Billion-dollar thief at the W.H.O.

For twenty three some years, W.H.O. chief Dr. Tedros Gebreyesus was Minister of Health for Ethiopia when over a billion dollars went missing. Ethiopia received many billions of dollars in foreign aid supposedly meant to bring the country’s health care out of the 19th Century yet Ethiopia has very little to show for it. As COVID19 begins it surge across the country it is time to take a closer look at Dr. Tedros’ legacy,” an overburdened and collapsing health care system.

The Ethiopian people in most of the country still have to travel long distances for even basic health services and diseases like cholera and tuberculosis plague the country. Even if you reach a clinic or hospital if you don’t have any money forget about it. If you check into most hospitals for any sort of procedure you have to provide your own medication and medical supplies.

You could say Ethiopia has millions of dollars to show for all the foreign aid for health care, not billion$, no way. So where did all the money go?

The Ethiopian regime in power during the time Dr. Tedros carried out Grand Theft International was the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), a one-time Marxist-Leninist guerilla army fighting for independence of the Ethiopian province of Tigray up until 1991. At that time the Eritrean People Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF) annihilated the Ethiopian army occupying Eritrea and with the aid of the TPLF in Ethiopia overthrew the Butcher of Addis Ababa, Col. Haile Mariam Mengistu. The EPLF then withdrew to build a newly independent Eritrea leaving the TPLF the only armed organization in Ethiopia, and voila, the TPLF abandoned all their calls for independence for their home province of Tigray and became the new internationally recognized government of Ethiopia. And the looting began….

Over the next decades, 1991 until Ethiopia’s Peaceful Revolution in 2018 brought the end of TPLF rule nationally, many tens of billions of dollars in international, initially mainly western aid, poured into the country. So much aid that Ethiopia became the major recipient of aid in Africa. And most of this aid ended up being in hard, convertible cash, a recipe for grand theft international. Ethiopia was allowed to “borrow” so much money with no chance of it being paid back that the banksters in the western institutions made “debt forgiveness” an annual event. Over the years Ethiopia was “forgiven” at least $60 billion, and this is just what we have been able to track down. How much in total was stolen remains known only to the banksters who laundered the stolen loot. Conservatively, it is safe to say Dr. Tedros and his cronies in the Ministry of Health stole at least $1 billion.

Dr. Tedros got his share, along with the other Capos on the TPLF Central Committee, with all of it leaving the country for foreign banks. The new Ethiopian government headed by Nobel Peace Laureate Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has tried of two years now to trace and retrieve these ill-gotten billion$ to no avail. The TPLF regime headed by the late God Father, Meles Zenawi, was in the grand theft international business going back to the mid 1980’s and We Are the World Famine relief. The western banksters holding all this cash are not about to open their books for the world to see what a bunch of

criminals they are and have told the Ethiopian government to pursue legal action, knowing full well that this will stall matters for decades. What are the chances that the British Courts will order City of London banks to turn over tens of billion$ to Ethiopia? This is why City of London banksters eagerly supported Brexit, to get out of reporting requirements now being enforced within the E.U.

When it comes to just which western banks were receiving all this loot we know thanks to “Swiss Leaks” that it doesn’t seem to be the Swiss banks, at least not the country’s largest, United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Hiding many billions of dollars is a job for the serious players and if not the Swiss the most likely choice for the crime is City of London banks, with the UK being a longtime friend of the TPLF. Tony Blair even made TPLF godfather Meies Zenawi his “Chairman

of the African Commission” for a few years there until blatant election theft in the mid 2000’s forced Mr. Blair to distance himself.

The BBC did an “expose” in 2012 on how the TPLF stole all but $5 million of the $100 million that was raised by Michael Jackson and the We are the World fundraiser supposedly for famine relief in Ethiopia by 1985. The BBC story claimed that the TPLF used the $95 million they stole “to buy arms” though they offered zero evidence in support of this claim. Reality was that throughout the mid 1980’s the TPLF remained desperately short of arms and continuously demanded the EPLF provide them more weapons. How $95 million’s worth of arms were moved through Sudan into the hands of a Marxist-Leninist guerilla army without anyone knowing about it in Sudan at the time destroys the BBC claims credibility.

Of course, if the TPLF stole $95 million then they had to have stashed it somewhere safe, certainly not in any African bank. No, they most likely stashed this blood money, meant to feed millions of starving Ethiopians in the City of London, which is why the BBC fabricated the claims of massive arms purchases to cover up the criminality of their own country’s banks.

Dr. Tedros was at the center of Grand Theft International as one of the TPLF Central Committee members from the very beginning. Dr. Tedros was quick to see the end of the game for the TPLF when the massive public uprising began across Ethiopia in 2015. By 2016 he was a candidate for boss man at the WHO and got permanently out of Ethiopia in 2017 just a year before the Peace Revolution.

Now he has got it made with his cover as a prominent international leader with no need to worry if he will ever be called home to explain his ill-gotten gains once his days in the spotlight of the W.H.O. are over. With his fat City of London bankroll he can become a serious player in “modernizing Africa’s health system”. The bigger the crime the less chance of doing time. Dr. Tedros, the billion-dollar thief at the W.H.O., is living proof.

Thomas C. Mountain is an historian and educator living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached only at thomascmountain at g mail  dot com.

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