A revolution that wants to join you: Do it for the children of the future

On the 5th of June, I broke a story in LUV News beginning, “With people crying out for justice everywhere, a movement begins today, led by the people, to wrest our government from the control of transnational corporations that pollute our environment, profit from the death and destruction of war, and create poverty all over the world on behalf of a small number of elites we call at LUV News, the ruling Forces of Greed.”

Since that time thousands have signed up at the website to be there in Washington when the people begin a rebellion in the manner that Thomas Jefferson suggested occur, “from time to time.”

I am not on the steering committee organizing the event, and I have no more influence than anyone else who signs up at the website, but I was honored to be asked to break the story, and to be among the first to sign up to be there, together with Chris Hedges, Glen Ford, Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, Ann Wright, Cornel West, Jane Hamsher, Jeff Cohen, Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin and many other household names from the progressive blogosphere, noted activists and progressive icons.

I am traveling to the rebellion with a friend who is 90 years old today and a World War Two veteran, another friend who is a Korean War era veteran, and I myself am a Vietnam veteran. The three of us have been protesting every war in Washington for decades, and we support the other reasons for the rebellion as well.

This nation now has more millionaires and billionaires than any other, coexisting with the most homeless and hungry among all major industrialized nations, and the most people without health care among all industrialized nations as a cruel class war is being waged against the many by the few.

I did make a number of suggestions in the months prior to the announcement of the event, warning that the mass media would not cover it, and when they could not stop it by their silence, would begin to attack the movement with lies.

The first part of that is already true. In the past few months, corporate media have sat on the story, as is their wont in shaping that which they euphemistically pass off as “news.” The New York Times, Washington Post and others of the corporate media have desks devoted to scanning the Internet for stories, and it cannot be possible that they’ve missed this one, as they play up the tiniest dissent in nations on our National Security State hit list. They also show any protest by a handful of delusional Teabaggers representing the interests of billionaires.

When they find they cannot kill this movement with silence, they will go on the attack, attempting to smear the movement’s leaders or discredit its aims.

If you haven’t signed up to be there, please do. Our government no longer even pretends to care what the people think, ignoring polling that clearly shows the majority want the wars stopped, the rich and corporations taxed, government health care, a clean environment.

We need more people attending. The more people who come, the more likely the event will be peaceful, as it is difficult to jail hundreds of thousands or millions of people, even in America, where more people are locked behind bars than anywhere else.

This could very well be the most historic rebellion in the Land since the American Revolution and a thing you can tell your grandchildren about, proudly, when Americans gathered to peacefully assemble, as is guaranteed in the First Amendment, and said, “No more. It’s time for you worthless bastards to quit working for Wall Street banksters, defense cheats, polluters and other criminals and pay attention to the people, before the next group shows up with guillotines.”

Jack Balkwill edits LUV News, a free daily “beyond corporate media news and opinion” email for sending an email to libertyuv@hotmail.com with the subject “join.” He has written for publications as varied as the little-read English Honor Society’s Rectangle to the millions of readers USA Today.

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