How the Bush family is finally defeating Donald Trump

Perhaps more than anyone else, Jeb Bush organized the ‘electoral’ defeat of Donald Trump this year, and the installation of Joe Biden into the White House in 2021.

Jeb had been the Florida Governor who engineered the “Brooks Brothers riot” that, with the help of Antonin Scalia on 9 December 2000, defeated Al Gore’s U.S. presidential campaign, and installed George W. Bush into the U.S. Presidency on 20 January 2001. It was a carefully pre-organized ‘riot’ led by out-of-state Republicans who were being paid by the Republican National Committee—there was nothing spontaneous or even locally Floridian about it, except that the governor and his subordinate who oversaw it, Kathleen Harris, were Florida officials. Perhaps more than anything else, this AstroTurf ‘grassroots Republican’ rebellion against the Florida vote-recount, and the follow-through of it by the Republican Supreme Court judges, made today’s USA what it now is.

Jeb Bush holds a grudge that is obsessive, and he can’t forgive Trump for having wiped him out in the Republican U.S. Presidential primaries during 2016. He’s getting back at Trump, today, with another dark-money ‘grassroots Republican’ operation. (Republican billionaires, such as the Kochs, have been far more successful at funding Republican AstroTurf ‘grassroots’ organizations than Democratic ones have been.)

This is the dark-money-financed campaign ad for Joe Biden that Jeb, working behind the scenes, created via the dark-money group “Republican Voters Against Trump”, and which is now flooding onto TV, in the key battleground states, so as to make Joe Biden not just the man of America’s defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, but also the man of (and in debt to) the Bush family, in particular:

It’s an entirely truthful ad, because lying isn’t necessary in order to portray Donald Trump as a psychopath—just like Biden himself is, both a racist and corrupt (though the Democratic version is far more hypocritical about it).

And that’s merely one of their many ads—a torrent, all from billionaires who are collectively buying President Biden (actually President Harris, whom they had already bought). The only reason why Trump will lose is that everyone already knows what he has been doing as the president—America’s billionaires always give voters a choice between two unacceptable candidates, and America’s ‘democracy’ consists in voters choosing one of those two options which have been offered to them.

What’s not shown in the ad is that it is placing another psychopath, Joe Biden, into the White House. Whereas Bernard Schwartz, the former CEO of Lockheed, organized the dark-money operation that won Biden the Democratic Party’s nomination, Jeb Bush is completing the dark-money operation that will end up making Biden the President.

This is today’s American ‘democracy’. It’s much like the 2016 contest. In 2016, Trump won because Hillary already had a record in public office, and it was atrocious. But he barely scraped by to win it. This time around, Biden will win because Trump already has a record as the president, and it is atrocious—and it is lots more obviously atrocious than Hillary’s atrocity was, because Trump isn’t merely a former U.S. secretary of state and briefly a U.S. senator—Trump has actually been occupying this office, now, for nearly four years. What makes this ‘election’ similar to the one in 2016 is that it’s offering the voters a choice between two poisoned chalices, and ordering them to drink from the one that the voter chooses.

This has become the American way, of today. American democracy has degenerated into this aristocracy—the billionaires offer voters a choice between the two nominees that the billionaires have actually approved and selected.

This article originally appeared in Strategic Culture Foundation on-line journal.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910–2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

One Response to How the Bush family is finally defeating Donald Trump

  1. The Bushes all vengefulness has been a fact for years beginning with Poppy Bush.
    I well remember the 2000 election from hell when Jeb did not mind putting his hands on the scale to change the results of the election.
    It is sad that his current anti-trump stance comes from an act of vengeance and not from an act of honor: a knowledge that trump is indeed not good for the country and a wish to return the country to a semblance of normalcy, so Jeb’s corruption continues in this his act, not an honorable one but one coming from the dark mud of vengeance.
    I am not sure if sueze is calling biden a psychopath thought he is clearly calling him a racist (Anita Hill?) and corrupt. Though, I do believe he is not a white supremacist and even Anita Hill says she would vote for Biden and corrupt? Then the question is, who is more corrupt, Jeb Bush or Joe Biden?