COVID-19: Killer plague or not? Either way we’re screwed

Here in America, we all die eventually.  That’s what we do.  And we’ve been doing this steadily since 1776.  We don’t “pass away”.  We don’t “cross over.”  We die.  It’s called the freaking circle of life, Simba.

But just exactly how deadly is COVID-19?  Actually?  We may never know—for two reasons.

First, doctors are currently being instructed to attribute almost every new death in America to COVID.   A lot of people die in America—every single day.  “But let’s blame it all on COVID anyway!”  Done.

Second, the tests for COVID-19 are flawed up the ying-yang.  That tiger in the Bronx Zoo probably doesn’t have COVID after all.

But suppose, let’s just suppose, that COVID-19 actually is the most deadly disease pandemic in history ev-ah, worse than smallpox, polio and the Black Plague combined. Then what?  Those of us who actually do survive all this nightmare are still gonna be screwed.

Our economy is now in Schitt’s Creek.

Our government has gone all 1984 on us.

We are going to be helpless as babes in the woods when our usual river of goods and services suddenly runs dry.

Who the freak knows how to manufacture toilet paper—let alone how to grow a potato or stop a tank?  Or prevent ourselves from being herded like cattle into some B-movie version of Brave New World or The Time Machine.

But all this is irrelevant, definitely not the most important thing about COVID-19[84].  “So what is the most important thing about it?” you might ask.  It definitely isn’t whether or not we are going to die from a germ or live in a tanked economy—but rather what we are going to do with the ashes of our society after it’s all been burned down.

All this random destruction of everything we now know is also offering us a unique chance as well—a chance to form a new society based on kindness instead of on greed, anxiety, narcissism, propaganda, secrecy, fraud, fear and “war”.  The future after COVID-19[84] is not about whether or not we die from it.  Everyone eventually dies.  It’s all about how we will live—after this mess is finally over.

And that if we want to build a new, better and viable society out of the ashes of our current dysfunctional oligarchy, then “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” is always a good start.

And if our leaders don’t follow our lead on this one, then screw them too!  We can always put them in lock-down instead of us.

Jane Stillwater is a freelance writer who hates injustice and corruption in any form but especially injustice and corruption paid for by American taxpayers. Her latest book is “Road Trip to Damascus.”

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