Questions unlikely to come up during the debates in the most important election in the history of the U.S.A. since the last one

Is private profit achieved by selling at the market the best way to benefit the greatest number of people and if so, how come so many people are homeless, unemployed, poor, without health care, while market forces accumulate trillions for war and billions for pets?

Speaking of war, if mass murder, blasting bodies to bits, crushing and burning them to death, destroying cities, reducing nations to rubble with populations of cripples and refugees and such are all legal outcomes and not “war crimes,” what the hell is wrong with machine gunning your annoying neighbor, raping his children and setting fire to his house?

If Biden is a murderous sexist maniac for rubbing women’s backs in public is Trump a murderous sexist maniac for leaving the toilet seat up, as recently revealed by the 35th hooker to write a book about his toilet habits? Which immediately became a best seller?

Which of the major parties of capital’s candidates can put together a paragraph of reasonable, coherent, unrehearsed thought expressed in reasonable coherent English in response to a question from an unpaid citizen without first taking meds and reading from a teleprompter?

What is the meaning of life?

Is Israel more, less, or just as important to you as New York, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alabama, and you know, those other American places?

When making love to your wife do you ever allow her to get on top?

Do either of you favor expulsion from society of all those public figures — political leaders, talk show hosts, sex workers, street vendors and such — who claimed Trump could not/would not be elected in 2016, considering them a detriment to American mental capacity, already in a condition judged by some experts as terminally critical and near total brain death?

And if not, candidate Biden, should you be elected will you select some of them for your cabinet? And candidate Trump, should you be elected will you select some to be executed?

Would either of you ever dare to debate the Green party candidate for president, publicly, with questions submitted to you from an audience of Americans with less than a quarter of a million in the bank?

Have you ever heard of the Green Party?

Have you ever heard of Americans with less than a quarter million in the bank?

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