Intrepid Report couldn’t publish yesterday because our modem went down

You know the old saw that says if anything can go wrong, it will. There’s nothing like seeing “no Internet connection” the first thing in the morning when you boot up the computer.

Checking all the connections, in case one had inexplicably come loose, didn’t fix the problem. Who me panic? If I didn’t panic over COVID-19 or four years of Trump, I wasn’t going to panic over a modem. It was just one more thing to go wrong.

All is fixed now. I can publish again and Trump will be gone from the White House in six weeks. Alas, COVID and the chaos chaos-loving Trump caused is still with us but it won’t last forever.

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One Response to Intrepid Report couldn’t publish yesterday because our modem went down

  1. Bev, I missed IR yesterday and thought about you this morning. I am glad to see IR is back up and it brings a smile to my face and knowledge to my brain. I personally live in some anxiety land which keeps me awake most nights and napping in the daytime as i sit on my chair to watch the television. can’t stand to watch much news these days so i turn to old movies, the cooking channel and fiction reading. i did catch Salman Rushdie’s interview on the Ari Melber show and it fed my soul, much like many of the articles published here do for me.