Pompeo’s big lies and deception never quit

Mike Pompeo’s public remarks in speeches, press conferences, interviews, and before Congress feature a litany of Big Lies and mass deception—notably when commenting on Trump regime’s policies and about nations on the US target list for regime change.

Throughout his time in public life as a congressman, CIA director, and secretary of state, he’s been contemptuous of truth-telling, peace, the rule of law, and ordinary people worldwide.

His July 30 remarks to Senate Foreign Relations Committee members followed the same disturbing pattern.

Below is a snapshot of his mass deception comments Senate Chinaphobes love even knowing they’re false.

He lied claiming the Trump regime prioritizes “securing the American people’s freedoms against authoritarian threats [sic]; securing American lives during the pandemic [sic]; and helping friends across the world secure those very unalienable rights [sic].”

Fact: The US is a fantasy democracy, never the real thing from inception.

Fact: Today it’s a police state, governing extrajudicially at home, waging war on humanity worldwide.

Fact: Both right wings of its war party seek unchallenged global dominance—endless wars by hot and other means their favored strategies.

Fact: COVID-19 was made-in-the-USA, spread worldwide to benefit America’s ruling class and monied interests at the expense of public health and welfare—the human cost considered irrelevant.

Fact: The only “authoritarian threats” Americans face are home-grown and unleashed by it ruling class.

The US is a rogue state, a pariah state, an aggressor state. Pompeo lied accusing nonbelligerent Iran of being “an aggressor [sic].”

So-called Trump regime “maximum pressure” on the country is all about wanting to inflict “maximum” pain and suffering on its people by sanctions war and other lawless actions.

Pompeo falsely accused Iran of “min[ing] the Strait of Hormuz [and] launching missiles at Saudi oil facilities [sic].”

Aggression and other forms of belligerence are US specialties at home and abroad—not how Iran operates, prioritizing peace and stability, seeking cooperative relations with other countries, dominance over none, threatening none except in self-defense if attacked, its UN Charter right.

Pompeo’s Big Lies and deception, including before congressional committees, are unrestrained, truth never interfering with his willful deception.

He lied claiming if the Security Council doesn’t extend an arms embargo on Iran expiring in October, it’ll be “freer hand to sow destruction across the Middle East, and indeed the world [sic].”

The above is how the US, NATO and Israel operate, waging war on humanity in pursuit of their imperial aims.

Iran operates by higher standards, respecting the sovereign rights of all nations, hostile toward none.

Pompeo falsely accused Russia of “destabilizing… Ukraine… Libya… Syria, and” increasingly fascist Western countries masquerading as democratic.

He bragged about imposing unlawful sanctions on Iran, Russia, and countless other countries, what I call war by other means.

When unilaterally imposed by one nation on others, the UN Charter and other international laws are flagrantly breached, the US a serial offender.

Pompeo also bragged about the Trump regime being the “toughest [one] ever on Russia.”

He’s proud about US serial law-breaking, including its highest of high crimes against peace.

He saved his main vitriol for China. Ignoring its support for world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries, he defied reality accusing Beijing of being “the central threat of our times [sic].”

Hostile US policies toward China are all about wanting its growing prominence on the world stage undermined—an agenda doomed to fail.

The US under Republicans or Dems pose an unparalleled threat to humanity.

China, Russia, Iran, and other nonbelligerent nations on the US target list for regime change are valued allies, pursuing cooperative relations with other countries, dominance over none, threatening none.

A further litany of bald-faced Big Lies about China followed, same old ones as before, a few new ones thrown in, the same thing against other nations unwilling to subordinate their sovereign rights to US interests.

Pompeo and likeminded US hardliners threaten ordinary people everywhere, yearning to breathe free from US imperial control—from sea to shining sea, on every continent worldwide.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished

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