Trump regime refuses to provide PPE for healthcare workers

Indifference toward human health and welfare by Trump and hardliners infesting his regime has been shown repeatedly throughout their time in office.

Domestically, it’s been notably apparent by White House refusal to provide frontline healthcare professionals with essential personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for themselves and to assure the SARS Cov-2 virus is kept from infecting patients hospitalized for other reasons.

Ignore disingenuous rhetoric by US officials that’s all about mass deception.

Judge the White House and Congress by their appalling actions, including failure to protect public health at a time of spreading COVID-19 infections and deaths, along with refusing federal funding to treat the sick during these troubled times.

A National Nurses United (NNU) survey of around 23,000 nurse professionals found that they and patients they serve are at risk of coronavirus infection for lack of enough PPE.

Knowing what’s happening could erupt from day-one in office, Trump and hardliners surrounding him did nothing to prepare, nothing to be ready to deal with the severest public health crisis of our time.

It’s no exaggeration to suggest that they willfully and maliciously arranged for mass US casualties that continue to mount daily.

Their economic agenda is all about letting dominant corporate America firms consolidate to greater size by eliminating competition through mass bankruptcies of small, medium-sized, and some larger companies—buying valued remnants at fire sale prices while gaining greater market power to raise prices, including food, medicines, and other essentials.

Their public health agenda is mass vaxxing with hazardous to human health vaccines that risks far more harm than good, including contraction of the disease they’ll pretend to protect against.

Rushing them to market by around year-end will amount to unleashing a toxic storm on unsuspecting Americans—infecting, not protecting them from SARS-Cov-2.

The diabolical congressional supported Trump regime scheme amounts to a high crime against humanity—the US public and elsewhere abroad where hazardous to human health and welfare vaccines are used to be greatly harmed.

At the same time, nurses are risking SARS-Cov-2 infection for lack of proper PPE, NNU saying:

Daily on the job, they face “dangerous health care workplace conditions [that] have become the norm since COVID-19 struck the United States, which nurses say shows a complete disregard for worker and public health on the part of health care employers and the government.”

“The main way nurses and patients are put at risk is through lack of optimal personal protective equipment (PPE).”

After sounding the alarm earlier, NNU executive director Bonnie Castillo again minced no words, saying:

“Months into the pandemic, the virus continues to threaten communities across the country, and more than 100 nurses have died of COVID-19.”

“This new survey shows that nurses are still fighting today for optimal personal protective equipment (PPE), fighting to get tested, and fighting for their own lives, and their patients’ lives.”

“Nurses signed up to care for their patients. They did not sign up to die needlessly on the front lines of a pandemic.”

“Our message to employers and the Trump (regime) is: Platitudes are empty without protections. For our sake, for the public’s sake—give us PPE.”

Trump and Congress went beyond playing Russian roulette with the lives and welfare of ordinary Americans, including front line healthcare professionals.

Their reckless policies suggest that they planned for and want mass unemployment, mass bankruptcies, mass COVID-19 infections, mass deaths of the most vulnerable, and mass human suffering.

They want it at home and abroad for optimal profiteering by dominant corporate predators, high-net-worth investors, vulture capitalists, and other insiders.

Ordinary Americans have been sold out to benefit them, the same true for frontline healthcare professionals.

The Trump regime ignored their pleas for help. Instead of mass producing PPE and distributing it nationwide, it’s in short supply for doctors, nurses, and the US public.

Castillo stressed that “[n]urses on the front lines are dying” for lack of PPE, what she correctly called “willful negligence,” what I call a high crime against humanity.

Castillo: “We can’t even say they failed (in Washington), because that would imply they tried.”

The NNU survey was conducted from April 15 – May 10 in all 50 states, DC, and four US territories.

Results showed nearly 9 of 10 nurses have to reuse face masks that should be changed for each new patient.

Reuse increases exposure to pathogens, what never should be allowed, especially not in hospitals that are supposed to be as antiseptic as possible.

Nearly 30% of nurses said they had to reuse so-called “decontaminated” face masks with COVID-19 patients.

NNU: “Decontamination of respirators has not been shown to be safe or effective, can degrade the respirator so that it no longer offers protection, and some methods use chemicals that are toxic to breathe…”

Over 70% of nurses reported having to work with exposed skin or clothing when caring for suspected or confirmed coronavirus patients.

Over one-fourth of respondents said they were exposed to the dangerous virus on the job without proper PPE and kept working for days after exposure, risking the spread of disease if they became infected.

Only 16% of nurses said they were tested for COVID-19.

Of those tested, half had positive results, hundreds still waiting to hear if they’re infected or not.

One-third of respondents said the hospital or other healthcare facility where they work requires them to use sick leave, vacation time, or other paid time off if exposed to COVID-19 and required to self-quarantine for two weeks.

If infected, it’s virtually certain that it happened on the job. They’re entitled to worker comp benefits apparently not gotten in many or most cases.

Healthcare workers in South Korea and other countries are better protected by their employers than ones in the US.

The world’s richest country, profiteering large hospital chains, and other privately run healthcare facilities value bottom line priorities over human health.

The Trump regime and Congress are beholden solely to monied interests at the expense of public health and welfare they don’t give a damn about—and it shows.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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