It’s now the very ugly American pandemic

The world will not soon forget the despicable nature of the Trump administration during the worst global pandemic since the 1918 flu. Trump, aided and abetted by a rogues’ gallery of misfits, hyper-xenophobes, and egotistical homosexuals, has all but ruined any good will the United States still maintained in the world prior to the coronavirus outbreak.

Relegated to pariah nation status by the combined efforts of Trump; the militantly arrogant homosexual and acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell; the swaggering warhawk and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; and the Nazi-like presidential counselors Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller, the United States has made enemies among friends and allies in adopting a go-it-alone policy in dealing with Covid-19.

Two former host lands for U.S. Navy installations, Barbados and Newfoundland, have turned a jaundiced eye toward the United States. This follows decades of fond memories of the American naval presence and Americans in general. The Trump administration’s diversion of ventilators and other critical medical supplies from Barbados and Newfoundland came as a profound shock to the residents of the Caribbean island and Canadian province.

According to various news reports, including from Barbados, the United States seized 20 ventilators donated to Barbados by the pop music star Rihanna, who hails from the island nation. Rihanna had purchased the ventilators for $700,000 before they were confiscated on the orders of a medical supply task force appointed by Donald Trump. The group is headed by his Jewish Mafia-connected son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The same Trump task force has also been behind the pirating of medical supplies, including ventilators, destined for Germany, France, Canada, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and other countries and states. The Barbados Ministry of Health in investigating the American theft of the ventilators, which came as Barbados registered its first death from Covid-19, an 81-year old man.

Barbados will long remember that in a time of crisis it was the United States that stole its medical equipment and Cuba that dispatched 100 intensive care specialists to the island. For Barbados’ Health Minister Jeffrey Bostic, the comparison could not have been more different. As he was investigating the American theft of Barbadian ventilators, he was greeting 100 Cuban medical personnel, including doctors, who arrived in the country to support local medical teams deluged with Covid-19 patients. Bostic said, “We thank the people and government of Cuba for their support in this time of great demand for their medical services.”

Cuba has dispatched medical teams throughout the world, including to the British Virgin Islands, Italy, Andorra, Dominica, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, Suriname, Saint Lucia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Haiti, even as the Trump administration is tightening its economic blockade of Cuba, including restricting imports of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. Trump is on record as calling nations with black and Hispanic populations “shithole” countries. The Trump administration is also ratcheting up a military operation, disguised as a counter-narcotics mission, against Venezuela. Many of the Caribbean nations receiving medical teams from Cuba also support the legitimate government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Canadian political leaders across the ideological spectrum, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have condemned Trump’s ban on the export of N95 personal protective masks to Canada. Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Dwight Ball was particularly critical of the U.S. action, especially since the province played such an important role in accommodating U.S. airline passengers grounded in the province in the wake of 9/11. These included 6,600 passengers, many of them American citizens, who were housed in Gander, population 10,000, for days after the terrorist attacks. Some of the Americans were even invited to stay in the homes of Newfoundlanders.

Ball told the Associated Press, ” To say that I’m infuriated by the recent actions of President Trump of the United States is an understatement . . . I cannot believe for a second that in a time of crisis that President Trump would even think about banning key medical supplies to Canada.”

Former Gander Mayor Claude Elliott, who was lauded by President George W. Bush for his post-9/11 hospitality to the Americans, also condemned the Trump administration’s heartless move, saying, “I understand the United States is going through a very dramatic time, especially in New York, and they need a lot of supplies, but we’re fighting an enemy that is just not one state, it’s the whole world  . . . And when we come to those times of tragedy in our life, we need everybody helping each other.” Balls’ and Elliot’s comments came as Newfoundland registered its second death from Covid-19.

Conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford, whose policies and demeanor have been linked to those of Trump, also criticized the White House, saying, “It’s like one of your family members [says], ‘OK, you go starve and we’ll go feast on the rest of the meal.’ I’m just so disappointed right now.”

Conservative Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney bitterly recounted that the Trump administration’s treatment of Canada during the pandemic was rooted in history. He said of U.S.-Canadian relations prior to the American entry into World War II, “The United States sat out the first two or three years and actually initially refused to even provide supplies to Canada and the United Kingdom that was leading the fight at the time.”

Foreign and domestic U.S. condemnation of the Trump-Kushner swindle comes as Democratic lawmakers want to probe Kushner’s very suspicious “Project Airbridge,” which has seen the U.S. purchase, transport to the U.S., and stockpile ventilators, N95 masks, surgical face masks and gowns, gloves, and thermometers. Many of the items have been shipped from China. Instead of going directly into the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Strategic Stockpile, the materiel and equipment are reportedly being diverted into the hands of private health care companies, including Cardinal Health, McKesson, Henry Schein, Owens & Minor, Medlin, and. more disturbingly, Oscar Health, which was founded by Kushner’s brother, Joshua Kushner.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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