of impeachable offences available for examination, no matter how long or short in one’s view, was reduced by the opposition party’s leader to just a single, now seemingly frivolous, phone call, etc., etc.

Pelosi could have rolled the dice on all potential charges, brought all these before a national election year audience for weeks or months and effectively assassinated Trump’s legacy to date in the process. Instead, for no good reason yet offered, Pelosi narrowed the impeachment investigation to a point that ensured that Trump would be able to crow from the Senate belfry about his complete exoneration right up to Nov. 2020.  The current reality is that Pelosi has all by herself done a perfect job of legitimizing all of Trump’s three years of societal crimes… and his 2020 presidency.

Making it as easy as possible for any fence-sitting independent voter to quickly make up their mind, Pelosi scripted an Abbott and Costello routine that left little remaining doubt.  When Jerry Nadler was given the role of “Bud” to Adam Schiff’s “Lou” as the clown princes for the comedy routine show trial in the House, any viewer could smell something rotten behind the curtain decaying quickly into a stench. With today’s daytime TV audience quite familiar with many a  fictitious courtroom drama, anyone with a Tele could tell that Schiff and  Nadler were quickly developing their lengthy rap sheet and were the ones more likely than Trump to frog march the next perp-walk.

Certainly, all network and mainstream news put their pro-constitutional spin on this poorly executed coup, while Fox News paddled furiously in delivering the pro-Trump analysis of the plot daily. But there was a new actor that the voter had been told was waiting in the wings, but strangely never made his appearance: MSM media darling and unfathomably anointed DNC frontrunner, Dirty Joe Biden. Pelosi introduced this stink bomb and nothing MSM can do will prevent that foul smell of Biden’s political corruption-past and present—from now reaching the voter.

Dirty Joe, who is only alive in the polls due to the same MSM editorial propagation, already has, in the mind of many voters, a big fat “L” on the tips of his forked tongue to go along with his used car salesman smile. While this may well be the perfect election metaphor for a man seeking to offer up to the voter a broken down clunker of a country desperately in need of a new engine, Pelosi’s incredible bungling means that DNC status-quo favourite Biden, already anointed by MSM in HRC style as the white Barrack Obama… is political toast.

The Nixon impeachment hearings started and ended in the Democratically controlled Senate, but at the Watergate Hearings, it was predicted that Tricky Dick would survive. But as the televised hearings continued daily, it was not Senate members only whose opinions of the matter were changing quickly…it was the American public. Helpfully, the bombshell testimony of John Dean and the revelations of the secret White House tapes by Alex Butterfield set public opinion on impeachment forever windward. When the phones within Senate offices began ringing off the hook demanding the impeachment of this crook, the Nixon presidency was terminally reduced to political red meat.

Pelosi, if she had incorporated a full docket of charges to be presented against Trump, would have had the same possibility of similarly swaying public opinion and therefore impeachment in the Senate. If not, at the ballot box. But…

So, what was Pelosi thinking? She has single-handedly certified the Democrats as still being as fraudulent as the 2016 Podesta/ Wasserman-Schultz emails proved just days before Clinton’s complete implosion of late October. Pelosi’s failure has completely failed to shift the political winds of public opinion against Trump one bit, tanked the predicted DNC frontrunner and dramatically showcased for two weeks why any voter faced with the upcoming November choice of the lesser of two evils of democracy will, thanks to Pelosi, choose instead the Republican Turd Sandwich.

Why not?

In America’s fait a compli of a declining monocracy what Pelosi has brought to the full attention of the 2020 voter is that; when it comes to the DNC, the Dems’ and Pelosi’s unwillingness to perform the function of an opposition party, hers is a political fraud designed for failure. The Dems failure at opposition  was further demonstrated to the voter this past week when the same Pelosi led opposition allowed the Military and their private contractors got a $22 Billion increase to waste as Pelosi’s Congress extracted $8.2 Billion from the food stamp program. Then, Before the week was out Pelosi’s opposition was revealed to be further effective in allowing Trump to have 187 or 25% of federal circuit court judges confirmed… in just three years!

Now facing public defeat, Fearless Leader has shelved her watered-down articles of Impeachment in an obvious further sign of desperation and weakness before the voter. Having failed, she now suddenly tries to retain election year purpose for her Bay of Pigs style effort for she knows what every voter knows who has been tortured by her historic two week act of party impotence: The moment the Speaker of the House hands over the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, she, at that same moment, hands Trump the victory in November…in a landslide!

Now that’s opposition. That’s leadership. That’s Nancy Pelosi!

After reviewing the last two weeks of Democratic Party leadership and opposition, as to Pelosi and her side of the American political duopoly, the correct colour for her and her party’s banner is not bright blue with an ever-reddening hue creeping in around the edges.

In the minds of the 2020 voter, the more accurate colour for the Democratic Party is now…transparent… fucking… yellow!

Brett Redmayne-Titley has published over 180 in-depth articles over the past ten years for news agencies worldwide. Many have been translated and republished. On-scene reporting from important current events has led to his many multi-part exposes on such topics as the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, NATO summit, Keystone XL Pipeline, Porter Ranch Methane blow-out, Hizbullah in Lebanon, Erdogan’s Turkey and many more. He can be reached at: live-on-scene ((at)) Prior articles can be viewed at his archive:

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  1. Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that the House would proceed with the impeachment inquiry in a fair and open manner. These hearings may be open to the public, but they are far from open to House Republicans.