COVID-19[84]: I’m putting mainstream media on lock-down

If I have to listen to yet one more vacuous talking head blithely telling me that “we’re all in this together” one more freaking time, I’m gonna just go run screaming through the streets — with or without a face mask.

All in this together?  No.  We’re not.  It’s just you and me under quarantine.  Lockdown Sceptics – Stay sane. Protect the economy. Save livelihoods.

Yesterday someone sent me a link to a video of two ER doctors (Erickson and Massihi) telling us that being in lock-up is one of the worse things we can do to protect ourselves from COVID — and is especially bad for our children.  “The longer that we stay in lock-down, the weaker our immune systems get, the more susceptible we get as a result and the more of us will die,” was their basic message.

The video received five million hits — over 200,000 in just one hour.  YouTube immediately took it down.  Google labeled it “misinformation”.

We are also learning that hospitals get $34,000 more per corpse if said corpse dies of COVID and not just from the flu or cancer or something more mundane.   So almost no one gets diagnosed with the flu any more.  Suddenly the annual flu season has been magically eradicated completely.  “It’s a miracle!”  No.  It’s not.

But here is the bottom line regarding the current media feeding-frenzy on COVID:  One year from now either a bunch of people will have died from the virus — or else they will all be just fine and we will have been played once again (remember Iraq, Vietnam and Libya?)  This part is uncertain.  It could go either way.

But what is certain for sure is that one year from now our economy will still be in ruins, American oligarchs will be even more super-rich, Big Pharma and the Federal Reserve will own even more of America than they do now, Amazon will have replaced far too many small businesses, our children will be dumber and we will be living in a surveillance state that will make George Orwell seem like some kind of all-seeing prophet.

According to financial expert Ernst Wolff, our economy is currently under a controlled demolition.  “There are some big players behind this financial scheme but no one is following the money.”  Yikes!

So.  A year from now, will we be happily looking back and deciding that all this lock-up and lock-down has been worth it?  Definitely not.

And, even worse, I won’t be able to spend Mothers Day at a Giants game or in Las Vegas this year.  Hell, I’ll be lucky to get take-out from KFC!

And we will have also regressed from being forced to constantly listen to media propaganda about COVID to being forced to constantly once again listen to media propaganda about “eminent dangers” from Syria and Iran — and how only stealing their oil will make us safe again.  “We’re all in this together…” they’ll tell us once again.  No.  We’re not.  Iran Harassing the US? Trump Threatens War? – Global Research

PS:  In the last two months, I’ve been (on essential business) to a book convention in San Diego, visited two asylum-seekers’ shelters in Tijuana, spent a night at the historic Palace Hotel in San Francisco (with dinner in Chinatown, BTW), walked all over New York City and walked all over downtown Los Angeles — including eating yummy tacos at Juanita’s on Olvera Street and staying at the legendary Biltmore Hotel.  Juanita’s Café – Downtown – Los Angeles, CA

And I don’t even have so much as a cough.

Jane Stillwater is a freelance writer who hates injustice and corruption in any form but especially injustice and corruption paid for by American taxpayers. Her latest book is “Road Trip to Damascus.”

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