Upset by Bachmann’s Iowa win, the “Forces of Greed” package Perry to take her down

The ruling Forces of Greed (FOG) appear to be upset that the Teabagger’s Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll Saturday, finishing a close 152 votes in front of libertarian Ron Paul, two of the more extreme candidates difficult to package for a general election, since these two have a long history of targeting some of the most popular programs, Social Security, Medicare and the like.

So the FOG are packaging Texas Governor Rick Perry, whom Molly Ivins used to call “Governor Good Hair,” in the only poll that counts in American presidential politics, that of Washington’s K Street, where our kings are crowned.

Molly once said that comparing Perry to a rock denigrates the intelligence of rocks, so Perry can be thought of as a kind of “Reaganesque candidate,” the sort of guy who will let the ruling FOG run the nation while signing legislation they put before him after typing up 3 X 5 cards explaining to him what the thousands of pages long bills are about, in 10 not very complicated words or less, and of course, instructing him on vetoing those which may have a tinge of the public interest in them.

Meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders thinks we need a primary challenger to President Obama, opining of Republicans, “They said that we will not support one nickel of new taxes for millionaires and billionaires and for large corporations. And you know what? They’ve kept their word,” he charged. “I think it’s a disaster for the country, but they have to be complimented. And I contrast that to some Democrats, including the president, who said, ‘Well, when I run for office, this is what I’m telling you, but now, guess what, I’ve changed my mind.’ “

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2 Responses to Upset by Bachmann’s Iowa win, the “Forces of Greed” package Perry to take her down

  1. Jack,
    I agree that we need a new Democratic front-runner. Is Howard Dean in the mood to give it another try? Or even Dennis Kucinich? Previously, we considered these men, what, too far out, too liberal. Well, perhaps now, given what Mr. Perfect turned out to be, and what history turned out to be, Democrats will be more open to more genuine people who have the balls to fight for what they stand for. No namby pambies need apply. That’s key.
    Jerry Mazza.

  2. Pulitzer prize stuff here.